Skye Sonnega | Jan 12, 2023

7 Sustainable Hacks for the New Year

Whether you’ve decided that this is the year you finally hit the gym consistently, or you cook three meals a day, New Year’s resolutions are all about finding small opportunities for self improvement. Plus, resolutions don’t always have to only benefit yourself! Choosing sustainable hacks that give back to our planet, homes, and bodies are a great option to add to your list. In this blog, find our favorite eco-friendly hacks that you can easily accomplish!

1. Use a Reusable Tumbler

This year, we encourage you to say goodbye to the plastics and hello to reusable tumblers for your on-the-go beverages! If you’re a frequent visitor of the local coffee shop, consider packing along a cup-holder friendly BrüMate Toddy 22oz coffee tumbler for the next time you swing by. You can ask the barista to pour your coffee into the Toddy, then wash it before your next trip. The Toddy 22oz has a 100% leak proof locking lid made with 50% recycled materials, and perfect for your commute or afternoon walks.

blue toddy tumbler.

2. Use Reusable Straws

Something we should all be on the same page about: plastic straws are bad for the environment! They are not recyclable, and can pollute our important waterways for over 200 years. Luckily, there are simple alternatives. From metal, to paper, to even pasta, you can make straws out of many types of earth-friendly materials. Use the BrüMate stainless steel straws to pop into your glass or tumbler for easy sipping. These are dishwasher safe and can be used as many times as you’d like!

person putting straw into tumbler.

3. Bring Silverware & Washable Napkins for To-Go Food

If you’re a fan of takeout, you’ll know that the food often comes packaged with an overload of napkins and plastic silverware. Consider making a more conscious effort to decline disposable silverware and pack along your own reusable kit for your glove box. You can bring along cloth napkins, metal silverware, and even a cup!

4. Bring Your Own Grocery Bags

If your plastic grocery bag collection is overflowing, consider re-using them for your grocery trips. You can keep a sleeve of used bags in your car and grab one when you need! Or, consider purchasing a few reusable cloth totes to use as grocery bags. If you’re worried about forgetting them, simply keep a stash in your car.

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5. Go Paperless

Did you know the average American adult receives about 41 pounds of junk mail a year? That’s 80-100 million trees that are being cut down annually, just for paper mail! In the New Year, you can decrease that number by unsubscribing from mailing lists and opting to go paperless on bills.

6. Learn to Compost

Composting may seem intimidating at first, but with innovative inventions like countertop friendly composting bins, it has never been easier to learn! Composting is one way to reduce the amount of items you’re sending to landfills by resourcefully decomposing food scraps. You can even use your compost to create nutrient-rich soil for your garden and lawn!

7. Choose Public Transportation or Walking

The largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions is transportation. Cars, planes, and trains all release CO2 which negatively affects air quality and pollution. You can play a role in decreasing your own CO2 emissions by opting for earth-friendly alternatives. This can include:

  • Carpooling to work

  • Walking

  • Biking

  • Public transportation

  • Low-emission plane tickets

Of course, this isn’t always possible for people in more rural areas, but finding ways to consolidate your commute is always a great place to start!

Start Your New Year Strong With BrüMate

Transitioning to a sustainable lifestyle doesn’t happen overnight, but making small changes like these is the first step in doing so! To start your New Year off on the right foot, treat yourself to a BrüMate reusable tumbler. From water bottles to coffee mugs, can coolers to shaker bottles, we’ve got a sustainable product for everyone. Visit our best sellers to get started!

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