Wade Cothran | Apr 20, 2021

10 Reusable Cups and Eco-Friendly Tumblers

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If you’re a friend to the environment, chances are you’ve looked into the benefits of reusable cups over their single-use counterparts. With all the toxic chemicals found in today's plastic products, the importance of reusable drinkware has never been larger. 

As such, let’s take a look at 10 tumblers that are stylish, functional, and most importantly – eco-friendly – so you can feel good after every sip you take.

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Why Should You Use Environmentally Friendly Products?


A crucial part of implementing an environmentally friendly lifestyle is by limiting the number of disposable products you buy. Reducing single-use items, like plastic and paper cups, allows two things to happen: First, it reduces the amount of resources needed to produce the single-use item, and two, it prevents the eventual waste of that item. While reusable products certainly require resources to produce, as long as they’re used over and over again, it offsets the long-term environmental impact.

Beyond just that, however, eco-friendly products are more durable, less toxic, and safer. Not only are you protecting the planet, but promoting the health and well-being of yourself and your family.


10 Reusable Cups and Eco-Friendly Tumblers


If you’re trying to be more eco-friendly, picking up a reusable cup is a good first step. A tumbler is a versatile form of drinkware, whether you’re hydrating on the intramural sidelines, bringing wine for a Sunday picnic, or you want to keep coffee hot all day at the office. Check out some of the stylish, eco-friendly tumblers below.  

1. The Rehydration Reusable Water Bottle




For hydro-holics, the Rehydration Bottle will become your go-to drinkware, whether you’re hitting the fields or hitting the bars. With two modes – Hydration Mode and Party Mode – you get 25oz of space to fill with your favorite water, wine, spirit, or your other favorite beverage. Simply unscrew the leak-proof lid to instantly reveal a 1.5oz shot glass and get the drinks flowing. And, when it’s time for your morning workout, attach the easy-carry straw lid and rehydrate all day long.

2. The Infinity Insulated Wine Bottle




If you’re searching for a better way to keep your favorite vino tasting fresh, whether you're at home or on the go, try the stainless-steel Infinity Winesulator. From nights spent on the patio to days spent lounging lakeside and everything in between, triple-walled insulation from BrüMate guarantees to keep an entire bottle of your favorite red or white fresh for hours. Drinking straight from the bottle eliminates the need for additional drinkware or water to clean those cups, so pair your Winesulator with the twist-on (and very reusable) Infinity Wine Straw for superior sipping power, straight from the source. 

3. The Reusable Growl’r




For those with an almost unquenchable thirst, the only eco-friendly product for you is a reusable growler. Bring 64oz of your favorite drink with the Growl’r, the perfect companion for the tailgate lot, brewery, or camping trip. It keeps your drink cold and carbonated for up to two days, so you’ll never go dehydrated. Better yet, most craft breweries have no problem filling up your own grower from home, so you’re saving resources too! 

4. The Uncork’d XL Insulated Wine Tumbler




For days spent kicking back, sampling new wines or old favorites, try the Uncork’d XL Insulated Tumbler, specially designed for drinking vino. These fit over half a bottle of wine, the perfect amount at 14oz capacity, while BrüMate’s BevGuard technology keeps your drink cold. You can also get your Uncork’d with a spill-proof lid, that’ll keep your clothes looking fresh, to boot. (There is almost nothing worse than a red wine stain on a white top!) With your Uncork’d XL, all you need to do is fill up, sip back and relax.

5. The Hopsulator Reusable Can Cooler




Beer enthusiasts who are on the hunt for new and better ways to keep their beverage cold, your search ends here, with the Hopsulater Can Cooler. Enthusiasts of the latest high-end craft brew all the way to cheap beer and energy drinks will enjoy this souped-up can cooler, fitting 12oz and 16oz options. Simply slide it on and lock it in using Push-Lock technology. Or, just skip the can altogether and pour your favorite beverage straight into your Hopsulator, which doubles as an insulated drink tumbler to keep all your drinks at the perfect temperature with minimal waste.

6. The Imperial Pint Reusable Party Cup




No matter what event you’re set to attend, make sure you’re ready to go with our Imperial Pint. This classic tumbler is as versatile as it is stylish, with dozens of finishes to match your mood or outfit. Simply pour in 20oz of your favorite refreshment and enjoy hours of sipping at the perfect temperature. And now, you can take your eco-friendly efforts even further with an attachable Stainless Steel Reusable Pint Straw. Goodbye, red Solo Cup!

7. The Reusable Fifth 




Those who enjoy a stiff drink can now do it with a green conscience, thanks to BrüMate’s Fifth. This is the world’s first triple-insulated, 25oz liquor canteen that’s specifically designed to go anywhere. It fits one full fifth of liquor while retaining its chill for over 24 hours. Find a 1.5oz shot glass hidden on the underside of the spill-proof lid. If you’re thinking this sounds familiar, you’re right! You can add on the straw attachment that’ll transform your Fifth into our Rehydration Bottle

8. The Toddy Insulated Mug




For chilly nights at the ski chalet or around the campfire, make sure you’re equipped with the heat-sealing Toddy Insulated Mug. This reusable drinkware will ensure your drink stays warm for hours and is 100-percent leakproof if you’re inclined to take a warm beverage on the go. (Hello, morning coffee!)

9. The Reusable Insulated Champagne Flute




Whether a wedding, bachelorette party, or swag bag, a reusable Champagne Flute will keep your bubbly cold and you looking classy. No more flat champagne that’s gone too soon – this BrüMate’s 12oz Champagne Flute is double the size of a regular flute while keeping your drinks carbonated up to five times longer. 

10. Reusable Stainless Steel Straws




Ditch the plastic and make your sipping experience that much better with a reusable straw. Take a look at the several stainless steel options that will fit several BrüMate cups like the Imperial Pint and Winesulator. Convenient, splash proof and best of all, eco-friendly, take this straw with you anywhere to help cut down on single-use plastic waste. 


Shop Sustainable Brands Like BrüMate


To support a sustainable environment, choose BrüMate reusable tumblers, cups, mugs, and more. Our products are made to be reused and eliminate waste, so you can feel good every time you take a sip. Plus, with stylish, colorful designs available, you can show off your style while doing it. Browse our selection of reusable cups to find your new, favorite BrüMate today.