Wade Cothran | Oct 15, 2021

9 Best Spill-Proof Tumblers of 2021

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Do you like drinking your hot beverage on your morning commute? Do you enjoy sipping on cocktails by the pool? Are you a picnic fanatic? If you answered yes to any of these questions, chances are you need a spill proof tumbler in your life. We know that leaky, unreliable tumblers are less than desirable for people who are always on the go. Have no fear, in this blog we list our favorite spill proof tumblers for any occasion.


The Overall Best Spill-Proof Tumbler: The Hopsulator TRIO With MÜV Lid

Presenting the Hopsulator Trio, the most versatile can cooler and tumbler. Featuring a 3-in-1 design, this adaptable can cooler can fit both 12 oz and 16 oz cans. Not feeling like a canned brew? Use the insulated can cooler as a tumbler to hold your favorite cocktail instead! The Trio comes with our special BevLock Technology with a fully leak proof lid and magnetic closure to eliminate any chance of spills.


The Best Spill-Proof Water Bottle: The ReHydration Bottle

Looking for a spill and leak proof water bottle that will support your busy lifestyle? The Rehydration bottle combines work and play to create the perfect bottle for any occasion. Fill the 25 oz water bottle with ice water to stay hydrated throughout the day, then switch it to a cocktail for night time. 

Bonus, the cap doubles as a 1.5 oz shot glass! This bottle proves that yes, it is possible to get your booze on while staying hydrated.


The Best Spill-Proof Mug: The Toddy

There’s nothing like sipping on a hot drink in the morning before a busy day. Whether it’s tea, coffee, or something in between that gets you fired up, the Toddy will keep your drink fresh through it all. Prefer iced instead? The Toddy mug does not discriminate! Fill this insulated `16 oz mug with your beverage of choice and stay sipping without worrying about that pesky metallic taste or unnecessary spillage. Yep, the Toddy features a fully leak proof locking lid that will keep your drink inside the cup rather than everywhere else. 

If you don’t want to have to refill throughout the day, go for the 32 oz Toddy XL. This tumbler has everything you love about the Toddy, just large enough to fuel you through the entire day.


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The Best Highball Tumbler: The Highball With MÜV Lid

Are you a fan of mojitos on the go? We are too! Use the MÜV Highball tumbler to host all of your favorite mixed cocktails. This handy tumbler can fit 12 ounces of any beverage, and is designed to keep your drink cool and refreshing for extended periods of time. The MÜV Lid ensures that no spills occur wherever your tumbler takes you. 

The Best Cocktail Tumbler: The Rocks with MÜV 

Designed for glass-free, splash-free environments, the Rocks tumbler is an upgrade from your favorite traditional cocktail glass. Mix up your favorite cocktails in this versatile 12 oz tumbler, or sip on some whiskey on the rocks! Whatever you choose to drink, this tumbler comes with our MÜV Lid technology to support your on-the-move lifestyle. 


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The Best Spill-Proof Wine Tumbler: The Uncork’d XL With MÜV Lid

Gone are the days of spilling a glass of your favorite red wine on something conveniently white. The Uncork’d XL eliminates any chance of that happening with our special BevGuard technology. Pour 14 oz of wine into this versatile wine tumbler for elevated and worry free sipping. The Uncork’d is especially great for glass-free zones. Sit poolside with ease and enjoy your vino!


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The Best Spill-Proof (and Shatter-Proof!) Wine Bottle: The Winesulator

Pair your Uncork’d with the Winsulator, a versatile 25 oz spill proof and shatter proof insulated wine bottle. This wine canteen can fit a whole bottle of wine and keep it fresh and at preferred temperature for up to 24 hours. Bring your bottle to the beach, camping, or poolside for the ultimate elevated drinking experience.


The Best Unspillable Pint: The Imperial Pint With MÜV Lid

The Imperial Pint is not your average pint glass. This insulated 20 oz pint keeps your drink fresh from the first sip to the last, and can hold both hot and cold beverages! The versatile and adaptable design makes this tumbler great for a variety of occasions. Use it as a travel tumbler for your next roadtrip, or a cocktail glass for girls night. The Imperial Pint wouldn’t be imperial without our BevGuard Technology featuring a fully leakproof locking lid and magnetic closure to keep your drink fresh and intact.


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The Best No-Spill Canteen: The Liquor Canteen

Are you a fan of the hard stuff? Pack along your favorite liquor or drink for any occasion and never worry about spills or leaks with the Liquor Canteen. This canteen can hold up to 8 oz of any beverage and is designed to have no pesky metallic after taste. This canteen can be discreet for on the go, or take the main stage for any party!


Take Your Drink With You Anywhere, With BruMate’s Collection of Spill-Proof Tumblers

At BrüMate, we want you to enjoy your drink everywhere you go, without having to worry about leaks and spills! Like what you see? Visit our MÜV collection to view more colors, designs, and sets of drink tumblers perfect for any occasion.