Wade Cothran | May 26, 2021

The Top 9 Best Water Bottles and Tumblers for Hiking

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When you're getting ready for a big day on the trails, make sure you stay hydrated and keep your beverage fresh by storing it in a high-quality hiking tumbler. The type of water bottle you choose will make or break your safety and comfortability throughout the duration of your outdoor adventures. 

From serious hikers who spend their time summiting the most challenging mountains to those who enjoy the local park’s trail loop, everyone needs to bring along something to help fight thirst, so you can push through to the end. Or, when the day’s hike is over, bring a favorite adult beverage while you lounge around the campfire or at the trailhead with friends, celebrating your recent excursion. 

There are larger pieces of drinkware that are great for sharing with fellow hikers such as growlers, as well as individual tumblers that supply just the right amount of liquid to stay invigorated, and everything in between. With that being said, let’s take a look at eight of the best tumblers for hiking that can also double as a water bottle. 

This article was created in part with quotes and contributions from our BrüMate VIP group. 

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What Makes a Great Hiking Tumbler or Water Bottle? 

There are many things that make a great hiking tumbler – from durability to temperature control to other nice-to-have features like clip-on lids or stylish designs to go with a special outfit, and so much more. All of these things contribute to a more comfortable experience on the trails. 

Whether hiking through rugged terrain or going on a quick mile-long loop, water bottles that are made out of a durable material like stainless steel helps prevent the bottle from cracking, and you from potentially losing all of your beverage. Another important aspect is the ability to control temperature through an insulated design – will your water stay deliciously ice-cold all day long, or will you be choking down a drink that’s been baking in the sun all day? With the right tumbler, you can keep your beverages perfectly chilled or heated.

There are other amenities that you might not have considered, as well. An attachment that can hook to packs or belts via a carabiner will ensure you don’t misplace your drink, while  or added straws make sipping super easy on the go. And, with many funky colors, imagery or patterns available, don’t forget to make a statement by choosing a hiking tumbler that reflects your style. 

Another important feature to consider is the bottle’s capacity. Many companies that sell hiking tumblers offer models in several different sizes, allowing you to choose your desired amount. For example, large growlers and backpack coolers are great for overnight trips, while smaller water bottles can supply enough water for a quick jaunt around the woods. 


Make sure to think about the above criteria and you’ll be well on your way to finding the right bottle to have a more enjoyable experience navigating the outdoors.

The 9 Best Tumblers and Water Bottles for Hiking

If you’re looking for the best tumblers for hiking, here are a few options that will keep your beverages at the perfect temperature throughout the duration of the day and then some. The following are ideal for all types of hikes, long to short, easy to hard, and everything in between. You can even find options for sharing the love with groups at the summit, around the campfire or back at the trailhead. Let’s take a look:

The Overall Best Hiking Water Bottle AND Tumbler




For the perfect mix of sipping convenience, temperature control, capacity and style, take a look at BrüMate’s Rehydration Bottle and Fifth. Bring your tumbler along whenever you’re in a glass-free zone. The bottle itself is the same, but if you order the Fifth style, it comes with a shot-glass lid, while the Rehydration Bottle also has a straw lid that offers a simple way to grab a drink when thirst strikes. When you’re finished, simply clip the tumbler back on your pack and never worry about losing it.

“I use a fifth for water! Love it!” - Toni W.

"I use mine  everyday at work with no issues. I throw it in my backpack all the time, never spilled." - Jenna J. 

"This is the exact reason I bought my Fifth. Water, water, water, then a little fun. Treated and motivated myself." - Jennifer P.


The Best Water Tumbler for Hydration Pros




On longer hikes or outdoor destination trips, bring along BruMate’s Growl’r, a large tumbler that holds 64oz of your favorite drink. Now, you can go on that remote camping trip without having to worry about finding a freshwater source. And, with a straw lid attachment, you can easily drink directly from the bottle and rehydrate as needed, without running the risk of going dry.

“Growl'r with straw lid. It's eight cups - fill it up in the morning, try to have it done by bedtime. It stays cold the whole day.” - Dana M.

“I use the Growl'r for water and it's been a game changer!" - Kensy C

The Best Hiking Tumbler for Sharing 




Are you part of a hiking club? Impress your group when you show up with enough water to share with everyone. BrüMate’s Backtap, the first stainless-steel lined, leakproof, backpack cooler with a tap, gives you three gallons of capacity and the ability to pour your favorite drinks directly from the source.

Plus you can choose from multiple strap styles, including a handle, hiking-grade backpack straps or purchase a shoulder strap separately, so you’re sure to stay comfortable throughout short hikes. With a leak-resistant flip top lid that doubles as a seat, the BackTap is the perfect source for ice-cold drinks for the group who is always on-the-go.

The Best Tumbler for Rocky Terrain




If you’re conquering your next mountain, make sure you pack BrüMate’s Uncork'd XL Tumbler. We’ve designed this hiking bottle to be as well-balanced as possible, so it won’t tip over and waste your precious liquids. And, it holds more than one glass of wine, so you can bring along a celebratory beverage to enjoy once you reach the summit. When not in use, just throw it in your backpack – the BevLock lid ensures that you won’t experience any spills.

If you’re conquering your next mountain, make sure you pack BrüMate’s Uncork'd XL tumbler from the MÜV collection. We’ve designed this hiking bottle to be as well-balanced as possible, so it won’t tip over and waste your precious liquids. And, it holds more than one glass of wine, so you can bring along a celebratory beverage to enjoy once you reach the summit. When not in use, just throw it in your backpack – the BevLock lid is 100% leak-proof and ensures that you won’t experience any spills.

The Best Boozy Hiking Tumbler




For a party-on-foot, reach for the Winesulator Infinity Bottle and Straw, a triple-insulated wine canteen designed to make rehydrating a treat. Not only does it keep your favorite vino at the perfect temperature, it holds a full bottle, so you’ll have enough left over for gathering with fellow hikers at the trailhead. Make it that much better with the added twist-on Infinity wine straw, which includes a silicone tip to protect your lips from too-cold or too-hot beverages on your hikes.

“I use my Winesulator with the Infinity Straw for water all the time!” - Anna D.

The Best Tumbler for the Post-Hike Campfire




After the hike, gather around the campfire with friends, and make sure you fill up a Toddy tumbler from BrüMate. As part of the MÜV collection, celebrate a long-day’s hike while sipping out of the world's first 100% leak-proof, insulated mug that will keep your drinks hot for hours.

In the morning, brew-up some coffee and hop back on the trails with a reinvigorated sense of energy. With the BevLock lid, your Toddy will keep the heat and allow you to enjoy your favorite brew through-out the day without worrying about spills over rocky terrain.

The Best Tumbler to Hold Your Recyclable Water Bottle or Can of Sparkling Water




Yes, we all dream of one day having one single water bottle that we drink out of for the rest of our lives - it’s so perfect and convenient we never have to use a vending machine again! But sometimes, it’s convenient to grab a Dasani or Kirkland brand plastic water bottle when you’re in a hurry, or can’t drink tap water. The BrüMate TRIO fits most water bottles, and on the ride home, it fits easily into cupholders. No hot water bottles left rattling around your car floor! 

And as a 3-in-1 can cooler, the TRIO can also hold your favorite 12oz can of LaCroix, or a 16oz can of flavored water or energy drink. With one easy turn, it transforms into a pint glass, giving you the ideal way to enjoy your favorite canned beverages. Insert the made-to-be-chilled adaptor attachment to serve 12oz cans and keep your beverage cold for hours.

“I use my TRIO with my regular store brand water bottles. Costco bottles fit too." - Crystal G.

Get Out Hiking With Our Full MÜV Collection

BrüMate’s all-new MÜV Collection is designed to help you get up and at ‘em. Those that live an active lifestyle know the importance of owning drinkware that can keep up. That’s exactly what this line of hiking tumblers is designed to do. 

Take a look at three stellar options, including the Toddy, the world’s first insulated mug with a handle that’s designed to keep your favorite beverages hot, whether you’re at home or on the go. Enjoy toddies, tea, coffee or something else altogether, and make this outdoor tumbler your go-to companion on hikes, camping trips and other adventures.

Beer lovers of all types should reach for the Hopsulator TRíO, a three-in-one can cooler that fits all of your favorite 16oz cans, from beer to energy drinks to flavored water and more. With one easy turn, it transforms into a pint glass, giving you the ideal way to enjoy your favorite canned beverages. Add a simple attachment to serve 12oz cans.

Another great can-cooler option is the Hopsulator DUO, holding most standard-sized 12oz cans and doubling as a 12oz hiking tumbler. Not only do you get the perfect way to keep your beverage cold, you get a splash-proof lid that lets you walk and sip with ease.

Keep an eye for other great items that are being regularly added to our MÜV Collection. Browse BrüMate’s online shop to find out more, and never go thirsty on the trails again.