Alyssa Broussard | Feb 01, 2024

Is BrüMate’s BrüCrew Rewards Worth It? 4 Reasons You Should Join

Prepare to be rewarded! If you are a lover of all things BrüMate (or committed to one product, no judgment) you’ll be thrilled to know we offer recognition and rewards to our customers through our BrüCrew Rewards.

I’m sure you’re asking, is it worth it though?

Read more to learn how you can earn points, savings, and gain access to exclusive offers.

BrüCrew Rewards

Joining BrüCrew Rewards brings you nothing but benefits. There’s no cost to sign up (kind of makes this a no brainer, don’t you think?) and you’ll start earning points from the moment you sign up (100 to be exact) and for every purchase after. Points can then be redeemed for $$$ towards future purchases, so why not join?

Our rewards program is broken into 4 tiers based on how much you spend a year, and vary with unique perks: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

Earning points is easy – check out a few of the ways you can rack them up:

  • Refer a Friend: Earn 1000 points (that’s $10!) by referring us to your friends, loved ones, coworkers, etc.

  • Birthdays: We want to celebrate you. Depending on your tier (up to a $25 gift) for your birthday!

  • Purchase a Brü: It’s like a reward… for shopping. Literally. For every dollar spent, you’ll earn 5 points towards your next purchase!

  • Leave a Review: Love your purchase? Share how it’s made a difference in your day and earn points for doing so.

  • Tag Along on Socials: Did you know we have a VIP Facebook group? Joining our rockin’ FB community group lends you the inside scoop on upcoming releases, ability to connect with our founder, and is a great way to connect with others.  Plus,  following our Instagram earns you 50 points!

The BrüCrew Rewards Program: 4 Reasons to Join

At BrüMate, we believe in continuous improvement. With the help of our BrüCrew, we’ve evolved our rewards program to offer you a personalized experience with even more benefits and savings.

Before we get into the reasons to join, we have to tell our current members: your points are safe! All existing points will be seamlessly transferred to the new program without any loss.

Let’s dive into to the four reasons to join BrüCrew Rewards:

#1: Access to Exclusive Products + Giveaways

As part of the BrüCrew you’ll gain access to special giveaways and limited-edition product releases available only to members, and only redeemable with rewards points. Who doesn’t like free things and access to exclusive Brüs?

#2: Customized Rewards

We want you to have the rewards you want! We’ve added more choices for you including free shipping and birthday gifts.

#3: Spend More, Save More Earning

We love our customers and want it to show, which is why the more you spend, the more benefits you’ll unlock + be rewarded.

#4: It’s Literally Free

We’ve said it before but it really is worth mentioning again. There is no sign-up cost. No hidden fees. Nothing but rewards!

Is BrüMate Worth It?

100%. (Interesting, that’s how leakproof our tumblers are…)

Each BrüMate is feature-packed, making it rise above the others. When you choose BrüMate you choose:

Life Compatibility

Whether you are running around with littles, running in between meetings, or just doing life there is a BrüMate for you.

Our Brüs are designed to be:

  • 100% leakproof (no, seriously, go hold it upside down)

  • Triple-insulated to keep your favorite drinks at the temperature you want them

  • Cupholder friendly

  • On-trend, with a variety of patterns and colors to match your personal aesthetic

  • Versatile, with a variety of ways to use each tumbler/cooler based on your preference + activity

  • Feature-packed and best-in class, like one-of-a-kind coolers designed to enhance  every outing, and available in a variety of colors and sizes!


We put careful thought into the design of each of our Brüs. The majority of our lids are made from durable plastic with 50% recycled content. Our stainless steel straws decrease both your contact with plastic and the number of plastic straws disposed of each year. Plus, they’re dishwasher friendly (that’s just an added bonus).

Start Saving While You Sip – Join BrüCrew Rewards

We think it’s more than warranted to say that BrüMate is worth it, and joining BrüCrew Rewards only sweetens the deal. Start earning points and sign-up today!

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