Brenna Miles | Apr 05, 2023

How to Use the BrüMate Pour Over

There’s nothing like hot coffee around a campfire (except for hot coffee during your morning commute). Wherever your day takes you, your liquid gold should go too. The BrüMate Pour Over allows you to brew and sip your favorite coffee whether at home or on the go.

Did we mention it’s the world’s first nesting pour over travel mug? Learn more about the BrüMate Pour Over and how to use it in this quick guide.

Table of Contents

  • The BrüMate Pour Over: The One-and-Only Nesting Pour Over Travel Mug

  • How to Use the BrüMate Pour Over

  • How to Clean the BrüMate Pour Over

  • Where to Use the BrüMate Pour Over

The BrüMate Pour Over: The First and Only Nesting Pour Over Travel Mug

The BrüMate Pour Over isn’t your basic coffee mug. Inside, it features a unique pour over system that nests snuggly inside the tumbler. It holds 20 ounces of liquid or 16 ounces of coffee and 4 ounces of your favorite milk or creamer.

Better yet, the Pour Over is completely leakproof (thanks to the 100% leakproof Müv™ lid), so you’ll never miss a drop. Plus, the triple-insulated Pour Over is built to keep your coffee hot for up to six hours. And after you’re finished with your cup of joe, the tumbler will keep cold beverages chilled for up to 24 hours.

The BrüMate Pour Over also features a non-slip silicone base to prevent spills. Plus, it’s cup-holder friendly. The Pour Over comes in a variety of colorways and designs to fit your unique lifestyle, from Sage to Dark Aura.

How to Use the BrüMate Pour Over

The pour over method is one of the best methods for brewing coffee. And the BrüMate Pour Over makes the pour over process easy. Perfect for coffee aficionados and beginners alike, there are only a few simple steps to creating a tasty cup. Let’s dive right into them.

  1. First, choose medium to medium-coarse coffee grounds. Next, prepare your hot water. For a perfect pour over, the best temperature is anywhere between 195 to 205 degrees Fahrenheit (90 to 96 Celsius).

  2. Place the BrüMate Pour Over Cup with one of the included filters (and your grounds, of course) into the brewing position. Then, pour your water slowly over your ground coffee.

  3. Once you’re finished pouring your water, remove the Pour Over Cup and add your favorite milk or creamer (or don’t, it’s totally up to you!).

  4. Twist on the leakproof lid and get to sippin’.

That’s all it takes to create delicious coffee on the go with the BrüMate Pour Over. When you finish your coffee, simply store the Pour Over Cup inside the tumbler. It’s a great fit for your travel bag.

Where to Use the BrüMate Pour Over

Where can you use your BrüMate Pour Over? The easier question is this: where can you not use the Pour Over? Our mug goes anywhere and everywhere you go. For example, you can use the Pour Over:

  • While enjoying an outdoor adventure: Whether you’re camping, skiing, rock climbing, running around the beach, or simply swinging in your backyard hammock, the Pour Over is ready for any outdoor adventure.

  • While at work (or chilling at home): The Pour Over is a great tool for brewing delicious coffee while sitting at your desk or on your couch while binge-watching Netflix.

  • While spending time with friends: Going to a tailgate? Hosting a game night? Wherever you and your friends go, you can easily bring your coffee right along with you. Want to share your brew? Pour it into a Toddy 16oz, the perfect companion to the Pour Over.

Never Miss a Drop With the Pour Over by BrüMate

You can’t pack up your drip coffee machine and haul it around with you. When life calls for tasty and travel-friendly coffee, grab your BrüMate Pour Over, the best single cup pour over coffee maker and travel mug. Enhance your every day and grab your own right here in a variety of on-trend colors.

BrüMate Pour Over FAQs

What’s the Difference Between Pour Over Coffee and Drip Coffee?

Drip coffee is made by electric coffee makers, while pour over coffee is the method used by the pros. Pour over coffee is made by slowly pouring steamy water over fresh coffee grounds. This slow process of soaking the grounds makes for a rich, bold, and delicious cup of joe.

Does the BrüMate Pour Over Include Coffee Filters?

Sure does! The Pour Over comes with 10 custom paper filters that won’t alter the flavor of your favorite coffee beans. Whenever you need more filters (you will, trust us), you can buy more packs here for $9.99 each (includes 40 filters).

What Coffee Grind Is Best for Pour Over Coffee?

A medium to medium-coarse grind is best for pour over coffee. Think sea salt. Of course, you can adjust this to fit your unique tastes. If your coffee tastes weak or sour, opt for a finer grind. If it tastes too bitter, opt for a coarser grind.

Is the Pour Over Dishwasher Safe?

The Pour Over is top-rack dishwasher safe. Most of the colorways (except Onyx Leopard, Gold Leopard, and Dark Aura) are also dishwasher-safe. You can learn more about which products are safe for your dishwasher right here.

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