Brenna Miles | Aug 15, 2023

7 Labor Day Party Ideas to Try This Year

Labor Day is the final summer hurrah before many of us start prepping for the cooler days of fall. If you want to go out with a bang, why not plan an unforgettable Labor Day party?

We know that party planning can be a challenge—that’s why we’ve gathered a list of Labor Day party ideas you can use as inspiration. From laugh-till-you-cry lawn games to a yummy popcorn bar, we’ve got everything you need for a good time right here.

Table of Contents

  1. Throw a Simple Backyard BBQ

  2. Get Competitive With Lawn Games

  3. Plan a Charcuterie-Style Potluck

  4. Keep Cocktails (or Mocktails) on Tap

  5. Take It to the Pool or Beach

  6. Have a Music Festival in Your Backyard

  7. Host an Outdoor Movie (with Popcorn Bar!)

#1. Throw a Simple Backyard BBQ

You know what they say: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. The classic backyard BBQ is a Labor Day staple. Grab your best buds, fire up the grill, and enjoy some ice-cold drinks as you laugh, reminisce, and say goodbye to summer.

Want to take your BBQ up a notch? Try switching out the classic hotdogs for a shrimp boil or do tacos with all the fixings. Plan to play some fun games or turn up the jams and dance the night away.

While you’re at it, be the life of the party with the BrüTank 55qt and try our BBQ buildout! You’ll have easy access to your favorite beverages (on tap), plus you can keep your ingredients cool as you cook.

#2. Get Competitive With Lawn Games

There’s nothing quite as fun as watching your friends and family compete. Plus, there are so many lawn games to choose from. For example, you could throw horseshoes, try your luck at cornhole, or put together a giant outdoor Jenga tower.

Of course, you can play party classics such as charades or opt for board games if that’s your thing. Just don’t forget the snacks!

If you’re planning on playing some games, you’ll need some prizes. Anyone would be happy to get the 100% leakproof Toddy XL, which is sure to be the winner’s new favorite tumbler. Or, bundle and save and come equipped with an Essentials Bundle, so you’ll have multiple prizes to award to winners.

#3. Plan a Charcuterie-Style Potluck

Charcuterie boards are all the rage (and for good reason). They’re easy to put together and a great snack to have at any party. Try out a little BYOC (bring your own charcuterie board) where each person brings a board filled with their favorite snacks.

Charcuterie boards don’t have to feature just meat and cheese…try giving each of your guests a theme and seeing what creative boards they come up with. Fun, right?

#4. Keep Cocktails (or Mocktails) on Tap

No Labor Day party is complete without some delicious cold beverages. With the BackTap, you can keep your favorite drinks chilled and serve them to your crew using the built-in tap.

There are endless recipe possibilities when it comes to large-batch cocktails and mocktails. Keep it simple with a summer sangria, or try something tangy and fresh by mixing up some sparkling watermelon limeade.

#5. Take It to the Pool or Beach

The cool air is coming. So, it’s time to relish the last couple of weeks of summer and enjoy some time on the water. Take your party to the local beach or enjoy some time chillaxing by the pool with your buds.

With the BrüTank 35qt, you can easily carry fresh drinks to wherever the party takes you. The BrüTank 35qt features all-terrain wheels that will even roll over sand. Plus, it’s lightweight, compact, portable, and packed with features such as a built-in tap.

#6. Have a Music Festival in Your Backyard

This is one of our favorite Labor Day party ideas! Do you have musician friends? Or, do you have mad DJ skills? Throw a backyard music festival.

Ask your friends to bring their blankets to sit on as they enjoy the tunes and serve up festival food favorites such as snow cones and corndogs.

#7. Host an Outdoor Movie (With Popcorn Bar!)

There’s nothing like quality time with your best friends and enjoying a new (or classic) flick. First, rig up a screen outside by hanging up a white sheet and setting up a portable projector. You can even get projectors that connect to your phone!

Then, find a couple of your favorite movies to enjoy. For snacks, easily put together a popcorn bar. Pop some popcorn and set out some add-ins such as chocolate candy, cocoa powder, cinnamon, marshmallows, and more. You hungry yet?

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