Alyssa Broussard | Dec 14, 2023

9 Must-Have Gym Accessories to Enhance Your Workout

Whether you are an avid gym goer or newly discovering your fitness journey, having the right gear is key. The right gym accessories serve you and help you optimize your workout experience. From innovative shaker bottles to headphones, our list of must-have gym accessories is designed to enhance your gym experience no matter what level you’re at.

Below you’ll find 9 must-have gym accessories, carefully selected to enhance your workout.

#1. Shaker Bottle

No gym session is complete without a trusty shaker bottle. Whether you are mixing pre-workout, post workout protein powder, or greens - these bottles are lifesavers. Instead of trying to hand mix your powder of choice, you simply toss it into the water or milk and shake. Gone are the days of sipping chunks of powder.


For the best of the best, enter: the MultiShaker. 100% leakproof for all cold, non-carbonated beverages, you can workout without fear of accidentally kicking your shaker bottle over and losing everything inside. As featured in Sports Illustrated as a top workout gift to give, they note “[their] favorite part is that it doesn’t hold on to that lingering odor that’s always present when you use a plastic shaker bottle to mix your protein powder.” The built-in agitator keeps you from having to track down those pesky shaker balls and seamlessly mixes your powders.

If protein powders aren’t your thing, don’t worry! There are plenty of ways to use the MultiShaker. From waters to smoothies, there is a use for everyone.

#2. Fitness Tracker

Monitoring your workout progress is key to achieving your fitness goals and enhancing your workout. Fitness trackers are designed to provide you with key statistics surrounding your workout: heart rate, calories burned, miles run, etc. With options from rings to watches, there is a fitness tracker for everyone.

#3. Bluetooth Headphones

Can we all admit that workout playlists just make exercising better? The perfect headphones are the only thing standing in the way. Depending on the headphones you use on a day-to-day basis, you might need to consider purchasing a set for the gym. Standard, corded headphones can quickly derail your workout by getting caught in something or unplugged.

Bluetooth headphones give you the ability to move freely and come in a variety of styles. When choosing a pair for the gym, you want to be sure they will hold up in sweaty conditions, will stay put during high-movement exercises, and have features that matter most to you (hello noise cancellation).

#4. Triple-Insulated Water Bottle

Hydration during a workout is non-negotiable. Bringing a trusted water bottle with you prevents you from having to walk across the gym to the water fountain every time you need to drink. And, if we are being honest, keeps you from having to drink out of a public water fountain.

But you don’t want just any water bottle. Think about it: you’re in between sets and go to take a sip of water. Do you want to be met with room-temperature water or ice-cold water? Using a triple-insulated water bottle will help keep every sip as cold as it was when you filled up!


The Rotera’s twist-to-sip water bottle allows you to hydrate without ever having to touch the straw which is a major win when in a public space - especially when touching weights, machines, yoga mats, you name it. You also never have to worry about running out of ice as the Rotera will keep your ice for 24+ hours, keeping each sip just as refreshing as the last.

As a bonus, the Rotera 25oz fits most car cup holders and likely many of the cup holders attached to treadmills, ellipticals, and stair steppers. Looking to reach even greater hydration goals? Try the Rotera 35oz or even 65oz.


If you want to keep hydrated with a straw tumbler, check out the Era. 100% leakproof when sealed (seriously, easily toss it in your gym bag) and designed to keep ice for 24+ hours, the Era has changed the straw tumbler game.

Both the 30oz and 40oz Eras feature a large, comfortable-carry handle, making it easy to take with you from one spot in the gym to the next. Plus, don’t sweat the cleaning process as all the tumblr components are dishwasher safe!

#5. Gym Towel

In the heat of an awesome workout, there is likely to be sweat. While some gyms provide guests with towels to use, others don’t, so we recommend bringing your own.

Packing your own gym towel offers the comfort of knowing how clean it is, what detergents were used and compatible with your skin, and help you stay sustainable with reusability versus opting for wasteful paper towels at the gym. Gym towels don’t have to be anything fancy – honestly, you could grab a hand towel from home and call it a day. If you’d rather have a designated gym towel, check out your local sporting goods store.

#6. Protein Snacks

Your body needs the amino acids protein provides to rebuild muscle and recover after a workout. The best time to do this? Within fifteen minutes of finishing your workout! Keeping snacks like nuts and protein bars on hand makes this easy. If you plan to leave your snacks in the car, be sure they are nonperishable and won’t melt or freeze depending on the weather you are facing.

#7. Yoga Mat

Even if you have no intention of doing yoga, a yoga mat can be a great resource to have at the gym. Depending on the flooring there, yoga mats can give your feet a better grip to help you maintain proper stances during workouts, which is critical for your workout success as improper stances can lead to injuries and inefficient workouts.

To top it off, bringing your personal yoga mat is far more hygienic than using a communal one and is great to have in case all other mats are being used.

#8. Gym Bag

Now that you have the gear you need, you’ll need something to carry it. Having a designated gym bag allows you to easily grab your workout gear without having to scramble. Be sure to choose a bag that is lightweight, fits your style, and is small enough or flexible enough to fit into a gym locker. Pro tip: if you are going to change between home and the gym, you might also want to look for a bag that has a separate space or an additional bag for your freshly sweat-in clothes!

#9. Foam Rollers

It may sound odd to bring a foam roller to a gym. After all, you’re there to work out, not recover, right? While that may be true, every great workout should include a cool-off time. Now, there’s no rule that says you have to roll at the gym, and some gyms even have foam rollers available, so the location for using this accessory is up to you. Rolling out tight knots can not only help enhance your range of motion post-workout, but can improve your recovery time! Designed to target different muscle groups – be sure to focus your foam roller on areas in need.

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