Wade Cothran | Mar 15, 2021

7 Wine Accessories You Didn't Know You Needed

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When it comes to enjoying your favorite glass of red or white wine, you know your experience is more than just the glass you sip out of. Aeration, temperature and even the vessel you serve it in can make all the difference. But it’s possible to make the experience even better — all you need are the right accessories to help. 

Let’s take a look at a few wine accessories you didn’t even know you needed to take your wine experience to the next level.

Here’s a peek at our list of top picks: 

Accessories for Every Wine Drinker

Whether you enjoy boxed wine or reach for top-shelf options, there are accessories for every type of connoisseur. From specially designed tumblers to durable straws to pouring attachments and beyond, wine accessories can help elevate the taste and overall wine-drinking experience. If you're interested in elevating your wine-sipping experience, there’s something that’s sure to catch your interest as a fellow wine enthusiast. And, as we move from winter to summer, you’ll see that these accessories are particularly useful year-round thanks to their versatility and temperature control.

Wine Gift Sets




Whether for yourself or the wine-lover in your life, a gift set is sure to check most of the boxes on convenience and function. Check out BrüMate’s insulated wine travel sets to bring your favorite beverages along for the tip. With this gift set, you get one Winesulator and two 14oz Uncork’d insulated XL tumblers that go anywhere, are spill-free and keep your wine perfectly chilled for more than 24 hours. Wherever your journeys take you, be it a beach-side vacation or a late-winter cabin getaway, BrüMate accessories will become essential for those leading an active lifestyle.

Winesulator Infinity - Insulated Wine Bottle + Straw




Great for groups — or keep it all to yourself (we don’t judge!) — with a Winesulator Infinity set, you’re ready for a full day of easy sipping. The container fits an entire bottle of your favorite wine while keeping it at the perfect temperature for hours on end. To enjoy your favorite refreshing rosé or crisp white in style, complete the set with a twist-on straw, specially designed for enjoying wine when at the pool or a bottomless attachment that transforms it into the perfect tumbler for nights around the bonfire.

Bottomless Winesulator Attachment




Although we’re not above drinking straight from the bottle, this wine accessory will help keep things classy. The Winesulator is one of our most popular accessories for enjoying reds, whites, and rosés, and with the twist-on UNWINE’D attachment, your Winesulator now becomes a bottomless wine tumbler. Pour an entire bottle of wine into the Winesulator and the attachable tumbler gives you a more comfortable sipping experience.

Champagne Flute




If you’re more of a fan of the bubbly, make sure your champagne stays—well—bubbly, with the BrüMate Champagne Flute. No matter where you go, be it an outdoor wedding, camping, or even just enjoying an evening on your porch, this flute is a great alternative to a traditional champagne flute, because it will never go warm or flat. Plus, its flip-top lid makes sipping as easy as it can be, while its extended size fits double the amount of a traditional glass flute. Simply put, you get to enjoy more while having to worry about refilling less.

Uncork’d XL Wine Tumbler




If the Winesulator is too large and the Champagne Flute isn’t quite enough capacity, the Uncork’d XL is the perfect compromise. Holding a little more than half-a-bottle of wine, a 14oz insulated tumbler that is perfect for any glass-free zone. And with BevGuard technology, your wine stays chilled so it will never go bad as you’re busy living in the moment. This insulated tumbler is perfect if you’re splitting a bottle with friends while enjoying an afternoon on the boat, out and about during a hike, or relaxing in a park.

Infinity Wine Straw




Does sipping wine out of a straw seem beneath you? It shouldn’t — and won’t be, when you try the Infinity Wine Straw. This is the perfect accessory if you already own your own Winesulator. It gives you all the convenience of the Winesulator Infinity gift set, without getting a whole new insulated wine bottle. (Although we certainly won’t stop you, if you need another!)

This is the only straw that fits our Winesulator (look for the compatible V2.0 Winesulator), complete with a threaded attachment for the ideal fit. It’s exactly what you need to keep drinking simple when you’re lounging at the pool, out on a picnic date, or indulging in a little après-ski after a snow day on the slopes.

Wine Pouring Funnel




It can be a pain trying to transfer your wine (especially your favorite reds!) to another drinking contraption or serving vessel, but with BrüMate’s Pouring Funnel, it’s never been easier. Use this little device to ensure there’s no mess left behind after pouring your wine into a tumbler, insulated glass, or flask. This means less time spent cleaning up and more time spent sipping on your favorite drink!

Elevate Your Drinking Experience

Now that you know more about the types of wine accessories available, you can make the right choice as to which options will best elevate your drinking experience. Whether it’s a straw that makes sipping easy, a funnel that leaves no mess, or a certain cup style that keeps your beverage perfectly chilled, reach for any one of these wine accessories and drink happy. 

If you’re searching for an elevated experience, BrüMate wine accessories make great gifts for yourself and others. With many types of useful products — from all types of insulated tumblers and flutes to specialized add-ons and attachments, you’ll be able to find something that suits your preferences.

And if you’re still looking for gift ideas, be sure to check out our custom gift sets, perfect for that tricky person to shop for. Choose from liquor glasses to beer growlers to MargTinis and make your present extra special this year.