The BrüMate Pour Over

Everything you need to make the best pour over coffee.

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The BrüMate Pour Over

Everything you need to make the best pour over coffee.

Let’s Make the Perfect 12oz BrüMate Pour Over

Things You'll Need

BrüMate Pour Over, A Pour Over Filter, Grinder, Kettle, Whole Coffee Beans, Measuring Carafe, A Tbsp Measuring Spoon, and a Small Glass Bowl

The Pour Over includes 10 custom-fit filters, but if you run out you can stock up here.

1. Measure & Heat

Measure 12oz of cold, filtered water. Pour it into the kettle and heat to 205° Fahrenheit.

2. Weigh & Grind

Weigh roughly 21 grams (4tbsp, or 1/4 cup) of your favorite coffee and grind to a medium coarseness. If you don’t have a grinder, you can ask your local coffee shop to grind them for you.

3. Prepare The Filter

Place your filter inside the Nesting Cup and set it inside your BrüMate. Slowly pour a splash of hot water over the filter to wet and warm the housing. Discard the water from the Tumbler. This rinses out paper residue and helps warm everything up.

4. Add Grounds

Pour the coffee grinds into the filter. It will sink to the bottom of the Nesting Cup.

5. Bloom

Begin the bloom. Slowly pour the water in a steady spiral, working from the inside-out until the Nesting Cup is 3/4 full. Let the water sit for 45 seconds.

6. Pour

Continue pouring evenly in a circle, starting from the center and moving in an outward circular path until all of the water is gone. This may take a few additional minutes. After, simply discard the grounds and filter.

7. Enjoy

Remove the Nesting Cup. Twist on the 100% leakproof lid. Enjoy and bring the perfect cup of coffee with you anywhere.

Make the Perfect Pour Over in Any Size

WaterCoffee Grounds
8oz14g or 3Tbsp
12oz21g or 4Tbsp
16oz28g or 5Tbsp

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