Sierra Myers | Feb 06, 2023

5 Epic Basketball Party Ideas for Spring

Are you ready to watch your favorite college basketball team fight for the national championship? The tournament is quickly approaching and BrüMate is here to help you host a watch party your friends won't forget. Check out our favorite tips for food, drinks, brackets and games.

1. Share Great Food

Food is one of the best parts of any party. Create a menu that stands out or make it more engaging by having your guests bring their favorite dish to pass. Whichever way you go, BrüMate can help. Here are some of our game day favorites:

2. Mix It Up With a Basketball Cocktail

College basketball is the perfect excuse to try a new cocktail! Check out some of our favorite basketball-themed beverages:

Large Batch Punches & Cocktails

Large batch cocktails are a great way to share your favorite cocktail with everyone. Get creative and come up with your own or check out these large batch BrüMate favorites.

Mix up enough for a large group in the BrüMate BackTap Cooler. This stainless steel cooler is big enough to hold cocktails for everyone, but small enough to be carried to any party with its durable backpack straps. Even better, the easy built-in tap makes for easy, mess free serving and refills.

person making large batch cocktail in cooler

“Elite 8” Cocktail

Celebrate the college tournament with these basketball themedcocktails. This fun cocktail list has something for everyone!

Avoid diluted cocktails with the BrüMate 12oz Rocks Tumbler! Gone are the days of lukewarm drinks as you get distracted by the big game. The Rocks tumbler keeps drinks cool for up to 12 hours, and the 100% leakproof lid avoids spills as you cheer on the winning team! Plus, with over 20 colors to choose from, you'll be able to match your team in style.

2 people cheersing with drink tumbler

Mascot Drink

Looking to add even more team spirit to your party? These mascot drink ideas are the perfect way to spice up the festivities. With 16 cocktails to choose from there is sure to be one that partners with your bracket nicely.

Elevate your drink by using the 100% leakproof BrüMate Shaker Pint! This insulated cocktail shaker will keep your drink of choice the perfect temp, and provide zero spills when pouring up for your crew . The best part? The Shaker Pint doubles as a pint glass for your cocktails and brews. Simply add your ingredients to the pint tumbler, shake it up, and take a nice sip.

woman holding drink shaker

4. Get Competitive with Brackets

Regardless of when your group is gathering, get the tournament season started by making brackets together! You could use this official bracket or mix it up with these silly and different


Getting together for the championship game? You could even have a prize for the bracket winner! BrüMate’s Toddy 22oz is a crowd favorite anyone would appreciate. This insulated mug is 100% leakproof, cup-holder friendly, and keeps your favorite drinks hot or cold from the first sip to the last. For an added touch. get your Toddy in your favorite team’s color, and use BrüMate’s personalization options to add a symbol to commemorate the tournament season.

2 drink tumblers on table

5. Basketball Party Games

Between commercial breaks, pregaming and after parties there is plenty of time for some extra activities to get people pumped up and excited to cheer on their favorite teams.

Here are some of our favorite game day games and activities:

  • College Mascot Trivia: Break out into teams and compete to guess the teams based only on their mascot
  • All Star LineUp: Create the perfect team using members from all tournament players, debate who’s would win
  • Logo Pictionary: Grab a white board and play pictionary, tournament style. People can take turns getting their team members to guess the team with their hand drawn logo
  • Take it Outside: Have a basketball hoop? Or at least some space to dribble? Put together quick pick up games to keep your guests entertained between the action

Get Ready for Game Days with BrüMate

There are so many ways to make your watch party one to remember, and we’re here to help! Check out our best sellers to find tumblers, mugs and coolers that are sure to elevate any party. Cheers to bracket season!

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