Alyssa Broussard | Feb 21, 2024

5 Best Leakproof Tumblers for On-the-Go [Guide]

Finding the best leakproof tumbler is all the rage nowadays. We can’t deny it – there’s just something about finding the perfect tumbler, you know?

There's just something about not having to worry about pesky spills if it gets knocked over, having the ability to throw it in your bag, and overall just doing more on-the go- with peace of mind.

While the hype around leakproof tumblers tends to lean towards water bottles, did you know there are tumblers designed for pretty much any beverage? Coffee, water, spirits, you name it and there’s a tumbler for it.

Keep reading to explore our list of the 5 best leakproof tumblers. Don’t worry, we’ve included one for every beverage!

Choosing the Best Leakproof Tumbler

Before we dive into our leakproof tumbler faves, let’s chat about what features make the best tumblers the best.

100% Leakproof

We know. You're used to seeing "spill-proof"and "splash-proof" but that just isn't enough. We took it up a notch to deliver 100% leakproof drinkware so you can go about your day with confidence, no matter what you're doing.

Cupholder Friendly

Taking a tumbler on-the-go can traditionally be a pain. Whether it simply doesn’t fit in your car cup-holder, or has to be placed on the gym floor, not having cup-holder-friendly drinkware adds a layer of complication to your routine. Cup-holder friendly tumblers are designed to easily fit into these every day spots, simplifying your routine.


The material of your tumbler determines its longevity and your experience. Opting for stainless steel tumblers provides you with a durable, rust-resistant tumbler that doesn’t hold on to flavors or odors over time.

Easy to Clean

There are two factors that make a tumbler easy to clean: it’s mouth and dishwasher safety. Choosing a tumbler with a wide mouth makes cleaning a breeze, allowing sponges and brushes to easily go in and out. For days when life is just catching up to you, dishwasher safe tumblers take one thing off your plate.

Okay, enough about the features – let’s dive into the tumblers!

1. Era

Ringing in a new Era of straw tumblers, this feature-packed tumbler has everything you could want in a water bottle. Designed to be 100% leakproof (yes, seriously) and cupholder friendly, this tumbler is perfect for life on-the-go. Once you’ve turned your lid to the locked position, your worries about leaks are over!

The comfort grip handle makes taking your tumbler on the go that much easier. Did we mention the stainless steel straw? Say goodbye to plastic straws sitting in your water all day.

2. Togosa

If you’re looking for a tumbler for your favorite wine, look no further. As the world’s first 2-in-1 wine bottle chiller and leakproof pitcher (with a slip-proof base, no less), the Togosa delivers so much more.

The best part? It’s easy to use! Simply take off the chiller lid, pop in your favorite bottle and reattach the lid for stress-free chilling. When you’re ready to pour, switch to the 100% leakproof pitcher lid and pour ice-cold sips for 48+ hours.

3. MultiShaker

If prepping pre workout or protein shakes is a part of your daily routine, you’ve probably found yourself frustrated by the lack of blender balls in your cabinet. They always seem to go missing don’t they? Well, gone are the days of searching for your ever-missing blender balls.

The MultiShaker’s built-in patent-pending agitator stays with your shaker, seamlessly blending your favorite drinks, no matter how you choose to use it. Equipped with BevGuard™ insulation, your favorite beverages will keep their cool for 24+ hours, keeping your focus on crushing your next set.

4. Müv

Looking for a mug that can host your hot tea, iced coffee, or sparkling water? The Müv 35oz has you covered. That’s right, this versatile, 100% leakproof mug with a handle can hold whatever beverage your heart desires, and keep it at just the right temperature.

We know mugs can get dented and nicked with time, which is why we designed a built-in protective sleeve. Other features you might love? There are eight different sipping positions to customize your sipping preference, a wide mouth opening for easy sipping + filling, and a cup-holder friendly design for the cherry on top.

5. Hopsulator Trio

Imagine this: you’re at a barbecue or a party and wanting to slowly enjoy a can of your favorite beverage. Sure, it’s ice cold when you pull it from the cooler, but how long does that last? With the Hopsulator Trio, it’s hours!

This 3-in-1 can cooler and tumbler holds 16oz cans, 12oz cans (with a freezable adapter), and includes a BevLock™ lid converting it into a 100% leakproof tumbler. Using a tumbler has never been easier. For 16oz cans, you simply remove the adapter and push to insert your can. For 12oz cans, insert the adapter, then push in your can. No confusing mechanisms + no hassle!

Find Your New Favorite Leakproof Tumbler With BrüMate

When searching for the best leakproof tumbler, search no farther than BrüMate. With innovation that truly enhances your every day, there’s a perfect Brü for you. Check out our bestsellers today!