Wade Cothran | Sep 28, 2020

What Your Favorite Whiskey Says About You

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So, you’re a whiskey fan. AKA we already know you’re a pretty great person. Because we already know that whiskey drinkers tell the best stories, hold the best conversations, and never fail to exude a sense of timeless charm and distinction. Right?

But there are so many kinds of whiskey! Uncountable variations, flavors, aromas, and styles. Just like the people who drink it. Coincidence? We think not! Our theory? The whiskey type you like is directly correlated with your distinct personality. And guess what? Science has our back. Several recent studies into the habits and preferences of whiskey drinkers worldwide have resulted in some highly fascinating conclusions… So what whiskey are you? 


Are You The Scotch Single Malt Drinker?



First, Scotch Single Malt whiskey - whether from the ancient and peat-driven distilleries of Speyside or some wind-blasted hill on the Highlands - is the unchallenged king of the whiskey world. While not technically the oldest (that honor goes to Ireland), Scotch is the whiskey that maintains the strongest sense of tradition, history, and finesse, and the one that most influences in the rest of the world. 

As a Scotch Single Malt drinker, you are the type of person who prefers the finer things in life. You understand that the devil is in the details. You are sophisticated and in possession of a refined and rarefied palate. You have great style, appreciate luxury, and you take your time. It’s not uncommon for you to leisure over a 2 or 3-hour dinner, rather than the clubs. That’s not to say that Scotch drinkers are wholly reserved or conservative, however. You love a good laugh and seek out scintillating conversation. 

Are You The Irish Whiskey Fan?



Okay, so Scotch has the heritage, the prestige, and the distinction. But Ireland is the home of the oldest, and possibly proudest, whiskey tradition. Irish whiskey has a bit of a shaky history and only really regained popularity and prestige recently. Today, Irish whiskey is riding high on waves of renewed enthusiasm, and there’s no doubt that there are some truly phenomenal bottles coming out of the Emerald Isle’s historic and modern distilleries. 

Irish Whiskey fans are an intriguing bunch. You’re certainly unafraid of risk-taking and are happy to learn from your mistakes. You are willing to put your neck on the line and seek out the good stuff. No risk, no reward, right? Because of all your adventures (and misadventures!), you’re a great storyteller. You’re always up for lengthy and rambling conversations. With your fearless spirit, it’s not uncommon to see you striking out on the dance floor, or calling for, “Just one more round!” Because you love a good time and know that the best nights make some of the best memories! 

Are You The Bourbon Enthusiast?



Bourbon whiskey has its roots in Irish whiskey but has since become an American icon. 

There’s really nothing else like it in the world today. Made according to carefully protected legal designations, and aged in charred white oak casks, Bourbon is an incredible expression of American tradition, national pride.

Bourbon fans are direct individuals, with no time for messing around. You know exactly what you like, what you want, and you aren’t sorry about it. Nope! In the words of Arianna Grande, “I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it”. But that does not mean you’re high-strung, but any means. On the contrary. You are a laid back person and opt for the path of leisure. You’re a laid-back person who’s just as comfortable drinking a chilled cocktail on the porch as you are hitting the dance floor. 

Are You The Rye Whiskey Aficionado?



Rye whiskey is the complex, spicy, and approachable cousin of Bourbon. It’s popular in Canada and New York, where its distinctive peppery flavor warms up its drinkers. Rye Whiskey has made a real comeback in recent years, with craft spirit fans, and hipsters. It’s more present and available than maybe ever before in trendy bars worldwide, which can only be a good thing!

Rye whiskey drinkers tend to be a discerning and hip bunch. You love to stay ahead of the curve and on top of the latest trends. iPhone 33? You had it weeks ago. Avocado? So yesterday. Durian is in these days. You don’t follow influencers, because you’re an influencer in your own right. Nobody is telling you how to live your life. You’re a regular at the coolest bars, but also have an impressive home bar packed with craft-made bottles. Because you love mixing classic cocktails for your friends. Everyone knows you can make the perfect Old Fashioned! 

Are You The Japanese Whiskey Adventurer?



Without a shadow of a doubt, Japan has truly taken the whiskey world by storm. Japanese whiskies have hit the headlines lately, with certain labels commanding so much popularity, distilleries have been forced to put sales on hold for the foreseeable future, in order to avoid a devastating whiskey draught. Taking their cues from the finest Scotch Single Malts - and typically distilled twice, malted, and peated - they never fail to fascinate the senses. 

So, what are Japanese whiskey lovers like? Well, you tend to be equally discerning and adventurous, and you’re the type of person who knows exactly what they like. You never make compromises when it comes to searching for perfection. You are cultured and curious about the world around you. But you can also be enigmatic and secretive, which makes you an absolutely fascinating person to get to know. You’re a perfect person to drink with because you won’t dominate the conversation. But a few drinks in might just be the best - or only - way someone will really get to know you.

Did we get it right? Let us know in the comments. But regardless, whether you’re the kind of whiskey fan who sticks to what they like best, or the type of person who never turns down the opportunity to explore… we salute you! Just don’t forget to take your whiskey drinking experiences to new heights with a brand-new BrüMate Nos'r glass, and make an impact with every sip!