Alyssa Broussard | Feb 21, 2024

Move Over Ordinary: How to Use the Müv 35oz Leakproof Travel Mug

Staying caffeinated or hydrated on the go can be a struggle, especially when dealing with hot beverages. Painful spills lead to pesky stains and leave you wondering if you should’ve hit the drive-thru instead. The downside? You still risk spills and have to deal with plastic cups.

This is where insulated mugs come in handy. If you were a fan of the OG Toddy XL mug, you already know how convenient taking a large-capacity mug on the go is. Let us introduce the Müv, which elevates that experience tenfold.

What Is the Müv Mug?

The Müv insulated mug is a large-capacity tumbler equipped with a handle. It’s 100% leakproof for hot, cold, and carbonated beverages with ice keeping each sip safe, sealed, and ready to enjoy!

Sick of trying to figure out how to get ice into your favorite mug? The Müv’s wide mouth and 35oz capacity are designed for easy fills and plenty of room, leaving you with nothing left to worry about besides which drink you’ll choose each day.

Our easy-locking lid (made from sustainable materials) is designed to be left and right-hand friendly with eight different sipping positions. Gone are the days of having to screw on the lid multiple times until you find the right alignment.

Doubling down on both style and function, Müv is available in a handful of on-trend prints + colors and is fitted with a color-matched silicone sleeve + large comfort grip handle. Did we mention most finishes are dishwasher-safe?

How Do I Use the Müv Mug?

Mastering the art of 100% leakproof sips is a breeze. With the Müv, you’ll use our BevLock™ and OctaLock™ designs. Let’s take a closer look at just how easy they are.

BevLock™ Lid

Using the Müv is simple – as it should be. To open our BevLock™ lid, push the lock back into the unlocked position. You’ll know it’s unlocked when you see the unlock icon. Now, push the MagFlip™ lid up and over, letting the magnet secure to the back.

To close your lid, close the MagFlip lid then push the slide lock forward until you hear a click. Once you hear a click and see the locked icon, your insulated mug is 100% leakproof. Hold it upside down, throw it in a bag, whatever you need to do.


The OctaLock™ gives the Müv its 8 sipping positions. To choose a position, line up the flip lid with 1 of the 8 grooves. Once you’ve lined up the lid, turn it slightly to the right and push it down until it is flush with the top of the mug. To finish, turn the lid a smidge to the left until it doesn’t turn anymore.

When to Use the Müv Mug

The Müv is the ideal sipping companion, even on your busiest days. Whether you’re enjoying a hot tea or iced coffee, this mug will keep your drink at the perfect temp, leaving you to sip at your leisure. Below are just a few ways we love to use the Müv.

Walks With the Fam

Whether you’re heading to the park or taking your fur babies for a stroll, you can bring your Müv along for the ride. Its swappable, silicone sleeve helps protect it from unexpected drops, leaving you with a ding-less insulated mug.

The Müv’s comfort grip handle is designed to keep it easy to hold, giving you a better grip while juggling all the things. If you’re still worried about drops, lock your lid and toss it in your bag. Your sips will be waiting for you when you reach your destination.


Trying to keep caffeinated on heavy commuting days is one of life’s great pains. The Müv’s cupholder-friendly design eliminates the need for traveling with an open coffee cup and lets you focus on reaching your destination.

With 24+ hour cold retention and 6+ hours hot, you’ll happily find your sips at your preferred temperature.

Outdoor Adventures

Whether you’re heading out for a hike or enjoying a day on the water, the Müv has you covered. Its large capacity helps keep you from needing constant refills while retaining your favorite temp. Plus, it eliminates the need for single-use plastics (hello, sustainability).

You won’t get tired of carrying this insulated mug around, thanks to our comfort grip handle.

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