Skye Sonnega | Oct 06, 2022

Hosting the Ultimate Football Watch Party: 6 Fun Ideas

Get your beers, wings, and jerseys, it’s officially football season! If you can’t make it to the big game this year, hosting a football watch party at home is just as fun. Want to make your bash memorable? Follow our six tips for hosting a watch party so great that people will still be talking about it in the office on Monday.

1. Make a Tasty Food Menu

For any football watch party, you’ll need some snacks and appetizers for everyone to munch on as they cheer on their team. Create your menu well before game day so you have time to prep! Some of our favorite watch party foods include:

2. Try New Drink Recipes

A football watch party is the perfect time to test out new cocktails, mocktails, beers and beverages with the crew. Whether it’s a refreshing fruit punch or a case of that new IPA you’ve been wanting to try, drinks are an absolute must for any watch party. Check out our Tasty Drinks for Tailgating to find some of our favorite drinks to serve on gameday!

When it comes to serving up your beverages, you’ll want something to keep everything cool and refreshing. Consider using the BrüTank to store your cans, bottles, and snacks. This versatile rolling cooler also features a removable drink tank that you can fill with homemade lemonade, punch, or cocktails! Use the built-in tap to easily serve your guests. When it comes time for round two, you won’t have to worry about running inside for more! Check out our team’s ultimate Game Day BrüTank build, perfect for all game day festivities.

3. Bring the Party Outside With a Projector

Crowding around a small TV to watch the big game is far from ideal, but have no fear! You can always get creative by watching the game with a portable projector. If it’s a nice fall night, you may opt to bring the party outside and project the game on a flat surface for everyone to see. Improving the viewing experience for your group will make the party that much more memorable.

If your favorite player throws the winning touchdown, be prepared to celebrate with the Togosa. Keep your favorite bubbly, wine or cocktail fresh in this versatile 2-in-1 bottle chiller and leak proof pitcher. Easily serve your friends glasses of celebratory champagne during your post-game hangout with this versatile tumbler!

4. Send Out Festive Invites

To build the anticipation for your gameday and your epic watch party, send out festive invites to the gang! Make an e-card or go for the old-fashioned paper option. Invites are not only a great way to get people excited, but they can also act as a memento once the game is over!

5. Host a Pre-Game DIY Tailgate

Some may say the best part of a football game is the tailgate. Luckily, it’s super easy to host your own pre-game tailgate party at home! Invite your friends to arrive a few hours before the game starts. Here, you can get the grill started, drinks flowing, and drinking games underway.

To make sure your brews stay cold and carbonated all the way through the pre-game, use the Hopsulator Slim! These sleek can coolers securely hold your 12oz cans in place and keep your beverages ice cold from the first sip to the last. Say goodbye to diluted, flat drinks and hello to hours of tasty fun.

6. Play Backyard Drinking Games

A football watch party doesn’t only have to involve watching the big game. Get people loose and laughing with some backyard tailgate games! You can opt for classic beer pong or cornhole, or play a rowdy game of tag football. Check out our blog on 8 Unique & Easy BBQ Party Ideas for more inspiration.

While you and your friends get competitive, serve up your favorite punch mixture using the BackTap. The BackTap is an insulated backpack cooler featuring a tap and the capacity to hold up to 3 gallons of any beverage. With its durable, load-lifting straps, you’ll be able to take this cooler anywhere you go!

Get in the Game Day Spirit With BrüMate!

Fall is in the air, and we can hear the Sunday night football theme song ringing in the distance. Whether you have tickets to the big game, or are hosting a watch party at home, we hope you’re doing the absolute most to get in the gameday spirit! Need to stock up on your tailgate essentials? Visit BrüMate’s best sellers to find insulated tumblers, can coolers, rolling coolers and more!