Sierra Myers | Jan 26, 2023

Football Party Games for Adults: 7 Fun Ideas for 2023

Food and drink are essential for an awesome football watch party, but games should also be on your party itinerary to kick off a night full of fun! Need some ideas? In this blog we cover some fan-favorite football party games for adults to help take your party to the next level and please every guest on your list.

woman holding winesulator wine canteen.

Football Bingo

Football Bingo is the perfect “play while you watch” activity. Use free printable options like these ones, or make your own!

Incentivize participation by having some sweet prizes for people to win. The BrüMate Hopsulator Slim is something everyone will love, made to keep 12oz slim cans cool from the first sip to the last. The best part? With 30+ colors to choose from you can coordinate the can coolers with your guest’s favorite team.

woman holding winesulator wine canteen.

Big Day Guessing Game

Need an icebreaker to start the day? Place bets by playing a guessing game. Make sure everyone gets a sheet and fills it out before the game starts. Guess everything down to the coin toss winner and final score. Whoever gets the most right wins!

Treat the winner with a BrüMate Hopsulator Trio! This versatile can cooler holds a standard 12oz can, or a 16oz craft beer can and it can be used for cocktails too! That’s right, this 3-in-1 tumbler comes with a 100% leakproof locking lid, designed to turn into an insulated pint tumbler when you’re ready to take a break from the cans.

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cheers with BrüMate Hopsulator Trio can cooler

Chili Cook Off

Have your guests help with food prep by making it an activity! Choose an entree that everyone loves (like chili) and have guests bring their favorite rendition of it. Do a chili taste test and vote for your favorite. Not looking for an entree? See who can make the best grazing board or chip dip!


The lineman is a competitive (and edible!) football party game! All you need is a football table cloth and some Oreos, or a cookie of your choice. Get your cookie on each line before your opponent and you win! You and your guests can look forward to enjoying the cookies after your match.

Judge the Commercials

Let’s be real, most of us are in it for the commercials, right?! Make the commercial breaks even more fun by creating a judging competition. Use cardstock and popsicle sticks to make them read 1-10. Judge each commercial with your sticks and keep track of your favorites!

Use the BrüMate feature-packed BrüTank to serve up cool beverages as you and your pals enjoy the commercial breaks. The BrüTank features a self-tapping removable drink tank, a built-in tap, a bottle opener, and so much more. With a 2.8 gallon capacity and dry rack,  you can pack it full with treats that stay cold (and dry) and drinks for everyone to enjoy! Check out how our team filled the BrüTank with football party essentials!

BrüTank cooler at tailgate

Ring Toss-For Adults

This Adult Ring Toss is the perfect distraction for guests who need a break from the game. Work to get your ring on the hook before your opponent, or take a shot!

Elevate the game and your shots by shaking them using the 100% leak proof BrüMate Shaker Pint! This insulated cocktail shaker will keep your drink of choice the perfect temp with zero spills, and doubles as a pint glass for additional use cases. Simply add your ingredients to the pint tumbler, shake it up, and pour into the shot glasses for maximum fun.

2 people pouring shots from BrüMate shaker pint

Chicken in a Hen House

Chicken in a Hen House” is best with a group and is sure to make everyone laugh. Have your guests grab a partner and spend a time-out calling out silly actions like “Firefighter”. Whichever group is last to complete the action is out and the game continues.

Level Up Your Watch Party with BrüMate

Whether you’re in it for the game, the commercials, or the appetizers, BrüMate will set you and your football party up for success. Visit our best sellers to find coolers, tumblers, and everything else you need to keep your drinks cold on game day.  Cheers!

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