Brenna Miles | Sep 21, 2023

Do Can Coolers Work? (Plus, When to Use Them)

There’s nothing like a chilly beverage to keep you refreshed. Can coolers (you may know them as “koozies”) are often used in an effort to keep cans cold as you sip. But do can coolers really work?

Here, we solve the mystery once and for all by diving into the “why” and “how” behind can coolers. Plus, we’ll share some of our favorite can coolers and times to use them.

Table of Contents

  • Do Can Coolers Work?

  • When to Use a Can Cooler: 5 Perfect Moments

  • 6 Can Coolers to Add to Your Collection

Do Can Coolers Work?

You better believe it! Can coolers are an excellent way to keep your drinks cold for hours on end. However, not all can coolers are created equal.

The foam or neoprene sleeves you’re used to (“koozies”) might keep your cans cool for a little while. But here at BrüMate, we know the best can coolers are made using triple-insulated stainless steel.

So, how do stainless steel can coolers keep your drinks cold? Foam can coolers simply prevent condensation from occurring on the outside of your can, which reduces heat. Stainless steel can coolers do this too, but they also use insulation to keep heat from transferring to your can.

As a result, your can stays cold for longer. Cool, right? In fact, BrüMate can coolers are known to keep cans 20 times cooler than standard foam options.

Don't just take it from us; with hundreds of thousands of five-star reviews, check out what one customer had to say about BrüMate's can coolers:

"Use it all the time! Sometimes you just want to sip on a drink and it gets warm way too fast. Classic issue for cans. This fixes that and it stays as cold as it was from the fridge for several hours at least. —Rachell S.

When to Use a Can Cooler: 5 Perfect Moments

Can coolers are the perfect companions for any adventure that requires ice-cold drinks. Whether you’re hanging out with friends or relaxing while watching Netflix, a can cooler is an absolute must-have.

#1. When Enjoying Your Favorite Sports

Sporting events aren’t complete with cold beverages. We love using our can coolers while tailgating or when snacking on nachos on the couch while watching the big game. Diehard fan? Take your can cooler to the next level by personalizing it in your sports team color with sports icons, special text, and more.

#2. When Hanging Out Outdoors

Hanging out at the pool? Hosting your friends for a backyard BBQ? Relaxing around a campfire? These are all great times to break out your favorite can cooler. No matter how hot it gets, your cooler will keep your drink chilly and your hand cool until the party’s over.

#3. When Taking In a Music Festival or Concert

Music festivals and concerts can heat up fast. Can coolers keep your favorite canned drinks cold, so you never miss a beat. Plus, some can coolers (such as those from BrüMate) alleviate any condensation from forming on the outside, so your hands can stay dry and you can keep dancing the night away.

#4. When Spending Time With Friends

When spending time with your best buds, your focus should be on soaking up every moment, not constantly switching out a warm drink. Can coolers keep your drink at the perfect temp, so you can spend more time laughing at inside jokes.

#5. When Relaxing at Home

Planning a relaxing day or night in? Grab your favorite popcorn or snack and your can cooler. As you binge-watch that new Netflix series or take in a favorite movie, your can cooler will keep your drink perfectly chilled until the last drop.

6 Can Coolers to Add to Your Collection

Looking for a triple-insulated can cooler to add to your collection? You’re in luck! Here are six of our favorites.

#1. The Slim

The Hopsulator Slim is the original can cooler for 12oz slim cans. Using the Push-Lock™ technology, you simply insert your can and push to lock it in place. Voilà! Looking for a can cooler for slim 8oz cans? We have an adapter for that.

You can also grab the Slim lid to convert your can cooler into a leakproof tumbler, perfect for hot or cold drinks.

#2. The Duo

The 2-in-1 Hopsulator Duo features a can cooler built for your favorite 12oz cans as well as a leakproof BevLock™ lid. When you’re done with your can, you can use the lid to transform the cooler into a tumbler. Because why not do both?

Just like the Slim, inserting or removing cans when using the Duo couldn’t be easier. Just push the can in! The Duo also features a non-slip base to help prevent nasty spills.

#3. The Trio

The Hopsulator Trio is a fan favorite, loved for its 3-in-1 functionality. The Trio will fit 16oz cans and comes with a freezable adapter to fit your favorite 12oz cans - perfect for keeping your can + each refill can ice cold. Plus, it comes with our BevLock™ lid, so you can turn your cooler into an insulated tumbler.

#4. The Bott’l

Think your favorite drinks taste better in glass bottles? Then the Hopsulator Bott’l is for you! This can cooler fits all standard 12oz bottles and keeps them cool for hours. Plus, it features our Push-Lock™ technology, so there’s no need to unscrew the gasket to insert or remove your bottles.

The Bott’l is also completely cupholder-friendly and features our non-slip base to protect your bottles from spills and cracks.

#5. The Juggernaut

Fan of the big cans? If so, the Juggernaut is an excellent choice. This can cooler was made especially for 24/25oz cans. In fact, it’s the first and one of the only can coolers for this size of drink! It also boasts all the great features our other can coolers do, so you know your can is in good hands.

#6. The Twist

No, we didn’t forget about those 16oz aluminum cans. The Hopsulator Twist was made to fit these cans perfectly. This can cooler completely prevents condensation from forming on the outside of your can, so your hand can stay cool and dry. Plus, all you need to do is push to insert or remove your favorite drinks.

Find the Perfect Can Cooler for You With BrüMate

Keep your fave drinks chilled wherever life takes you with top-rated BrüMate can coolers. We offer a wide range of colors and designs to fit your lifestyle. Check out our collection of can coolers today to find one to fit you!

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