Skye Sonnega | Dec 08, 2022

6 Killer Party Punch Recipes for New Years Eve

Hosting the friend group’s NYE throw-down this year? To minimize the clean up and maximize the fun, try making a delicious punch for all of your pals to share! In this blog, we cover our favorite party punches that will have everyone asking for the recipe the next day. Let’s dive in!

1. Traditional Rum Punch 

A rum punch is often the heart and soul of any great party. With delectably fruity flavors and the rich, caramel taste of a spiced rum, this is a perfect punch option for any gathering. For all of our go-to rum punch recipes, check out The Best Rum Punch Recipes to Get Your Party Started.

To serve your delicious rum punch, use the BrüMate BackTap! This versatile backpack cooler can hold up to three gallons of any beverage, and features a built-in tap for easy serving. If you’re prepping the punch and bringing it to your friend’s house, use the straps to easily transport the punch from point A to point B.

person using the backtap.

2. Champagne Punch

Nothing says New Years like the crisp pop on a bottle of champagne! Kick your bottle of bubbly up a notch with a champagne punch. Mix juices, frozen berries, and even liqueurs to create a refreshing and carbonated beverage.

To enjoy your sparkling punch, use the BrüMate Champagne Flute to keep the drink undiluted and chilled from the first sip to the last. This insulated flute is 2x the size of a normal flute glass, and can keep beverages carbonated for up to 5x longer. If you’re playing some games at your NYE bash, these can also make great prizes!

bottle pouring into champagne flute.

3. Deconstructed Punch Bar 

Not feeling the punch bowl? Create a deconstructed punch bar for guests to customize their own drinks! Lay out all of the ingredients you would include in your punch bowl – a pitcher of a base liquor, fruits, juices, champagnes and sparkling wines are all fair game.

To ensure your liquor and spirits stay cool at your deconstructed punch bar, store them in the BrüMate Fifth, a 25oz liquor canteen designed to keep a full bottle of liquor ice-cold all day. Its fully leakproof twist-on cap also doubles as a 1.5oz jigger, making it easy to measure out your drinks!

4. Beer Margarita Punch 

For our Corona and tequila fans, this one’s for you! Serve up beer margaritas in a pitcher or punch bowl for a tangy, sweet and a little salty party beverage. Made with limeade, Sprite, tequila, beer, limes, and ice, these drinks are sure to have everyone going back for seconds!

To sip on your refreshing margarita punch, use the BrüMate MargTini, a 10oz tumbler specifically made for keeping your margaritas and martinis fresh with a sippable rim. A splash proof lid is included, ensuring no spills happen while you dance the night away!

5. Citrus Non Alcoholic Punch 

Not all party punches need to be boozey! Make a delicious, citrus punch with ginger ale, orange juice, and cherries. Sometimes the best things are kept simple!

To serve up your punch, use the BrüMate Togosa, a 2-in-1 leak proof pitcher and bottle chiller. Use the bottle chiller function to securely store your wine, champagne and liquor bottles. When it comes time to serve, you can prep your punch mixture in the pitcher and pour with the 100% leak proof strainer lid.

Note: Carbonated beverages are not recommended when used as a pitcher. If you’d like to use this function for a punch, we recommend eliminating ginger ale from the recipe!

If you’re looking for a spiked beverage, but the party you’re attending doesn’t have one, bring along the BrüMate Glitter Flask! This 5oz flask is flashy and classy, making it the perfect item to toss in your purse to add a kick to any party.

person posing with glitter flask.

6. Feuerzangenbowle (German Fire Punch) 

For a more traditional NYE beverage, serve up Feuerzangenbowle, a German drink typically served during the holiday season. This drink is made by simmering a spiced mulled wine over the stove, then melting a rum-soaked sugar cone over the final product. This creates an irresistible caramelized flavor on top of the warm and welcoming mulled wine.

person holding the togosa

Serve Up Your Party Punches With BrüMate!

If you’re in charge of beverages for your NYE bash this season, a party punch never fails! Want to level up your sipping experience? Visit the BrüMate best sellers for liquor canteens, tumblers, and coolers to help your serving go smoothly.