Brenna Miles | Jun 08, 2023

6 Best Can Coolers for Summer Days

The sound of pool water splashing, the smell of BBQ on the grill, the sparkle of stars above your tent…what a start to the perfect summer! The only thing missing is an ice-cold beverage. How do you keep your favorite drinks chilly during the warm summer days? With a can cooler, of course!

Here, we give you the deets on six of the best can coolers out there, no matter your drink of choice.

Table of Contents

  • Why You Need a Can Cooler

  • What Makes a Good Can Cooler for a Summer Day?

  • 6 Best Can Coolers for Your Next Summer Adventure

Why You Need a Can Cooler

Here at BrüMate, we like to think of a can cooler as an insulated tumbler you can slip a can or bottle into (not the traditional foam sleeve or “koozie”).

Why take a can cooler along on your adventures? First, can coolers work to keep your drinks cold for hours on end. This means that whether you’re drinking water or something a bit stronger, every sip will be as cold as the first.

Can coolers are also durable, meaning you don’t have to worry about cracking your cooler on the dock or the pool deck.

Finally, can coolers are fuss-free. There’s no need to pour your drinks into another cup before you sip. Simply slip your can or bottle into the can cooler and you’re good to go.

What Makes a Good Can Cooler for a Summer Day?

While there are many can cooler options to choose from out there, they’re not all created equal. Here are a couple of things to look for when shopping for a can cooler to add to your tumbler collection.


Insulation makes all the difference between a warm sip and a refreshingly cool one. Choose a can cooler that features triple insulation, perfect for keeping your drinks cold for hours.

Insulation also keeps your hand from getting cold and prevents those annoying can and bottle “sweat” drops from running down your arms.

BrüMate can coolers are all triple-insulated, which means your drink will stay chilly (and dry), even on the hottest summer days.

Useful Features

The best can coolers are feature-packed for the ultimate drinking experience. Some of the features to look for include:

  • Multi-use: On sweet summer days, your focus should be on soaking up every moment, not searching for your tumbler in your bag or cleaning up unnecessary spills. Instead, choose a can cooler that converts from a cooler into a tumbler in just a couple of moves (such as the Trio or Duo).

  • Leakproof: Make sure the can cooler you choose converts into a tumbler that’s leakproof to prevent messes. For example, the Trio and Duo also feature a leakproof lid.

  • Cupholder-friendly: Your can cooler should fit in your cupholders for easy transport (hint: all BrüMate can coolers will fit).

  • Comfortable grip: The can cooler you choose should add insulation without adding unnecessary bulk. BrüMate can coolers are easy to grip and sip, perfect for preventing accidental drops.

  • Non-slip base: A non-slip base on your can cooler will prevent spills and keep it in place. This is a win for slippery pool decks or crowded spaces.

The Perfect Size

You’ll want to pick a can cooler that’s the perfect size for your favorite drinks. For example, if swimming with sweet soda in hand sounds like a dream, you’ll want a can cooler that fits 12oz cans. Or, if your drink of choice is bottled beer, choose a can cooler that fits bottles.

6 Best Can Coolers for Your Next Summer Adventure

Ready to find the perfect can cooler? Here are six of the best can coolers to choose from.

1. Hopsulator Slim

The Slim is the perfect choice for 12oz slim cans. This can cooler features Push-Lock™ technology, meaning you don’t have to unscrew the gasket to insert your can. Just push!

The Slim is cupholder friendly and features a non-slip base. This is great for keeping things just where you want them when things get wet on the lake or when hosting your whole squad.

Want to fit 8oz cans too? There’s an adapter for that! You can also use the Slim lid to convert your can cooler into a tumbler (sold separately).

“I kid you not, this thing keeps drinks cold like that’s its job (because it is). Once I got mine and saw how effective it was, I decided all of my cold beverage-loving friends and family will be getting one also.” —Brooke P.

2. Hopsulator Duo

The Duo gives you the best of both worlds: a can cooler for 12oz cans and a 100% leakproof tumbler. When you’re done with your can, simply remove it, pour in your drink of choice, and add on the leakproof lid.

The Duo fits most standard 12oz cans. And just like our other can coolers, it’s cupholder friendly and features Push-Lock™ technology for easy can replacement.

3. Hopsulator Trio

The Trio is our most versatile can cooler yet. This 3-in-1 can cooler holds 16oz cans and includes a freezable adapter for 12oz cans. Plus, it consists of a 100% leakproof lid so you can convert the cooler into a tumbler.

Our Trio is a great choice for warm summer days, as you can use it for everything from ice-cold water to your favorite craft cans.

“The most versatile and best insulated option for 12-ounce and 16-ounce drinks, with an additional ice pack and top to convert into a pint glass.” — Food & Wine

4. Hopsulator Bott’l

Sure, this is a guide about can coolers. But, our bottles deserve some love too. The Bott’l fits all 12oz glass bottles. And yes, it features the same incredible Push-Lock™ technology so you don’t have to unscrew the gasket each time you need a new bottle.

The Bott’l features a non-slip base and is completely cupholder friendly. Just like our other can coolers, the Bott’l will keep your glass bottles 20 times cooler than traditional foam sleeves.

5. Hopsulator Twist

Here at BrüMate, we like to cover all the bases. If you enjoy aluminum bottles, there’s a can cooler for you too: the Twist. This can cooler fits all 16oz aluminum bottles and results in zero condensation.

With the Twist, you can enjoy your favorite screw-off top bottles without fearing your drink getting warm.

6. Juggernaut

And last but certainly not least is the Juggernaut. It’s the world’s first can cooler designed for 24/25oz cans and 22oz bomber bottles.

Sometimes it takes time to get to the bottom of these drinks. Luckily, the Juggernaut is built to keep your favorite large canned and bottled drinks cold for hours on end.

Plus, the Juggernaut comes with all of the same great features as our other can coolers, including a non-slip base and Push-Lock™ technology.

Find the Perfect Summer Day Companion at BrüMate

No summer day is complete without your favorite, ice-cold drink. And with BrüMate, you can find the perfect can cooler to fit your unique tastes. Worry less and enjoy ice-cold sips more this summer by shopping our best sellers today!

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