Designed Like the Earth Depends On It.

Real leaders are always thinking about the future. At BrüMate, we've made the future our business. Innovating for tomorrow is the driving force behind every decision we make, and we're taking steps to ensure those decisions are focused on a better and more eco-friendly future with all of our tomorrows in mind. Our commitment is far from complete, but we continue to put in the work. BrüMate is made for tomorrow..

The majority of our drinkware lids are made from Tritan™ Renew from Eastman - a highly durable plastic made with 50% certified recycled content.

See you never, single-use. Our products are designed to enhance your every day. We ensure our products are of the highest quality and built for long-term use.

Our mission to move towards 100% recyclable/compostable materials in our packaging. We have significantly reduced the paper and materials in our packaging. Kick your recycling anxiety to the curb and know that you can toss most of our packaging into the blue bin.

Sippin' On Sustainable Straws

Sit back and relax knowing we provide sustainable solutions for your sipping needs. Just one of our reusable metal straws replaces 540 disposable ones, so you can say ‘see ‘ya later’ to soggy paper and torn plastic.


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