Brenna Miles | Mar 16, 2023

7 Best Coffee Brewing Methods to Start Your Mornings

There’s nothing better than the scent of coffee on a Monday morning (or Tuesday morning, Wednesday morning…any morning really). If you’re looking for your daily buzz, you’re in luck. Here, we dive into the best coffee brewing methods and tips for brewing a cup that your local barista would be proud of.

7 of the Best Coffee Brewing Methods to Try

Coffee has been fueling us since the 15th century. And it has been brewed in many different ways. Centuries ago, early coffee connoisseurs simply boiled their grounds in water or used makeshift coffee pots. Fast forward to now, and many of us have fancy coffee machines that can even whip up frappés.

Even if you don’t have a Jetson-esque coffee machine or if you just want to try something new, there are many brewing methods out there. Let’s dive into some of our favorites.

#1. Drip Machine

This might be the method you’re most familiar with, as it’s often the quickest way to brew. The drip machine does virtually everything for you, from heating the water to dripping it over your grounds.

As the water drips evenly over the grounds, it also passes through a filter that keeps the grounds in the machine. The delicious coffee then drips into your awaiting pot or coffee tumbler.

There are so many types of coffee machines out there to choose from, that you’re sure to find one that fits your needs. For example, some machines allow you to choose the strength of your coffee (great for when your day calls for a bold cup).

Other coffee machines go beyond the humble cup of coffee to offer espressos, lattes, and even cappuccinos. Like your coffee cool? There are drip machines made specifically for iced coffee too.

  • The Good: Drip machines come in a wide range of types, making them a great choice for all coffee lovers. Plus, there are machines that fit nearly every budget. Drip machines are also great when you need to brew coffee for a crowd, as many come with a carafe (or pot) that can hold up to 12 cups.

  • The Not-So-Good: Coffee machines take up a ton of space and they’re not the best option for travel. Drip machines are also tedious to clean. Some coffee machines don’t heat the water to the optimal temperature for coffee, which is 195 to 205 degrees Fahrenheit (90 to 96 Celsius). Unfortunately, this can result in a lower-quality taste.

#2. Pour Over

The pour over method is one of the best brewing methods for coffee. This is especially true if you want the rich taste of immersion coffee without the chance of drinking grounds (yuck). Pour over brewing is exactly what it sounds like: you simply pour hot water over your grounds.

There are various types of pour over brewers out there. For example, you can use a dripper, which resembles a coffee mug with a rim around the bottom.

Place the dripper on top of your coffee cup, add a filter and your grounds, and slowly pour water over them. Coffee will begin to slowly drip into the mug below.

  • The Good: Pour over coffee is often richer in taste. And for coffee aficionados, the pour over method allows for better control of taste and temperature.

  • The Not-So-Good: Making coffee this way does take longer than it does through other methods. It also requires additional equipment, such as a pot or kettle for boiling water and coffee filters.

Taking your coffee with you? You’ll need a travel-friendly mug. The Toddy 22oz is insulated, which will ensure your coffee stays toasty for hours. Plus, it’s leak-proof with a non-slip base, so you don’t spill your liquid gold.

#3. French Press

If flavor matters most, you should consider using a French press to brew your favorite coffee. How does it work? First, combine coffee grounds and hot water in a beaker. This is called “immersion” brewing.

After the coffee steeps, a metal filter keeps the grounds in the beaker, so you can pour perfectly filtered coffee into your waiting mug.

If you wish to use this coffee brewing method, it’s best to choose coarser grounds as they’re more likely to stay in the beaker. Medium-coarse is a great place to start.

  • The Good: Due to the use of immersion brewing, French press coffee is often richer in taste. Plus, you can buy a quality French press pretty inexpensively.

  • The Not-So-Good: Brewing your coffee using a French press takes time. First, you’ll need to boil water using a kettle or pot. Then, you’ll need to allow the coffee to brew for 5-6 minutes before pouring. If you want/need your coffee quickly, this might not be the best method for you.

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#4. Stovetop Moka Pot

Love espresso? The stovetop Moka pot can get you there. Designed by Alfonso Bialetti, the Moka pot delivers an incredibly rich cup of coffee, every time.

The Moka pot is a metal pot that brews coffee using your stovetop. It features three chambers: one for your water, one for the coffee grounds, and one for your coffee.

Simply place your water in the bottom chamber and coffee grounds in the second chamber. Then, place the Moka pot on your stovetop on medium-high heat.

Now for some science: the pressure of the heat pushes the coffee up through a spout into the top chamber. After a few minutes, you’ll have fresh and hot coffee.

  • The Good: Moka pots are known to brew coffee that’s not only delicious but bold. If you like your coffee strong, this might be the brewing method for you. Moka pots also come in various sizes. For example, you can purchase a 3-cup Moka pot (a perfect size for travel), or even a 12-cup pot.

  • The Not-So-Good: While Moka pots are available in various price ranges, quality matters here. You’ll want a pot that can withstand stovetop temps. This means Moka pots can be a bit more expensive than the other choices on this list.

#5. Stovetop Pan

For #5, we’re taking it back to the basics. Using the stovetop pan method, all you have to do is boil some water, remove the pot for a few seconds, then add ground coffee right into the pot.

After a few minutes, the coffee grounds should begin to settle at the bottom of the pot. Once they do, you can carefully pour your coffee into a mug or tumbler. No filter required! Easy-peasy.

  • The Good: A pan and some coffee grounds are all you need to make this coffee, also known as cowboy coffee. It’s simple, fast, and easy.

  • The Not-So-Good: There’s a chance you may end up with grounds in your coffee. So, you have to be extra careful when pouring it. Stovetop coffee can also quickly turn bitter. To avoid this, make sure you serve your coffee as soon as it’s made.

#6. Cold Brew

If you love a good iced latte, this brew is for you. Cold brewing coffee is simple. To start, you’ll need some kind of vessel. You can use a jar with a lid, a water bottle, or even a French press.

Add water to your vessel and your coffee grounds. Then, allow the coffee to steep for several hours. This is perfect to put together the night before—just place your coffee on the counter or in the fridge and go about your nighttime routine.

In the morning, all you have to do is pour your iced coffee into a cup and go. Of course, be careful not to pour the grounds. If you use a French press, the metal filter should keep them inside the press. You can also cover your cup with a coffee filter to keep them out.

Want to take your iced coffee to the next level? Add in some of your favorite creamer or milk. And if you need an extra pick-me-up, add some caramel on top.

  • The Good: Cold brew is simple, tasty, and great for busy mornings. It’s also the perfect drink for those hot summer months when you need some pep without the heat. You can also make cold brew with the supplies you already have at home.

  • The Not-So-Good: Just like using the stovetop brewing method, you may end up with grounds in your coffee, if you’re not careful.

#7. AeroPress

This might just be the most unique entry on our list of the best coffee brewing methods. Using an AeroPress, you add coffee and water to the press, which resembles a large syringe.

After the coffee brews, with the press placed over your cup, you press down on the plunger slowly. The coffee is then pushed through the filter and into your cup. Cool, right?

  • The Good: AeroPress coffee is rich in flavor. Plus, using an AeroPress is quick and easy, even for the beginner coffee maker. There’s even a travel version of the AeroPress, which is great for using on the go.

  • The Not-So-Good: To use the AeroPress method, you’ll need to buy an AeroPress. You’ll also need to purchase additional replacement filters. While relatively inexpensive, it’s still an investment you’ll need to consider.

Coffee Brewing Tips for the Best Cup (or Tumbler)

Picking a coffee brewing method is only the first step in creating a tasty cup. Here are some tips you can use for a perfect brew.

#1. Use the Right Amount of Coffee

Do you feel like your brew is always too strong or too weak? If you feel like Goldilocks when making coffee, picking the right amount of grounds can ensure the next batch is just right.

The right amount of coffee for each cup can be adjusted to your tastes. However, the best results typically come when you use two tablespoons of coffee for each cup of water.

#2. Grind Your Own Coffee

If you want your coffee to taste as fresh as possible, it’s best to grind your own beans before you brew.

Plus, grinding your own coffee gives you control over the size and texture of your coffee grounds. And if you’re using methods such as the pour over method, grind size matters. All you’ll need is a coffee grinder or a mortar and pestle (and some elbow grease).

#3. Clean Your Gear Regularly

The taste of your coffee can be affected when your brewing equipment is dirty. This is especially important when using a drip machine.

Make sure you’re cleaning your coffee machine every couple of months. Other brewers, such as the Chemex or Moka pot, should be cleaned after every use.

#4. Get an Insulated Travel Mug

Whether you enjoy iced coffee or hot coffee, temperature matters - especially when you’re on the go. A triple-insulated travel mug is a great way to keep your coffee at its optimal temp.

Our coffee mugs and tumblers come in all shapes and sizes, depending on your preferences. For example, our Toddy 16oz resembles your favorite mug, while our NAV XL 32oz is perfect for days when one cup just isn’t enough. Both feature 100% leak-proof locking lids, so you’re guaranteed to never miss a drop.

Enjoy Your Daily Kick With BrüMate

There’s no better way to put some pep in your step than by enjoying a great cup of coffee—no matter how it’s brewed.

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Coffee Brewing FAQs

Which is the best coffee brewing method for multiple cups?

If you need multiple solid cups fast, it’s hard to beat the drip coffee machine. You can easily make 12 cups or more in just a few minutes.

Which coffee brewing method takes longer?

Cold brew takes the longest amount of time out of all of these methods. Typically, cold brew must steep for 12 hours or so for the best results.

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