Wade Cothran | Oct 05, 2021

10 Best Gifts for Outdoorsmen

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We all have a Paul Bunyan in our lives, drawn to the impeccable beauty of the great outdoors. But being an outdoorsman is more than a personality trait - it's a lifestyle.


Good thing for you, shopping for any nature lover is actually quite simple and enjoyable. From camping gear to hiking clothes, there's always something they can use for their next exploration.


Whether they're camping in the Northwoods, or hiking west of the Rockies, we cover the best gifts for outdoorsmen to get them ready for an adventure of a lifetime!

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1. Outside Magazine Subscription


Give a gift they can appreciate all year round with a subscription to Outside Magazine. Whether you’re shopping for an adventurer, sports enthusiast, or adrenaline junkie, each issue covers a variety of outdoor-related topics to fuel their love of the outdoors. We’ll put it this way - if they have any sort of active lifestyle, they’ll appreciate a well used subscription for something that's both adventure-inspiring and entertaining. 


Read up on the next new adventure and connect with others passionate about sharing their outdoor escapades. 


2. Swiss Army Knife


Can one really call themselves an outdoorsman without a Swiss Army Knife? This nifty gadget carries a whole toolbox worth of supplies that fits in the palm of your hand. 


Most of us picture the classic red pocket knife when we think of Swiss Army knives, but there’s a wide range of Swiss cutlery that’s versatile for any outdoor need requiring a blade. 


Campers and backpackers know all too well that a trusty knife can be your best companion out in the wilderness, so keep them equipped and ready to tackle any task that comes their way. Whether it’s just for prepping campfire stew or wielding off wildlife, make sure you’ve got one of these knives with your gear. Beware bears!


3. Rehydration Bottle 


A solid water bottle is an imperative component to wandering the great outdoors, whether in heat or shade. Make sure your outdoorsman has a reliable source of replenishment with a BrüMate 25oz Rehydration Bottle


This isn’t just your stereotypical water bottle. It's a two-in-one, hydration and party station, equipped with both a straw cap and screw-on shot glass lid so you can bring the party along anywhere. 


A great choice for anyone who enjoys an active lifestyle during the day and kicking back with an ice-cold beverage at night!

person holding water bottle.


4. Outdoor Smart Watch


Getting “lost in the wilderness” seems mighty appealing in escaping our everyday lives -- but maybe not quite so literally. Sporting an outdoor smart watch is both handy and stylish for any adventurer, amature to advanced. Skip the romanticization of the wilderness and get them something they’ll get plenty of use out of.


Smartwatches are more than just a way to tell time. Some have features such as directional compasses, heart rate monitors, altimeters to track elevation, and even built-in GPS navigators. Can a Rolex do all that? We didn’t think so.

 man wearing watch outdoors


5. Parks Project Apparel 


If you haven’t heard of Parks Project, we’re assuming you’ve been living off the grid because boy, you are missing out! Update the adventurer’s wardrobe and get them a cool piece to represent their favorite National Park with. 


From sleek graphic tees to park themed candles, there’s all sorts of unique gifts to choose from that are perfect mementos for all park lovers. Plus, it's a great way to show your support to protect some of the greatest beauties of the world. 


Make sure you have an hour to spare just to browse their website or read up on their latest park projects and contributions - you’re sure to fall in love with their designs and may end up with something else in your cart for yourself!


6. Hammocks


What better way to enjoy the outdoors than lounging in a comfy hammock surrounded by trees? With their recent rise in popularity, the ‘mocking craze has been at an all time high -- and for good reason!


Whether they’re sleeping under the stars or just want a nice place to read, picking out the perfect hammock for your outdoor lover won’t go under-appreciated.  


There are many materials to choose from ranging from nylon to cotton or canvas, so make sure you read up on what will suit their adventures best.

 man sitting in hammock.


7. Toddy 16 oz Mug


This one’s a no-brainer. The Toddy 16 oz is the quintessential hiking mug, perfect for travel of any kind.


Versatile yet fashionable, this mighty mug will keep their drinks fresh wherever they go whether it's an ice-cold bev or steaming hot coffee. 


Why do we love it? Easy. It’s 100% leak proof for when it happens to take a tumble, tightly insulated to lock in the heat, and equipped with a non-slip base so your drink stays exactly how you like it from the first sip to the last. 


If your outdoor-lover is a fan of cocktails, read up on our camping drink ideas you can easily make out in the wilderness!

 person holding mug up by mountains.


8. Growl’r 64 oz 


Quick and easy doesn’t mean tasteless. Grab a growler of their favorite beer to pair with the BrüMate 64 oz Growl’r


Go for a triple insulated, stainless steel Growl’r that’s camping ready. It keeps beer cold and carbonated for up to 48 hours straight and is the perfect piece to add to your camper’s collection. You can’t go wrong with a rich, velvety brew you know they’ll love and be able to bring out on the go from one adventure to the next.  


Beer isn’t for everyone, especially while out in the wilderness! The 64 oz Growl’r can also be used as a container to keep water colder for longer, perfect for those multi-day, overnight trips!

 man sitting in pop up tent.


9. First Aid Adventure Kit


With all the beauty that nature provides, there’s always the risk of danger that comes with it if you’re not prepared correctly. It may not sound too exciting of a gift, but trust us -- a heavy-duty, first aid adventure kit is the type of gift they’ll be very grateful to have in their possession later down the road. 


We're not talking just a few bandages and ointment in a plastic baggie. These kits are the real deal, equipped with just the right amount of supplies for when you need it. The last thing your adventurer needs is an unprepared accident, so stock them up with a medical supplies kit to put your worries to rest.

 adventure camping kit.


10. Outdoor Day Pack


For all the long hikes up a mountain or paddling around the lakes, every outdoorsman needs an outdoor day pack. Whether they already have one or not, it might be time for an upgrade! 


Make sure they’re adventure-ready with a sturdy vessel to transport everything they need from day-to-day trail essentials to heavy duty camping gear. 

We know gift-shopping for outdoorsmen can sometimes feel more practical than exciting - tossing in a new BrüMate tumbler is a great way to dress up your gift and get them hyped for whatever adventure they set their sights on next.