Brenna Miles | Mar 23, 2023

8 Best Tumblers for Hot & Cold Drinks On-the-Go | BrüMate

Heading into the office? Spending the day outdoors with your best buds? No matter where the day takes you, your beverage tumbler should follow.

But not all tumblers are created equal. You need a to-go tumbler that’s durable, leakproof and perfect for both warm coffee and ice-cold water (or your drink of choice). Luckily, we’ve got you covered with this list of the best tumblers for hot drinks and cold drinks.

What Makes a Great To-Go Tumbler?

There are so many different tumblers out there that come in all shapes, sizes, and materials. How do you choose the right one for you? Let’s dive into some of the characteristics a great to-go tumbler should have.


There’s nothing more annoying than tumbler condensation leaking into your car’s cupholders or down your shirt. Well, except for taking a surprising sip of now-cold coffee that started off as hot when you poured it.

You can avoid these situations by selecting an insulated tumbler. Insulation prevents the transfer of heat, regulating the temperature of your drink. This keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold. Plus, it prevents condensation on the outside of your tumbler.

BrüMate tumblers are triple insulated, keeping your cold drinks cold for 24 hours and hot drinks hot for up to six hours.

A Sip-Worthy Lid

Your to-go tumbler should have a lid that’s easy to sip from while still being leakproof. For the best results, the tumbler lid should feature a strong seal, and it should lock into place to prevent accidental drips. BrüMate tumblers feature our BevLock™ lid which is completely leakproof.

Cupholder-Friendly Size

Many tumblers, especially those larger in size, don’t fit in standard cupholders. So, you’re forced to hold your drink until you reach your destination or try to balance it in the seat next to you. Neither of these options is ideal.

The best to-go tumblers feature bottoms that are cupholder-friendly, no matter how many ounces they hold. BrüMate tumblers fit standard cupholders, even the Toddy XL, which holds up to 32 ounces.

Leakproof Design

If there’s one thing true about liquids, it’s this: they’re prone to spill. So, you’ll want to make sure the tumbler you choose features a leakproof design to prevent flooded keyboards and car seats.

A locking lid is an important part of a leakproof design. However, so is a non-slip base. Our tumblers feature a rubberized base that keeps drinks from sliding.

A Design That Fits Your Style

Whether you’re a minimalist or someone who enjoys a bold, unique print, your tumbler should be an extension of your style. There are so many colors and designs to choose from that you’re sure to find one that fits.

BrüMate tumblers were made for elevating your every day with both function and style. We offer a wide variety of colors and prints, from deep metallics to glitters that sparkle and everything in between.

4 Best On-the-Go Tumblers for Hot Drinks

There’s nothing quite like a steaming mug of hot coffee (or tea) in the morning. To keep your drink of choice warm on the go, you’ll need a fully insulated tumbler. Below you’ll find four of the best tumblers for hot drinks.

Toddy XL 32oz

Sometimes, a single cup of coffee just isn’t enough. On days when you need more fuel, the BrüMate Toddy XL 32oz is a perfect choice. While it holds up to 32 ounces, it still fits standard cupholders, making it a great travel companion.

Spilling 32 ounces of any beverage is a potential disaster. Luckily, just like all our other mugs and tumblers, the Toddy XL 32oz features a 100%  leakproof lid. Backed by patented BevLock™ technology, you can be clumsy with confidence, knowing you’ll never miss a drop.

Toddy 16oz

If you’re looking for a tumbler size reminiscent of your favorite mug, this is it. The Toddy 16oz is our innovative take on what a mug should be. It includes all the features of a mug, such as a sturdy handle and compact size.

The Toddy 16oz also features a leakproof design (shameless plug: it’s the world’s first 100% leakproof mug). Plus, it can be used left or right-handed. Our Toddy 16oz, 22oz, and 32oz options are always on our list of bestsellers, so you’re guaranteed to find a 5-star size and style you love.

Want a tumbler that’s larger than your standard mug but that still fits perfectly in your hand without a handle? The NAV 22oz might be just right for you. While it may look more like the tumbler you’re familiar with, it’s far from basic.

The NAV 22oz features a leakproof locking lid and triple insulation to keep in the heat. Plus, it’s completely cupholder friendly and available in 25+ unique prints and colors.

Imperial Pint

Sometimes, you need your tumbler to go from morning coffee to evening cocktails. And this is what the Imperial Pint does best.

While it’s triple insulated to protect hot drinks, it also functions as a cocktail glass or shaker (shaker lid separate) to keep all your cocktails cold while you play mixologist. It’s also leakproof and durable, making it the perfect all-around tumbler for wherever your day takes you.

4 Best On-the-Go Tumblers for Cold Drinks

Whether you need to stay hydrated on a hike or at work, a to-go tumbler can help. From water to wine, there are plenty of tumblers out there to house your cold beverage of choice. If you’re looking for the best tumbler for cold drinks, we have options. Let’s dive in.


Go from the gym to the tailgate with this tumbler. The MultiShaker is an innovative tumbler that doubles as a gym bottle and a travel mug (all you need to do is switch the lids).

It includes a removable built-in agitator that doubles as an infuser, great for protein shakes or perfectly infused water. The MultiShaker is designed like your day depends on it, featuring a convenient carrying handle and a leakproof, triple-insulated design, perfect for navigating your everyday adventures.

ReHydration 25oz

If water is your drink of choice, this is the to-go tumbler for you. The ReHydration 25oz water bottle features an insulated design to keep your water cold. Plus, it includes a sip-through straw lid to prevent accidental leaks.

The ReHydration 25oz works as a great gym tumbler or travel tumbler, and its slim design fits any size cupholder easily, so you can take your ice-cold drink with you wherever you go.

Growl’r 64oz

Are you a brewery hopper (pun intended)? This large, 64oz tumbler might just fit your needs. The Growl’r 64oz is the perfect tumbler for keeping everything from beer to water chilled. In fact, since it’s vacuum-insulated, it keeps your favorite drinks cold for 48+ hours.

Want to easily take your Growl’r 64oz with you? We also offer a unique carrying case to protect your tumbler and the beverage inside. This is the perfect option for camping, exploring, tailgating, and beyond.

Winesulator 25oz

Whether you’re heading to a pool party or picnic, you need a way to keep your wine chilled, all day long. The Winesulator 25oz does just that. This triple-insulated wine tumbler is 25 ounces, which means it can hold a full bottle of wine. Plus, it has 24-hour temperature retention.

The Winsulator 25oz is also perfect for no-glass zones. Why not have more ways to drink your wine where you want, when you want, and at the perfect temp?

Need wine glasses to go with your wine tumbler? Try the Uncork’d 14oz, a 100% leakproof wine tumbler, or bundle and save with any of our wine bundles.

Take Your Favorite Drinks Anywhere With BrüMate

No matter where your day takes you, there’s an insulated BrüMate to-go tumbler for both your hot and cold drinks. Find the right tumbler for you by shopping all of our bestsellers today!

To-Go Tumbler FAQs

Not all tumblers are dishwasher safe. If your tumbler doesn’t feature the “dishwasher safe” symbol on the bottom, you should avoid the dishwasher altogether. Luckily, BrüMate offers several durable, dishwasher-safe tumblers to choose from!

What Should You Not Put in a Tumbler?

There isn’t much you can’t put in a tumbler. To-go tumblers are great for everything from water and juice to coffee and wine.

If you enjoy carbonated drinks such as soda or carbonated water, make sure you choose a tumbler that’s built to keep your favorite drinks fizzy, such as any mug from our Toddy series or NAV series.

How Do I Choose a Good Tumbler?

The best to-go tumbler will be insulated and leakproof with a sippable lid, a cupholder-friendly size, and a design that fits your lifestyle. When shopping, be sure to look for these key characteristics.

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