Alyssa Broussard | May 16, 2024

The 3 Drink Rule: Everything You Need to Know About Our #3DrinkClub

Have you ever had to explain to a friend or partner why you need more than one drink at a time? We sure have. Luckily, we aren’t alone.

With straw tumblers, #watertok, and everything hydration taking the world by storm, a new drink trend has entered the chat: the 3 drink rule.

BrüMate’s #3DrinkClub highlights everyone’s unique drinking preferences. Let’s face it, one drink just doesn’t cut it. You need water to hydrate, caffeine for a boost, and then something to have just because.

It’s not just throwing any three drinks into a cup and calling it good, though. It’s about choosing the drinks that will keep you going throughout the day – and the Brüs that go with them.

What is the 3 Drink Rule?

The 3 drink rule is the idea that there are different purposes for different drinks and you need them all! Something to kickstart your day, your favorite water, and something that brings you joy.

TikTok users across the platform are singing its praises: “Caffeinate, alleviate, hydrate, is the new live, laugh, love.”

Not only is this a trend, it’s a lifestyle. One that promotes self-care in the most important way: hydration. With the stresses of life, hydration can so easily be forgotten. And while it may not seem like a big deal to forget to drink something throughout the day, every cell in your body needs to be properly hydrated to function.

Now, let’s chat through the BrüMate approach to the 3 drink rule and get you started with the #3DrinkClub.

BrüMate’s #3DrinkClub

Keep the TikTok saying in mind: caffeinate, hydrate, alleviate. How do you choose to spread those drinks out? That’s up to you.

Two of our favorite formulas for the 3 drink rule are:

  • Hot / Cold / Carbonated

  • Cold / Cold / Carbonated

Keep in mind, these don’t have to be in order, they’re just reminders. Maybe you’re heading to work and know you have to hit the gym on your way back home. So you choose water to sip on throughout the day, your favorite energy drink to have before your workout, and a greens shake for post-workout recovery.

Or, maybe you have a day packed full of meetings and get to have a relaxing evening at home.. So, you choose hot coffee to start the day, infused water to stay hydrated, and a prebiotic soda to sip on in the evening.

Whatever the combination, it should revitalize you and give you something to look forward to throughout the day. Need some ideas? Check out our most recent Reel featuring our go-to daily drinks.

The Perfect Brüs for the #3DrinkClub

Even the perfect drink isn’t complete without the right sipping companion. At BrüMate, you’ll find the perfect choice to elevate every type of beverage. Here are some of our faves.

Mugs + Tumblers

One of the worst parts of trying to drink a hot beverage is trying to drink it all before its lukewarm. Our mugs + tumblers keep your favorite beverages at the perfect temperature through every sip.


The Müv 35oz was made to fuel your day. Compatible with hot, cold, and carbonated beverages, the comfort-grip handle paired with a 100% leakproof BevLock™ lid makes sipping on the go a breeze.

Health + Hydration

Our Health + Hydration products make staying hydrated fun, aesthetic, and desirable. From tumblers to shaker bottles, you’ll find the water bottle of your dreams.


The Era has reimagined and enhanced the classic straw tumbler. With 100% leakproof protection, a silicone + stainless steel straw, and a comfort grip handle - it can’t be beat. Era is perfect for commuting, walks, or a day at home. With a 30oz and 40oz option, you’ll find your perfect fit.


The MultiShaker is one of our most versatile Brüs yet. The built-in agitator gives you lump-free sips from protein shakes to  pre-workout, and doubles as an infuser which keeps the ingredients for your favorite infused water recipes out of your sips. The easy to carry handle makes it the perfect companion for when you’re on the move.


Touch-free sips have entered the chat thanks to our TwistSip™ technology - you’ll never have to touch your straw again. The Rotera boasts an integrated stainless steel straw system that keeps your water plastic-free without the metallic taste you get from most of its competitors. With four different sizes to choose from– 15oz, 25oz, 35oz, and 65oz,you can find the perfect fit for your lifestyle.

Can Coolers

Can coolers are the perfect enhancement to keep your favorite fun drink cold, and complete your #3DrinkClub trifecta.

Hopsulator Slim

When you’re ready to unwind, the Hopsulator Slim is there to protect your favorite 12oz slim-canned drinks. From energy drinks to seltzers , you can count on triple-insulation to keep it the perfect temp from the first drink to the last.

Hopsulator Trio

More even more versatility, check out theHopsulator Trio. The Trio can fit 12oz cans, 16oz cans, and convert into a 16oz tumbler. Whether you’re looking to enjoy a prebiotic soda or beer, the Trio will keep your drinks cold from start to finish.

Join BrüMate’s #3DrinkClub

The #3DrinkClub celebrates your daily trio of drinks and shows how BrüMate products are the perfect companions for every sip, keeping them the perfect temp until the last drop. So what are you waiting for? Join the club and get 10% off when you buy 3 or more eligible BrüMate products. Browse our top picks and use code “3DRINKS” at checkout.