Wade Cothran | Aug 27, 2021

8 Camping Drinks You Can Make Out in the Wilderness

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Whether it’s the comforting sound of a crackling bonfire, the sound of birds chirping at the crack of dawn, or simply escaping from the office for a few days, camping offers something for everyone. 

If you’re planning your next camping getaway, we’re here to help. Camping is meant to relax and get in touch with nature. What better way to do that than kicking back with a favorite craft beverage after a long day of exploring? 

That’s right, cocktails and drinks aren’t only meant for nights out in the city. In this blog we created a list of our favorite simple camping drinks that will spark your taste buds and are easy to make on the road.

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1. Camping Margaritas

A refreshing margarita on the rocks never disappoints, especially if it’s enjoyed outdoors. All you need is some limeade, tequila, triple sec, and a few limes for garnish. You can prepare your camping drink before going out into the wilderness by making it in a growler or cooler. Use the Brümate Growl’r to keep 64 oz of your cocktail ice cold for up to 48 hours. Camping with a group? Premake your cocktail using the Brümate Backtap, which holds up to 3 gallons of your favorite beverage!


2. Boozy Hot Chocolate

As the sun goes down and the temps drop, you need a cozy, warm beverage to sip by the fire. Enjoy an adult hot chocolate with your favorite hot cocoa mix and a shot of rum for some extra heat. The Brümate Toddy Collection features 16 oz insulated, leak proof mugs that are perfect for keeping your drink warm all night long.


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3. Gin & Tonic 

Simple and refreshing. A gin and tonic is an age-old classic, and is a great drink to sip on while you set up camp! Store your gin in a Brümate Liquor Canteen for convenience. This canteen is made to keep your liquor fresh on the go. All Brümate products are made with a proprietary coating that keeps your drinks free from that pesky metallic aftertaste. 

Serve your drinks with the Fifth + 2 Rocks Tumbler Gift Set. Use the 25 oz canteen to prep your drink, and serve cold in the 12 oz Rocks Tumbler. Garnish your cocktail with some lime for a classy and tasty beverage.


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4. Bottle of Wine

There’s nothing like a bottle of wine around a bonfire, but how do you sip on your favorite vino while camping without hauling along the fancy wine glasses? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Sip on your wine glass-free with the Brümate Uncork’d 14 oz insulated wine tumblers. Sharing wine with yourself? These tumblers hold up to half a bottle of wine so that you can stay sipping all evening long. 

Prepare for your camping and wine adventures by using the Brümate Winsulator, a 25 oz wine canteen made for glass-free environments. The Winsulator will not only keep your wine fresh, but also maintain its desired temperature for up to 24 hours.


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5. DIY Martini

Need something elegant and tasty to sip on at the campground? Celebrate spending time outdoors with a refreshing martini. Use the Brümate Shaker Pint to craft your ideal martini cocktail. These shakers are leak proof, shatter resistant, and can hold up to 20 oz of your favorite beverage. Doubling as a pint glass, the Shaker Pint is perfect for packing along on your next camping trip. In fact, it may be a camping essential!


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6. Breakfast Mimosas

The birds are chirping and the pancakes are on the griddle, time to whip out the mimosa ingredients! All you need is some champagne and orange juice. No need for fancy glass champagne flutes, pack along the Brümate 12 oz Champagne Flute for your trip! With special BevGuard technology, this Champagne Flute is able to keep your drink carbonated and refreshing for up to 5x longer than a regular champagne glass.


7. Ginger Beer Moscow Mule

A Kentucky Mule is the perfect combination of refreshing, sweet, tangy, and spicy. What more could you ask for? Not only are Mule cocktails delicious, they’re also easy to make around the campfire. Use a Brümate 12 oz Rocks Tumbler to sip on your ice-cold beverage. Say goodbye to watery cocktails with the special anti-dilution technology. These Tumblers also feature a splash proof lid that ensures no drinks will be spilled, even while belting out campfire tunes.


8. Ice Cold Beer

Not a fan of the hard stuff? No problem. Bring along a case of your favorite beer to sip on in the great outdoors. Just remember the “leave no trace” rule when camping, and collect all your trash before heading out. 

If you’re looking for something to keep your beer cold while you sip, look no further. The Hopsulator Slim collection keeps all 12 oz slim beer cans 20x more cold than standard can coolers. Plus, no need to worry about pesky condensation as you sip. If you’re more of a bottle-drinker, check out the Hopsulator Bott’l collection. This beer koozie works with all standard 12 oz glass bottles and features a no-slip base so that no beer gets left behind.


Experience the Outdoors With Your Favorite Drink

Whether you’re a camping expert, or trying it out for the first time, don’t forget to pack some tasty camping drinks to enjoy along the way. Need more inspiration? Read up on the Best Outdoor Drinkware Products to find your next favorite camping essential.