Alyssa Broussard | Oct 19, 2023

BrüMate Straw Tumblers vs. Dupes: Key Differences

Tumbler dupes are super popular right now. Everyone wants to find the next best deal for a comparable product. While we love a good dupe as much as anyone, there are just some things that you can’t dupe: our Era straw tumblers being one of them! Seriously though, we revolutionized straw tumblers as we know and don’t want you to sacrifice quality and peace of mind when purchasing something you are going to use daily.

We don’t expect you to just take our word for it, so, let’s talk through all of the key factors that make our straw tumblers stand out among the rest.

What Makes the Era Straw Tumbler Stand Out?

Innovation that blows the competition out of the water is just what we do. Say goodbye to leaky, bulky straw tumblers and “hello” to a new era, with BrüMate’s Era straw tumbler. Ready to see how it measures up?

100% Leakproof. Seriously.

BrüMate: Our Ü-Turn™ Lid is the key to the Era’s ability to be 100% leakproof. Like the majority of our products, leakproof is just what we do. When Era is in the locked leakproof position you can have peace of mind and savor every sip of both cold and carbonated beverages…  like, hold it upside down, throw it in your bag, leakproof.

See it for yourself! Check out how Era's leakproof stacks up against the competition.

When you’re ready to sip again, all you have to do is align the mode indicator to the “sip” position. It really is that simple!

Dupes: Popular dupes of the Era claim to be spill-proof or splash-resistant, meaning nine times out of ten, you’re guaranteed to lose your liquid through spillage if it gets bumped, knocked, or thrown in your bag.

Cupholder Friendly

BrüMate: We firmly believe life is better when your drinkware is cupholder friendly, and made to take on the go. While we love the idea of everyone buckling their Era straw tumbler in for safety, there’s just something so much more practical about both 30oz and 40oz sizes being compatible with the vast majority of cupholders.

Dupes: As for the dupes? Many have not taken this idea into consideration, and offer tumblers that are too narrow or bulky, and overall anti-cupholder friendly. Drinks that fit in cupholders just make sense. Right?

Dishwasher Safe

BrüMate: Other than our Dark Aura and Onyx Leopard prints, all parts of the Era Straw Tumbler are top-rack dishwasher safe. The only step you have to remember is to 1) actually clean it and 2) remove the straw lid before placing it in the dishwasher.

Dupes: Sadly for them, most dupes are not dishwasher safe and require you to spend more time at your sink trying to clean your straw and tumbler.

Stainless Steel Straw

BrüMate: Speaking of straws, let’s talk about materials. Can we agree that we have enough plastic straws in the world?

Our integrated/removable stainless steel straw system helps reduce that number while also preventing you from drinking water that’s had plastic sitting in it all day.

Dupes: Most Era dupes have a plastic or silicone straw. Regardless of which you have, you have a higher chance of odd tastes being left behind as your drinks change, needing a replacement, damage from biting it (if that’s your thing) and unseemly things growing.

Unique Prints + Colors

BrüMate: When it comes to on-trend prints + colors that match your unique style, you can always count on us to deliver. Whether you like to stick to neutrals, stand out with vibrant hues, or turn heads with on-trend prints - we’ve got something for everyone!

Pro tip: keep a lookout for limited-edition drops/collaborations to grab Era in top trending prints + colors to add to your collection.

Dupes: As for the dupes... Unique, stylish options are either limited to choose from, can get discolored over time, or even chip off. Since you’ll have your hydration companion by your side for long periods of time, you’ll want to opt for an option that enhances your unique style and adds some flavor to your every day.

Size Options

BrüMate: With a 30oz and 40oz option, the Era Straw Tumbler allows you to choose what is best for your life! We know you need to get hydrated and energized but want you to have the freedom in deciding just how much. We wouldn’t want to steal any excuse to get up and refill your tumbler!

Dupes: Many dupes do not offer a 40oz option, requiring you to get up and refill your tumbler much more frequently. If you’re cool with that, we love that for you. We also understand how disruptive and honestly unmotivating this can be, though.

Just when you are getting in the flow at work or at the furthest point away from a water fountain at the grocery, you realize your tumbler is empty – again – and you either have to go without or trek over to fill it up.

BrüMate vs. Dupes: Which is Right for You?

We’ve spelled out all the differences for you between the Era and popular dupes. But, here’s the TL;DR:

The Era Straw Tumbler…

  • 100% leakproof, making it easy to throw in your bag and prevent inconvenient spills.

  • Travel friendly, with a cupholder friendly design.

  • Offers sustainable solutions like the integrated stainless steel straw and eliminating plastic waste.

  • Available in on-trend colors and patterns, with most being top-rack dishwasher safe.

    *mic drop

Sip Stress-Free With BrüMate's Era Straw Tumbler

BrüMate is dedicated to providing innovative products that enhance your everyday, and the Era straw tumbler will do just that. So, what are you waiting for? Snag the hottest straw tumbler on the block now!

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