Skye Sonnega | Nov 23, 2022

14 Thoughtful Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Adults

No matter your age, stocking stuffers are always worth getting excited about during the holiday season. There’s nothing better than seeing your stocking filled with presents on Christmas morning, and they’re a fun way to make the holidays even more memorable.

The best part about stocking stuffers? They don’t have to be extravagant or break the bank, and can still be unique and thoughtful! If you’re looking for some treats to fill your loved one’s stocking with this holiday season, checkout our favorite stocking stuffer ideas for adults:

tumblers surrounded by holiday decor.

1. Slim Can Cooler

For someone who loves enjoying a refreshing carbonated beverage at a tailgate or BBQ, the BrüMate Hopsulator Slim can cooler may be their next favorite gift! This versatile can cooler can fit any 12oz slim can, and features our Push-Lock™ Technology so you can easily insert and remove your can. Pair this gift with a six pack of their favorite beverage and voila, you have a perfect stocking stuffer gift!

hopsulator slim can cooler.

2. Wool Socks

To some, socks may not be exciting, but to many more, having a nice pair of wool socks on a cold winter day can be a blessing! Help your family member stay cozy this winter by giving them a high quality pair of socks to wear by the fire or on their next hiking adventure.

3. Hot Chocolate Kit

For those that love to snuggle up with a warm toasty beverage, consider giving them a DIY hot chocolate kit. You can pour hot chocolate mix into a Mason jar with whatever toppings you’d like – marshmallows, peppermint bark, caramels, and more are all up for grabs!

Pair the kit with an insulated mug for your loved one to enjoy their drink. The BrüMate Toddy mug is a versatile 16oz tumbler, perfect for keeping drinks hot or cold from the first sip to the last. It’s 100% leakproof and cup holder friendly, making it the perfect choice for holding the morning commute coffee, or for enjoying beverages on the couch.

person holding toddy mug.

4. Restaurant Gift Cards

If your friend has a favorite comfort restaurant, treat them to dinner by giving them a gift card to their go-to place. Or, choose several small gift cards they can use at different places (i.e. coffee shops, music subscriptions, and more!).

5. Shaker Bottle

Have a fitness friend in your life? A shaker bottle is usually at the top of any health guru’s wishlist. Get your friend or family member the BrüMate MultiShaker, a 26oz insulated shaker bottle that perfectly blends any protein, pre-workout, collagen, greens and more. Featuring a detachable agitator/diffuser (perfect for water infusions!), your health-focused friend will not be able to go a day without using it!

6. Winter Self Care Package

Winter can be a tough season for many. From shorter, darker days, to chapped skin and cold feet, it’s important to take care of ourselves even when we may not feel like it! Help your loved one get through the cold months with a winter self care package. Fill it with items you think may make them happy on a snow day, whether it be a weighted blanket, face masks, slippers, fuzzy hats, and more.

7. Unique Candies

Candies and chocolates can be a fun way to level up your stocking without breaking the bank. Consider visiting a candy store to find treats your loved one may not usually buy for themselves like nice chocolate, candy jewelry, fun shaped gummies, or even chocolate covered fruit.

8. Kitchen Supplies

Whether your loved one is a chef or one in training, you can never go wrong with some simple kitchen supplies in a stocking. From wooden spoons to baking spatulas, measuring spoons to colorful muffin cups, help your friend stock up their kitchen with items they wouldn’t have thought to buy!

9. Books

There’s something special about curling up with a good book during the holidays. If your friend or family member has a particular genre they like, pick out a few novels for them to kickstart their reading list in the New Year.

10. Artist Merchandise

If your friend or family member is a hardcore fan of a particular artist or band, consider getting them a t-shirt, hat or other merchandise from that group! They’ll appreciate the thoughtful gesture, and will no-doubt be repping it at the next concert they attend.

11. Beard Care

Help your gentlemen practice some self-care in the New Year with a beard care kit. Choose a nice shaving cream, razor, brush, and aftershave to help them look their best!

12. Outdoor Supplies

For your outdoorsy friends, consider purchasing some supplies and knick knacks for them to bring on their next adventure. Here are some of our favorite ideas:

  • Swiss army knife

  • Head lamp

  • Pre-made camping meals

  • Camping silverware + cups

  • Portable propane

  • Headbands, hats, and other accessories

For more ideas, check out our guide on Thoughtful Gifts for Camping Lovers.

13. Printed Tote Bags

Not only are tote bags in style, they’re the perfect alternative to plastic and paper shopping bags that we typically use on grocery runs. Consider choosing  a fun printed tote for your loved one to bring out and about on their errands.

14. Cocktail Kit

We all know a friend or family member who is a cocktail connoisseur. To level up their stocking, make them a cocktail kit to help them craft some tasty beverages over the holidays. Buy a quarter pint of their favorite spirits, along with any of their go-to garnishes. Pair the kit with a BrüMate Rocks tumbler, a versatile 12oz cocktail tumbler perfect for keeping beverages fresh and undiluted. Featuring our signature leakproof lid, you can bring this tumbler poolside or couch-side for the ultimate spill-free experience.

Pack Your Stockings With BrüMate This Season!

It’s time to start planning out gifts for the holidays! Looking for more ideas? Check out our Holiday Gift Guide, filled with stressless gifts to give this season.

glitter flask and toddy mug sitting by presents.