Wade Cothran | Nov 16, 2021

10 Fun and Creative Friendsgiving Ideas

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Ah, Friendsgiving, everyone’s favorite non-official holiday. During the busiest time of the year, Friendsgiving is often the perfect way to kick back while enjoying some tasty food and beverages. The best part? You get to hang with your friends! 

There are no rules when it comes to throwing an epic Friendsgiving. Whether it requires an extensive guest list or involves sitting on Zoom, in this blog we list our favorite Friendsgiving ideas and tips to help make your party special. 


1. Choose Your Theme

The best Friendsgiving days have fun themes that are totally insta-worthy, and easy for everyone to participate in. You may choose to make your theme involve a certain type of food, or you can opt for a costume party. Whether it’s an italian-themed Friendsgiving, or a pajama party (or both?!), a theme is a great way to instantly level up your gathering. 

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2. Pick Some Games

Friendsgiving is more than just the food, it’s all about having a blast with your besties! Choose some activities that you know will get everyone in the competitive spirit. You can stick to the classics like Catchphrase, Uno, or Family Feud. Or, if your pals are 21+, you can choose some hilarious drinking games. 


To up the ante, consider offering up a prize for the friend who wins the most games. The Rocks Tumbler Gift Sets are a perfect gift for any cocktail-lover. These gift sets come with two 12 oz cocktail tumblers and a 25 oz liquor canteen to store your favorite beverage of choice. Wrap the gift set up beforehand, and surprise the winner with it once the games are through! 


3. Plan Your Friendsgiving Drinks

There’s nothing wrong with getting a little boozy, especially when it comes to Friendsgiving! You can either plan your drink list beforehand, or assign your pals to each bring a drink of choice to share with the crew. Take turns teaching each other how to craft your favorite cocktails with the BrüMate shaker pint. You can even vote for which recipe is best! 


Need some fall cocktail ideas? Check out our top five apple cocktail recipes, perfect for cozy evenings with your friends. 

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4. Stray From Traditional Thanksgiving Foods

There are no rules when it comes to the type of food you serve at a Friendsgiving party. Are your friends Thai food fanatics? Have everyone bring their favorite curries and noodles! Or, are your friends into appetizers? Assign everyone their go-to app to share. Thanksgiving food is great, but it doesn’t have to be served on Friendsgiving. But if you’re into the turkey and gravy, there’s no shame in that either. 

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5. Create Simple Party Favors or Decorations

You’ve got the drinks, you’ve got the food, what’s next? Decorations, of course! Party favors and decor don’t have to be extravagant, unless that’s what you’re into. You can decorate with some festive balloon banners, or even create a fun photobooth for your friends. Placemats, themed napkins, and colorful straws are other simple ways to add a little pizzazz to your party. 


6. Create a Playlist to Set the Vibe

It’s not a party without some tunes. To make sure there’s a song for everyone, you can have people send in song suggestions or make a collaborative playlist for people to add to. Press play and let the good times roll! 


7. Send Paper Invites

Sure, group chats are easy, but why not invite your friends the old fashioned way? Create custom paper invitations and mail them with enough time for pals to RSVP. Paper invites are a great way to get everyone on board with your theme, food plans, and other festivities that you have in store. They can also act as cute mementos! 


8. Cook and Prep With Your Friends

One of the best parts of Friendsgiving is the collaboration aspect. Instead of cooking by yourself, you can invite your friends to cook and prepare decorations with you! Put on the chef hat, pour a couple drinks, and stir up a tasty meal. Team work makes the dream work when it comes to a successful Friendsgiving. 

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9. Pick a Movie for Later

After stuffing yourselves with delectable bites and playing some rowdy games, you may want to kick back and watch a movie to finish off the night. Light some candles, pull out the cozy blankets, and turn on the group’s go-to movie. 


Serve up some post-dinner hot beverages for people to enjoy as they digest their food. We recommend sipping on your warm beverages with the Toddy tumbler. These insulated tumblers can fit up to 16 oz of your favorite beverage. Plus, the Toddy is 100% leak proof for when you want to sip on the couch. If you have a collection of Toddy tumblers, you can share them with your friends! 


10. Kick Back With BrüMate!

Friendsgiving season is in full swing, it’s time to start planning! Need some insulated drinkware to share with friends? Celebrate with the BrüMate Best Sellers. From wine tumblers to insulated can coolers, we’ve got something for everyone. Above all, have a relaxing and fun Friendsgiving! 

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