Brenna Miles | May 25, 2023

Benefits of Using Reusable Water Bottles: Why Switch?

Still using plastic water bottles? It’s time to make the switch to reusable bottles! Not only do reusable water bottles help you do your part in supporting the environment, but they’re also convenient and durable (and they can save you serious cash!).

This guide gives you the deets on all the benefits of using reusable water bottles. Plus, we’ll share our three favorite water bottles so you can grab one for yourself.

Table of Contents

  • Benefits of Using Reusable Water Bottles

  • What Makes a Good Reusable Water Bottle?

  • 3 of the Best Reusable Water Bottles

5 Benefits of Using Reusable Water Bottles

Reusable water bottles are more than just convenient. In fact, reusable bottles are great for the environment and your wallet. Let’s dive further into some of the benefits you can expect.

#1. Reduces Plastic Waste

Did you know that it can take 20 to 500 years for plastic to decompose? It’s true. Landfills are required to store this plastic and other solid waste. Unfortunately, landfills produce dangerous gasses that harm our planet, such as methane gas.

The dangers of plastic waste don’t stop there. For example, plastics are also dangerous to the marine life that call our oceans home.

Eco-friendly reusable water bottles reduce the number of plastic bottles found in landfills and oceans. This means that by switching to a reusable bottle, you can do your part in reducing plastic waste.

#2. Allows You to Make a Smaller Carbon Footprint

Plastic is made using a ton of oil and gas. Unfortunately, the use of oil and gas results in greenhouse gas emissions, a key driver of dangerous climate change.

Avoiding the use of plastic in your day-to-day is a great way to reduce your own carbon footprint. Replacing your plastic water bottles with reusable ones is a simple and quick change you can make today.

#3. Saves You Cash

Depending on the kind of water you enjoy, you may find yourself spending a few dollars each time you buy a new bottle. And those dollars quickly add up, especially if you’re springing for a bottle several times a week.

Buying a reusable water bottle can help you save serious cash. Instead of buying a new bottle, you can simply refill a reusable one over and over again.

#4. Holds Hot & Cold Beverages

Many reusable water bottles are also versatile. For example, a stainless steel bottle or tumbler will hold any of your favorite beverages, whether it’s hot coffee or ice-cold water.

Plus, some bottles, such as the BrüMate ReHydration 25oz, are triple-insulated and made to keep your water cold for hours on end. This makes them perfect for the office, an outdoor hike, a road trip, or anywhere else your day takes you.

#5. Withstands Wear and Tear

If you’ve dropped a plastic water bottle, you know firsthand just how fragile they are. Reusable water bottles are made using rugged materials such as stainless steel. This means they withstand a lot of the wear and tear that’s harsh on plastic bottles.

What Makes a Good Reusable Water Bottle?

Sold on the benefits of using reusable water bottles and ready to make the switch? You should know that not all reusable water bottles are created equal.

The best reusable water bottles are:

  • Insulated: For water that’s cool to the last drop, you need an insulated water bottle. Shameless plug: BrüMate water bottles and tumblers are triple-insulated to ensure each sip is as cold as the first.

  • Leakproof: The best water bottles are completely leakproof with spillproof features. For example, BrüMate bottles feature 100% leakproof lids, a variety of sipping options, and non-slip bases.

  • Travel-friendly: Reusable water bottles should be easy to carry with you from one adventure to the next. Choose a bottle with a sturdy handle or an easy-carry loop. It’s also a great idea to look for a bottle that will fit in your cupholders.

  • Stylish: Let’s face it: no one wants to drink from a boring water bottle - choose a bottle that fits your unique style! BrüMate offers a ton of fashionable and on-trend colors and designs to choose from (you can even personalize your bottle too).

3 of the Best Reusable Water Bottles

Shopping for a new water bottle can be overwhelming. There are so many options out there! Luckily, we have a few faves that are sure to fit your needs.

1. MultiShaker 26oz

If you want a water bottle that truly does it all, the MultiShaker 26oz is the perfect choice. The MultiShaker holds everything from your pre-workout shake to water.

This bottle features a built-in agitator that doubles as an infuser - allowing you to mix up all kinds of delicious infused water recipes or blend up powders of your choice. Plus, it offers two optional accessories made from recycled materials: the top-selling Straw Lid, and the 100% leakproof MÜV lid which converts it to a tumbler.

The MultiShaker will keep your drink cold for up to 24 hours and also features a convenient carrying handle and a non-slip base.

2. ReHydration 25oz

Looking for a more traditional water bottle? The ReHydration 25oz is the one for you. This bottle is made to keep your water cold for 24+ hours, fits most cup holders, features a sip-through straw lid, and has a durable carrying loop for when you’re on the move.

Want to carry even more water? Try our Growl’r tumbler, which holds a whopping 64 ounces!

3. ReHydration Mini 16oz

The ReHydration Mini 16oz features everything there is to love about the 25oz, just in a smaller size. This makes it perfect for little ones. With a non-slip base and 100% leakproof straw lid, it prevents messes (we got your back!).

Trade Your Plastic Water Bottle for a New Brü

Ready to trade that plastic bottle for a reusable one? We’ve got you covered! BrüMate offers reusable water bottles and tumblers in a wide range of colors and designs, so you can choose a Brü that fits you. Check out our favorites today!

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