Skye Sonnega | Jun 21, 2022

10 Most Entertaining BBQ Party Games For Adults

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Summer is in the air! The weather is getting warmer, and the neighbors are out taking their walks in shorts instead of winter coats. The best of all? Long evenings spent with good friends in the backyard are just around the corner. 

Whether you’re hosting the backyard BBQ parties this year, or going to a friend’s, we have some fun BBQ party games for adults that will get anyone in the competitive spirit. So grab your fire starters, favorite food and drinks, and let’s start planning the details for your summer BBQ! 


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Pitching Horseshoes, also known as the “game of quoits,” dates back to the 5th century, when it was played by Roman officers. Today, it is still a favorite pastime on playgrounds, summer camps, and at backyard hangouts. 

Two players compete in a game of Horseshoes by standing across from each other and throwing horseshoes at a small rectangle. There are a series of rules for how each player can earn points, and the first to reach 21 wins. 


Ladder Golf

Ladder golf has been around for over two decades, and remains one of the most popular yard toss games. This game can either be played with two people or teams. Each player or team has a set of “bolas.” A bola is a nylon rope with two golf balls attached on either end. Players must toss the bolas so that they land on the rungs of a small ladder. First one to reach 21 points wins! Find the official rules here.



Depending on where you’re from in the U.S., cornhole can also be called bags, sack toss, or bean bag toss. This game consists of two boxes placed 27 feet apart. Players or teams must toss a bean bag onto the board, or in the hole. First players to get to 21 points win! See the full rules here.

Tip: If you and your pals want to add another layer to your heated game of cornhole, you can turn it into a drinking game! Take 1 sip each time you land on the board but not in the hole, and 2 sips when you miss the board completely. 

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Bocce Ball

Bocce ball dates back to 5200 B.C., when an Egyptian tomb was found with a painting of two boys playing it. Through history, it is a game that is shared by everyone. Today, you can find it on rooftop bars or in backyards all around the world! 

The game is played with 8 balls, each team gets 4. Teams toss the balls at a target. Points are awarded after each round, and games are played to 16 points. You can find all of the official rules here.


Pong Golf

If you’re a fan of beer pong and golf, this is the game for you. In this game, players replace the pong table for boards that sit on the ground. Then, players use golf clubs to chip balls into the cups. Fill the cups with water, or your favorite brew. Follow the general rules of beer pong and get started!


Giant Jenga

Purchase your own giant jenga or build it yourself for a fun DIY project! Most giant jenga towers stand over 4 feet tall, making this an incredibly fun and interactive game to do in the backyard. 

Tip: Add some stakes to the game by creating rules for the losing player. For example, whoever topples the tower must do a karaoke rendition of their favorite song to the group, chug a beer, or show off an embarrassing talent. 

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Hammerschlagen is a fun yard game that started in the upper midwest in the 19050’s. It consists of players using a hammer to strike a nail into a large stub of wood (typically the cross-section of an old tree). If the nail isn’t driven fully into the wood, the hammer is passed to the next player. In order to win, the nail needs to be flushed, or below the surface of the wood. 

If you have an old log or firewood sitting around, this is the perfect time to turn it into a lively game to play with family and friends. Remember to swing at your own risk! 



Variations of croquet date back to the 1850’s, originating in Northern Europe. If you’re a fan of putt putt, this may be another game to polish up your short game. The goal of the game is to hit croquet balls through 6 hoops in the correct direction. You finish the game by hitting your ball against a peg. Whoever reaches the peg first wins! 



Tug of war is an age-old game, played on the playground, at parties, and even on hit TV shows (Squid Game, anyone?). You can spice up your tug-of-war game by making the middle ground a slip and slide. Wear swimsuits and add a tarp in the middle filled with soap and water. Those that lose the game will splash to the ground! 


Floating Poker

If you’re lucky enough to have a pool in the summertime, try playing floating poker! Floating poker tables come with drink holders, and a perfect flat space to gamble. Cool off at the end of a hot day in the pool with your besties and play a heated game of cards. 


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