Skye Sonnega | Nov 03, 2022

5 Easy Large Batch Cocktails for Friendsgiving

If you’re gearing up to host your next Friendsgiving, you’ve come to the right place. Fall is here to stay, and while the temperatures drop and the leaves fall, we’re thinking about all of the cozy quality time we’re going to spend indoors with friends and family! To make sure your Friendsgiving party is a hit, you’ll want to make some fun fall beverages for the whole squad to enjoy. Keep reading to find our favorite easy large batch cocktail ideas, made specifically for warm and fuzzy fall nights with your besties!

1. Warm & Spiced Sangria

Sangria is the ultimate cozy drink for fall, and is great for serving larger groups. Made with wines, ciders, fruit, and spices, your Friendsgiving guests will definitely be going back for seconds. For creative ideas, check out our 5 Best Sangria Recipes for Fall. From pumpkin spice to cranberry hues, we’ve got flavors that everyone will adore!

Since fall sangria recipes are often served warm, you’ll want a tumbler to keep your beverage toasty from the first sip to the last. Use the Bottle Chiller Bundle to keep your sangria fresh! This bundle comes with the Togosa, a 2-in-1 bottle chiller + leakproof pitcher, perfect for serving up premade beverages to family and friends. When you’re ready to sip, the bundle also comes with two Uncork’d XL 14oz wine tumblers. Available in a wide variety of colors from mauve camo to aqua blue, choose a bundle that gets you in the fall spirit.

2. Hot Cider With Brandy

Create your own large batch spiked cider using a slow cooker! This recipe uses cloves, cinnamon, cardamom, and more to create a rich cider drink. You can easily customize your cider based on everyone’s tastes, it’s a perfect time to get creative!

Serve up your hot cider in the NAV Mini 12oz tumbler. This small insulated tumbler is fully leak proof and cup holder friendly, making it perfect for both parties and your morning commute. Personalize your NAV for your fall-themed Friendsgiving with BrüMate’s new Personalization feature. Pick your BrüMate, then add names, initials, text, and icons to create a fun, one-of-a-kind tumbler!

3. Fireball Punch

If you’re a fan of the classic sweet and spicy Fireball, you’ll love this large-batch cocktail recipe! Made with Fireball, prosecco, cider, orange juice, fruit, and spices, this is the perfect drink to serve at a boozy Friendsgiving party.

4. Apple Cider Shandy

For something with a little less kick (no shame to the Fireball lovers), this apple cider shandy recipe is the perfect choice. Made with a combination of hard cider, sparkling cider, lime juice and lemon slices, this refreshing drink is perfect for casual sipping, and easy to make for groups! Use this cocktail as your Friendsgiving go-to, or whip it up for a football watch party as a beer alternative.

5. Negroni Punch

Want to add some class to your Friendsgiving bash? Try a negroni punch, made with gin, dry vermouth, Suze, and lemon. Served ice cold, this is the perfect drink to slow-sip on before or after a large Friendsgiving meal. Check out how our team put the Backtap to use in crafting a portable, large batch Negroni cocktail!

Say Cheers With BrüMate!

It’s not every day that you get to gather with your best friends and eat heaps of good food and drink fun beverages, that’s why we love Friendsgiving! For any fall gathering, you’ll need some hardware to keep your drinks fresh no matter what you serve. At BrüMate, we’re committed to designing sleek and high-quality tumblers and coolers that do just that! Whether you’re new to the Brücrew or already a fan, find your next favorite tumbler today by visiting our best sellers. From can coolers to coffee tumblers, you’ll find something you can use for Friendsgiving and beyond!