Brenna Miles | Aug 15, 2023

As Seen on TikTok: BrüMate Must-Haves for Summer

Things are heating up around here! As you’re out enjoying time in the sun this summer, you’ll want to make sure you have plenty of TikTok-approved gear to make the most of it.

If you’re looking for summer must-haves to add to your lake bag or to carry with you to the pool, we’ve got you covered right here. Let’s dive into some of our fave products that you may have also seen on TikTok. We’ll even share the deets on why they’re so worth the hype.

Table of Contents

  • Slim: The Perfect Slim Can Companion

  • Toddy XL: The Easy Way to Beat the Heat

  • MultiShaker: The Perfect Tumbler for Workouts to Wind-Downs

  • BackTap: The Comfy and Convenient Way to Bring the Party

  • BrüTank: The Perfect Summer Day on Wheels

Slim: The Perfect Slim Can Companion

Whether you’re sitting around a late-night summer campfire or floating on the local lake, no summer day is the same without a drink. The Slim can cooler is designed to fit your favorite 12oz slim canned beverages, keeping them ice cold until the very last drop.

The Slim is triple-insulated (to keep your drinks icy for hours) and fits your favorite 12oz seltzers, brews, or energy drinks perfectly. With Push-Lock™ technology, you can easily insert and remove cans quickly so you don’t miss a single summer moment.

The Slim can cooler also features a non-slip base to prevent pesky spills on slick surfaces and is completely cup-holder friendly. Made out of stainless steel, the Slim is great for glass-free zones, such as the beach. With 25+ colors and prints, you’re sure to find one to fit your style.

Check out how this fan kept their energy drink icy with the Slim.

Toddy XL: The Easy Way to Beat the Heat

On hot summer days, hydration is a must. There’s no better way to make sure you’re getting your fluids in than with the Toddy XL. It’s a 32oz, completely leakproof tumbler that’s designed to keep your favorite drinks cold for over 24 hours (say less!).

The Toddy XL’s leakproof lid was designed to prevent spills, making it easy to throw it into your beach bag and go. The lid also adjusts so that the comfort grip handle can be both right-hand and left-hand friendly.

The Toddy XL’s 32oz size is both cupholder friendly and perfect for the latest trending #WaterTok concoction, plain ol’ ice water, or any beverage of your choice. You can also choose from a wide range of prints and colors so you can have a Toddy to fit every summer mood.

See Toddy XL in action by taking a look at this TikToker review!

MultiShaker: The Perfect Tumbler for Workouts to Wind-Downs

Let’s shake things up, shall we? The MultiShaker shaker bottle is an absolute must-have for every summer adventure, whether you’re hitting an outdoor workout, exploring the outdoors with friends, or simply enjoying a cozy night by the campfire.

The MultiShaker includes a built-in agitator, which perfectly blends your shakes, greens, and powders without any clumps. The agitator also doubles as an infuser which is great for making tasty infused water with your favorite fruit, herbs, and more. Now that’s a win-win!

The MultiShaker holds 26 ounces of your favorite drink and features a spill-proof lid and convenient carrying handle, making it the perfect companion for all of your summer travels. Check out how this BrüMate fan uses the MultiShaker as her travel tumbler.

BackTap: The Comfy and Convenient Way to Bring the Party

With the BackTap, the party won’t start till you walk in. This innovative cooler with a built-in tap is made to be worn on your back for easy transport to and from those fun summer gatherings.

The BackTap is the world’s first stainless-steel lined backpack cooler with a tap. This means you can easily whip up one of your favorite big-batch summer cocktail recipes, add it to the BackTap, and serve!

The BackTap holds three gallons of your favorite beverage and is triple-insulated to keep drinks cold for hours. Choose your way to carry with either the durable and comfortable backpack straps or the comfort-grip handle.

Don’t want to put liquid inside your cooler? No worries! It also holds cans 14 slim 12oz cans, 12 12oz standard cans, or five bottles of wine and will keep ‘em cold well until the party’s over.

See how one TikToker uses the BackTap to carry their favorite summer recipe right here.

BrüTank: The Perfect Summer Day on Wheels

The perfect cooler is an absolute must-have summer accessory. The innovative, adventure-proof, 55-quart BrüTank is the only cooler you’ll ever need, whether you’re hitting the sandy beach or hosting a block party.

The BrüTank features a built-in 2.8-gallon drink tank and tap you can use to serve your favorite drinks all summer long. Plus, it features all-terrain wheels that glide over all surfaces, including sand, dirt, and gravel so your destination has no limits.

Summer moments are made easier with the BrüTank which can hold ice for over seven days, has a foam-bench top for poolside chilling, a built-in bottle opener, and other rockin’ accessories.

Enjoying a long weekend? See how this BrüTank aficionado built out his cooler for a three-day vacay.

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