Skye Sonnega | Oct 13, 2022

7 Thoughtful Gifts for Camping Lovers

There’s always one friend who is constantly planning their next camping or hiking trip. We don’t blame them! Camping is a great way to unplug in the great outdoors and enjoy the fresh air. Whether you’re working through your holiday shopping list or looking for birthday ideas, in this blog we have our favorite gifts for camping lovers that will undoubtedly be used for any trip. Let’s get started!


1. Backpack Cooler

Perfect for hidden hammock locations, an insulated backpack cooler is a great way to bring the party and good vibes wherever you go. The BrüMate Backtap is just that, featuring durable straps and a 13 gallon capacity. Your camping lover can pack along their favorite lemonades, punches, and even camping cocktails to enjoy while relaxing outside.


2. Portable Propane Stove

Help your friend level up their camping set-up with a portable stove and grill. While cooking hotdogs and s’mores over an open fire never gets old, a camping stove opens up a whole new world of cooking opportunities!

3. Meal Kits & Snacks

For longer stays, your friend may appreciate some pre-made meal kits and snacks to bring on their adventure. These often easily come together with a little hot water, and are a great way to hit all of the food groups while out on the trails. If you’re not feeling the meal kits, you can also bake your friend some treats for their upcoming trip!

4. Insulated Water Bottle

It can get difficult remembering to stay hydrated while spending time outdoors. Help your friend by getting them a large insulated water bottle to take with them on their journey. The BrüMate Rehydration bottle can fit up to 25 oz of water, and will keep it refreshing from the first sip to the last. When your friend is ready to switch to party mode around the campfire, they can use the cap as a 1.5 oz shot glass!

Want to personalize your gift? Use BrüMate’s personalization feature to add names, initials, text, and icons to the tumbler or water bottle of your choice. This small gesture can make a gift that much more meaningful!


5. Packable Camping Blanket

Camping blankets are typically made from a warm material like wool or down, and are easily packable for hiking and packing. Because it can get cooler at night in many locations, your friend may appreciate an extra blanket to keep them cozy!

6. Swiss Army Knife

Whether it’s whittling sticks for s’mores-making or cutting down brush for a campsite, a Swiss Army knife is a perfect jack-of-all-trades gift that will surely come in handy! If your camping lover doesn’t already have one, give them a camping safety kit including a knife and some basic first aid items. It’s always better to be safe than sorry!

7. Liquor Canteen

A liquor canteen is often a much simpler way to store liquor for campfire cocktails instead of packing along glass bottles. If your friend enjoys an alcoholic beverage after a long day of exploring, consider giving them an insulated canteen! The BrüMate liquor canteen is completely leak proof and can hold up to 8 oz of liquid. Featuring a non-slip silicone cover, this canteen is incredibly durable and can withstand any camping trip!


Find the Perfect Gift for Any Occasion With BrüMate!

When it comes to finding gifts for camping lovers, it’s all about choosing things that will actually be used! For more gift ideas for your adventurous friends and family, check out our guide on Best Gifts for Outdoorsmen. Or, visit our gift guides for her and for him to find gift-giving inspiration for any occasion.