Alyssa Broussard | Jan 04, 2024

3 Best Water Bottles That Keep Water Cold for 24 Hours

Picture this: you’ve been on the move all day and finally get a chance to hydrate. The only problem is your once cold water is now lukewarm and just has that old water taste... If you can relate to this, you probably need a new water bottle. But not just any old water bottle.

The perfect one.

Here, we’ll give you the 411 on the best water bottles that keep your water cold for 24 hours.

Choosing the Best Water Bottle

Before you can choose a water bottle, you have to know what you’re looking for. Keep these key factors in mind when choosing your hydration companion!

Travel Friendly

If your water bottle is a pain to bring along, chances are you’ll leave it at home. When looking for your next great water bottle, look for one that is:

  • Cupholder friendly: Choosing a water bottle designed to fit in most cupholders assists with hydration on-the-go. Have you ever had to search for a water bottle that rolled off the seat? Not fun.

  • Leakproof: Spills are major inconveniences. Avoid them by choosing a water bottle that has a 100% leakproof lid.

  • Comfortable to hold: No one wants to lug around a water bottle they are constantly worried about dropping. Find a water bottle that is easy and comfortable to hold throughout the day.


Any water bottle can be insulated. But how long does that insulation last? If you leave the bottle in the car on a hot day will it warm faster? Not with a triple-insulated bottle! Not only are they designed to keep your water cool, triple-insulated water bottles will also keep your ice frozen, leaving your water tasting and feeling just as refreshing as when you filled it.

On-Trend Designs

Think about it. How good does it feel to show off a water bottle that matches your unique style? Opt for a water bottle that you are proud to carry and show off. At BrüMate, we offer a variety of on-trend patterns and colors that match your aesthetic while keeping you accountable to your hydration goals.

3 Water Bottles to Keep Your Sips Cold for 24 Hours

And now, the bottles you’ve been waiting for!


Made for all day hydration, the Rotera is arguably the perfect water bottle. Its TwistSip™ straw lid allows you to open and shut your water bottle without ever having to touch the straw, perfect for sanitary sips. Paired with our BevGuard™ insulation technology that keeps ice for 24+ hours, you can sip on ice cold water all day without having to think twice.

The 25oz is cupholder friendly, making it perfect for traveling + on-the-go. But don’t worry, the 25oz + every other size are all 100% leakproof so you can throw them in your car seat or in your bag and go. Another bonus ? The Rotera has a wide mouth opening making it easy to fill with ice. For larger hydration needs, check out the 35oz and 65 oz. We even have a 15oz, perfect for littles!

Bored with your current color selection? Choose a swappable sleeve or band for a customizable, unique-to-you look!


If you want the convenience of a straw tumbler without the typical inconvenience that follows after knocking it over (spills!), look no further. The Era has changed the straw tumbler game. Not only does it keep ice for 24+ hours, it is 100% leakproof when sealed. Yep, seriously - turn it upside down, we encourage it.

The large handle and cupholder friendly design makes taking this straw tumbler on-the-go a breeze. And you can rest easy knowing plastic isn’t sitting in your water all day thanks to the stainless steel straw.

Combine those features with the choice between 30oz and 40oz, and boom. You’ve got the perfect straw tumbler.


For a multifunctional water bottle, the MultiShaker is your go-to. With BevGuard™ triple-insulation, your water and other drinks will stay as cold as they were when you poured them. As with the other water bottles, you can sip carefree with 100% leakproof protection for all cold, non-carbonated beverages.

The MultiShaker isn’t just for water though – there are so many ways to use it! The built-in agitator eliminates the days of drinking clumpy protein or greens shakes. Not feeling like a shake? Try infused water! Toss in your favorite ingredients and leave them in your drink all day if you want – the agitator will keep them from coming out leaving you to sip only the infused water.

Elevate Your Hydration Game with BrüMate

Whether you’re heading to a workout or a day around the town, hydration is crucial! At BrüMate, we’re dedicated to evolving the hydration game by offering feature-packed products that help enhance your drinking experience in every part of life. Check out our selection of Health + Hydration tumblers to find the best fit for you!

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