Brenna Miles | Aug 24, 2023

Are Stainless Steel Water Bottles Safe?

Water bottles come in all shapes, sizes, and types, from glass to plastic and beyond. Here at BrüMate, we think stainless steel water bottles are the way to go. After all, they keep your ice-cold water chilly for hours on end.

Every so often we get the question: “Are stainless steel water bottles safe?” We’re here to set the record straight. In this guide, we give you all the deets about stainless steel water bottles and even share some of our faves.

Table of Contents

  • Are Stainless Steel Water Bottles Safe?

  • Stainless Steel Water Bottles: Pros and Cons

  • Stainless Steel vs. Plastic Water Bottles

  • 3 Must-Have Stainless Steel Water Bottles

Are Stainless Steel Water Bottles Safe?

Let’s just get straight to the point: yes, stainless steel water bottles are completely safe!

This is due to the material they’re made of: 304 (also known as 18/8) stainless steel, which is food grade.

This material is corrosion-resistant as it’s made from chromium and nickel. Due to this resistance, 304 stainless steel prevents harmful substances from “leaking” into your water - meaning you’re free to enjoy every last sip of your beverage of choice without worry.

Stainless Steel Water Bottles: Pros and Cons

Beyond being corrosion-resistant, stainless steel water bottles also have a ton of other benefits. Let’s dive into the pros and cons.

Pro: Insulation

Stainless steel water bottles are known for their ability to keep beverages hot or cold for hours. This is due to their insulating properties. For example, our triple-insulated Era water bottle will keep ice for over 24 hours. Incredible, right?

Although triple insulation is key, here’s a tip for retaining ice from our CEO and Founder, Dylan Jacob:

“For maximum ice retention, we recommend filling up your bottle or tumbler with 50% ice. If you put tap water into your bottle with a little bit of ice, that ice is going to spend all of its energy cooling the water and will melt much quicker. If you use 50% ice, it’ll cool the water down without melting and the insulation can then do its job properly.”

Pro: Durability & Sustainability

Stainless steel water bottles are incredibly durable, resisting wear and tear. Plus, they’re much more sustainable than other bottles, such as those made from plastic, as they last for years to come.

Did you know that each year the world uses 482 billion water bottles and only 10% are recycled? Don’t be that person—choose a stainless steel reusable bottle instead.

Pro: No Metallic Taste & 100% Leakproof

Contrary to popular belief, stainless steel bottles using 304 materials won’t leave a metallic taste in your mouth. And that’s a definite win! Plus, you can sip without worrying about spills as most stainless water bottles are vacuum sealed, making them completely leakproof.

Con: Weight

It’s true that stainless steel water bottles are often a bit heavier to carry than other types of water bottles. This is due to the thick insulation that keeps your beverages hot or cold.

The good news is, unless you’re planning on carrying a stainless steel water bottle in your hand on a cross-country hike, this is a super minor con.

Con: Price

Stainless steel bottles also tend to be more expensive than plastic bottles simply because of the quality material used to make them. We’re big fans of quality over quantity over here and believe you can’t go wrong with a product that lasts!

Stainless Steel vs. Plastic Water Bottles

Stainless steel and plastic are two of the most common water bottle types out there. But, there are a few key differences between them.

First, stainless steel is easier to keep clean than plastic water bottles. Due to being porous, plastic water bottles often retain smells and bacteria (ew). Stainless steel bottles don’t retain odors and are much easier to sanitize.

It’s also true that stainless steel bottles keep your drinks colder for longer thanks to the insulating properties of steel. And if you wish to enjoy a hot beverage from your bottle, you’ll need stainless steel as plastic just can’t withstand hot liquids.

“Insulated stainless steel will outperform uninsulated plastic every time. Only insulated stainless steel will retain temperatures for long periods of time. And if you’re referring to insulated plastic, insulated stainless steel still outperforms it in every way.”

— Dylan Jacob, CEO and Founder of BrüMate

How about that for a mic drop?

Finally, stainless steel is much more durable than plastic. For example, plastic bottles are prone to cracking, especially when dropped.

3 Must-Have Stainless Steel Water Bottles

Looking for a stainless steel water bottle to add to your collection? Knowing the many benefits of stainless steel, we don’t blame you. Let’s dive into three of our fan favorites.

#1. Era

The Era (40oz and 30oz) is our take on the straw tumbler. Completely leakproof and the first and only one of its kind, it’s made for stress-free sips wherever life takes you.

The Era is feature-packed and includes our innovative Ü-Turn™ lid making it 100% leakproof and easy for cleaning, ColdKey™ stainless steel removable straw so plastic isn’t sitting in your water all day, and BevGuard™ insulation for keeping ice for 24+ hours.

Plus, both sizes are completely cupholder-friendly and feature a handy-dandy comfort grip handle for easy carrying.

#2. Rotera

Does touching your straw give you the ick? We get it. That’s why we created the Rotera series. Available in four sizes, 15oz, 25oz, 35oz, and 65oz, these feature our innovative TwistSip™ technology. This means whether you’re at the gym, work, or elsewhere, all you have to do is twist the lid to access your straw.

Rotera will keep your drinks ice-cold for over 24 hours. Plus, it features optional accessories like a swappable silicone sleeve or a swappable band so you can mix and match colors and prints. It’s the perfect way to build a water bottle that fits your unique style and helps you stand out.

#3. MultiShaker

The MultiShaker is a 26-ounce shaker bottle with a built-in agitator that doubles as an infuser. It’s the perfect way to enjoy infused waters or seamlessly mix up an ice-cold protein shake or greens.

In true BrüMate fashion, the MultiShaker keeps your drink of choice cold for 24+ hours and is completely leakproof. So go ahead and toss it in your bag, head out the door, and do you.

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