Skye Sonnega | Aug 09, 2022

8 Fun & Easy BBQ Party Ideas for Adults

people enjoying cocktails in the sun outside.

POV: You’re sitting in your backyard with friends and family. The cool evening air is sinking in, the last rays of sunshine are peeking through the trees, and you have a spread of food in front of you. Now that’s a BBQ party!

There’s nothing like enjoying some delicious grilled food with loved ones in the backyard. If you’re looking for simple BBQ party ideas for adults, you’re in the right place! Keep reading to learn our favorite BBQ party ideas that are sure to impress your guests.

8 Fun & Simple BBQ Party Ideas for Adults

Planning a fun get-together can be a challenge. After all, you’ll need a ton of delicious food and plenty of entertainment.

Luckily, these eight BBQ party ideas are all you need to plan a night your friends and family won’t soon forget. Let’s go!

 1. S’mores Buffet 

Who doesn’t enjoy a s’more every now and then? Spice up your BBQ night with a s’mores buffet. Go above and beyond the regular fixings to include things like peanut butter cups, pieces of peppermint bark, caramel, chocolate, and more.

Lay out the ingredients after your BBQ dinner and let everyone customize their s’mores. This is the perfect activity for after the sun goes down on a cool night. You never know—you may just find your next favorite s’mores combo!

 2. Outdoor Movie Night

Weather permitting, a BBQ party paired with an outdoor movie marathon is a great way to spend some quality time with friends under the stars.

Use a projector to cast a movie onto a blank space. Once the movie is ready, have your friends bring cozy blankets and chairs for the watch party. You can serve up your BBQ dinner while the movie is playing or finish dinner and wait until it gets dark to start.

 3. Beer Olympics 

If your friend group is particularly competitive, throw a beer-olympics-themed BBQ party. Divide your group into teams and play a series of lawn and drinking games.

If you want to add an incentive, establish a special prize for the winning team members. For example, maybe the winning team should get a Hopsulator Slim to keep their cans cool post-competition, while the losing team gets grill duty (to some, this may still be a win!).

 4. Surf & Turf 

Surf and turf is a BBQ night classic. If you’re a fan of a nice steak and some grilled shrimp, why not have both?

The best thing about a surf and turf dinner is that it’s possible to put everything you need for your meal on the grill. Throw on some sweet corn and asparagus along with your choice of protein and you’re all set!

To take your party to the next level, ask your pals to bring some fun appetizers to munch on as your food cooks.

 5. Lawn Games Night

This list of BBQ party ideas wouldn’t be complete without some fun and games. If you’re not feeling the beer olympics but still want to tap into your competitive side, host a BBQ party paired with lawn game festivities.

From cornhole to croquet, Hammershlagen to giant jenga, the opportunities are endless when it comes to lawn games for a BBQ. Need some inspo? Check out our guide on the 10 Most Entertaining BBQ Party Games for Adults!

During breaks between games, use a cooler to hold some refreshing beverages for people to enjoy before the next competition. The BackTap is a three-gallon, stainless steel, leak-resistant backpack cooler.

Plus, it features a tap for easy pouring and serving! Fill the BackTap with up to three gallons of your favorite drink or up to 14 slim cans!

 6. BBQ Charcuterie

You don’t need to have fancy cheeses and meats for a successful charcuterie. In fact, you can give it a shot with your favorite BBQ dishes!

Arrange your hotdogs, sliced steak, grilled chicken, or whatever else you’d like to serve on a large platter. Add another serving platter filled with the fixings: bowls of ketchup and mustard, sliced cheeses, buns, and BBQ sauces.

To complement your tasty BBQ charcuterie, you’ll need a cooler stocked with all of your favorite iced beverages. The BrüTank is a 55-quart insulated rolling cooler with room for over 48 cans.

Even better? This versatile cooler has a dry rack to transport and chill your charcuterie snacks and is the only cooler that has a 2.8-gallon drink tank.

Pro tip: use the built-in tap to serve up some fresh-squeezed lemonade or homemade sangria. For more ways to incorporate the Brutank into your festivities, check out the backyard BBQ buildout crafted by our team!

7. Create Your Own Burger Bar

Level up your regular burger BBQ with a full customization station! Lay out a spread of fun burger toppings. You can start with the basics: bacon, fried onions, mushrooms, sauces, and more.

Then, lay out some creative toppings for people to try, like peanut butter (don’t knock it ‘til you try it!) and fried eggs. You and your friends can try some new burger variations—maybe a fun burger name will come out of it!

8. Build Your Own Cocktail or Mocktail 

To top off any great BBQ party, set up a build-your-own cocktail bar for friends to create a refreshing beverage.

For friends that want something non-alcoholic, you can set out some fruit-flavored lemonades, sparkling soda waters, and garnishes. If it’s a cooler night, check out these 6 Delicious Non-Alcoholic Hot Drinks, perfect for enjoying with friends and family.

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Get the BBQ Party Started With BrüMate

Any of these BBQ party ideas can stand alone or be combined to plan an awesome shindig. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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