Rachel McCoy | Nov 18, 2021

9 Best Winter Cocktails for Cold Weather

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Oh the weather outside is frightful, but inside it’s so delightful - as we sip on our tasty winter cocktails! Whether your winters are mild and sunny, or cold and dark, there’s nothing better than a delectable seasonal drink to stay warm. Need some winter cocktail ideas? Below is a non-exhaustive list of our favorite drinks to enjoy during the cold winter months. Keep reading to learn more! 


1. Classic Hot Toddy 

Hot Toddies are simple, delicious, and are guaranteed to warm your soul on the dreariest of days. These tasty hot drinks go perfectly as a post-dinner slow sipping concoction. 


Whether you enjoy your Hot Toddy over a card game with friends, or snuggled up in a blanket with your favorite show, this is a perfect go-to winter cocktail. These tasty drinks can also feel great on a pesky sore throat. 


To make a Hot Toddy you’ll need: 


  • Hot water 
  • 1.5 oz whiskey, rum, or bourbon
  • Honey to taste 
  • Lemon juice to taste
  • Lemon slices (optional) 
  • Cinnamon sticks (optional) 
  • Apple cider vinegar (optional)
  • Tea (optional) 


    It’s that easy! To keep your beverage fresh and warm, you can enjoy it in the BrüMate Toddy Tumbler. The Toddy is a 16 oz insulated mug, designed to be used for toddies, coffee, and everything in between. With special BevLock™ Technology, the mug’s lid is full leak-proof, which means you don’t have to worry about spills! 


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    2. Rumchata Hot Cocoa 

    Sometimes a mug of rich and creamy hot cocoa on a chilly day is just what the doctor ordered. To level up your chocolate beverage, add a shot of Rumchata! The cinnamon and vanilla flavors of Rumchata mix perfectly with a hot cocoa, making a great sweet drink to enjoy on a cold evening. 


    Here’s what you need for a tasty Rumchata Hot Cocoa:


    • 1.5 oz Rumchata 
    • 1 pack of hot cocoa mix 
    • Milk 
    • Whipped cream (optional) 
    • Marshmallows (optional)
    • Cinnamon & sprinkles (optional) 


      Heat your ingredients over the stove and voilà! Enjoy your cozy chocolatey drink with friends or while doing some self-care. Put on that facemask and stay sipping as the temperatures drop! 


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      3. Irish Coffee

      Turn your coffee nightcap Irish with a shot of Baileys Irish Cream for an added flavor and kick. Baileys is an Irish cream liqueur, flavored with cream, cocoa, and a touch of whiskey. If you like your coffee with cream and sugar, this is the drink for you! 


      For an Irish coffee you’ll need: 


      • Baileys Irish Cream 
      • Hot coffee (dark roast is traditional!)
      • Whipped cream (optional) 


        Need an extra boost? Enjoy your Irish Coffee in the BrüMate Toddy XL. This 32 oz tumbler has all the same capabilities as the regular Toddy, just larger! Whether you’re sippin’ solo, or enjoying your beverage around the bonfire, the Toddy XL will support you wherever you go. 


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        4. White Russian 

        If you’re a coffee lover and tired of the Baileys, try a White Russian instead! These cocktails are filled with a luxurious coffee and alcohol flavor. On a cool winter night, this is a great way to feel warm and fuzzy. 


        A White Russian includes: 


        • 2 oz vodka 
        • 1 oz Kahlúa 
        • Splash of heavy cream 


          Enjoy your White Russian cocktail in the BrüMate Rocks Tumbler. These handy cocktail tumblers can fit up to 12 ounces of your favorite beverage. Made with BrüMate’s signature anti-dilution technology, we can guarantee your cocktail will not go stale. And of course, this tumbler comes with the leak-proof lid to keep the contents of your tumbler safely secure. 


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          5. Hot Buttered Rum 

          If you need a little light during the dark winter days, a hot buttered rum is the drink for you. With a few key ingredients, this winter cocktail has incredible depth and flavor. From the array of spices to the rich flavor of dark rum, this drink will stay golden from the first sip to the last!


          Get started with these ingredients (see this recipe for the deets!): 


          • Brown sugar 
          • 1 stick of butter 
          • Vanilla extract 
          • Cinnamon
          • Ground cloves
          • Nutmeg
          • Allspice
          • Hot water
          • Dark rum 
          • Whipped cream (optional)
          • Cinnamon sticks or cloves (optional)


            To ensure your buttered rum stays hot all night long, use the BrüMate Imperial Pint tumbler! This versatile 20 oz tumbler can not only maintain your drink’s ideal temperature, but it also doubles as a cocktail shaker, pint glass, or cocktail glass! If you’re looking for a new tumbler to add to your collection, this is a great place to start. 


            6. Boozy Butterbeer

            To all the Harry Potter fans, this one’s for you. Bring the holiday season at Hogwarts to life with a tasty alcoholic butterbeer. Even if you aren’t experienced in the world of wizardry, this butterscotch drink is irresistible, and something you’ll definitely want to try out this winter! 


            For a Boozy Butterbeer you’ll need: 


            • Cream soda 
            • Vanilla-flavored vodka
            • Butterscotch Schnapps
            • Whipped cream
            • Butterscotch syrup (optional) 


            Check out these butterbeer recipes for more inspiration! 


            7. Cranberry Mule

            A Moscow mule is refreshing, tangy, and the perfect way to feel warm and fuzzy during the winter. To level up your mule for the winter season, add cranberry juice cocktail and frozen cranberries for a kick of sweetness! This beverage is great for the holiday season, and goes well with any of your go-to dishes to share with friends and family. 

            Spice up your cranberry mule with these ingredients: 


            • Ginger beer
            • Cranberry juice cocktail
            • Dark rum or vodka, depending on what you like!
            • Fresh lime slices
            • Ice 
            • Cranberries for garnish


              8. Winter Sangria 

              Nothing says cozy like a glass of spiced winter sangria, and it’s quite simple to DIY! Take your favorite glass of red wine to the next level by making some at-home sangria to enjoy by the fireplace.  


              For your winter sangria you’ll need: 


              • 1 bottle of red wine 
              • Oranges
              • 1 oz Brandy
              • Apples
              • Pears
              • Sugar
              • Cinnamon sticks
              • Peppercorns
              • Cloves


                If you’re planning a winter gathering with your friends, this is a great beverage to prepare for the group! To keep your drink fresh while sipping, you can use the BrüMate Uncork’d tumbler. The Uncork’d can fit up to 14 oz (or over half a bottle!) of your favorite wine. The signature BevGuard™ technology ensures that your drink will stay at the perfect temperature from the first sip to the last. Plus, no need to worry about spilled red wine with the fully leak proof locking lid and magnetic closure. 


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                9. Adult Eggnog

                It’s the holiday season, which means the cartons of eggnog are back on the shelves at your favorite local grocery store. Want to spice up your sweet and creamy holiday beverage? Spike your ‘nog with brandy, rum, or even bourbon to create a rich, deep flavor. 


                Here’s what you’ll need to booze up your eggnog: 


                • 1 oz liquor (to accentuate the eggnog’s flavors, stick to rum or brandy!)
                • Nutmeg 
                • Cinnamon sticks (optional) 


                  This drink is irresistibly sweet, a little spicy, with the perfect amount of alcohol to stay warm on a cold winter night. Just one sip will feel like you’re wrapped in a soft blanket. Need we say less? 


                  Cozy In With BrüMate!

                  Grab your cocktails, clothing layers, and blankets, it’s time to enjoy the first snowfall. Need some more winter inspiration? Visit our gift guides and best sellers to find a tumbler that will support you all year long.