Rachel McCoy | Dec 03, 2021

Best Tumbler Gift Sets for the Holiday Season

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The holiday season is in full swing and BrüMate is here to help you find the perfect gift for each of your loved ones. We offer a wide variety of gift options, with tumbler gift sets for every occasion. Our gift sets are an excellent choice for wine, beer and cocktail lovers alike, and will keep your drinks at just the right temperature wherever you go. Read up on the exciting tumbler gift sets that BrüMate has to offer!


Gift Set for Wine Lovers 

gold leopard wine gift set.

BrüMate’s wine tumbler gift set is an excellent choice for any wine lover, whether they’re drinking cabernet on the back patio or rosé on the beach. This tumbler gift set is customizable, allowing you to pick just the right combination of insulated wine holders and canteens. Each set comes with your choice of two Uncork’d MÜV 14oz wine tumblers and a Winesulator 25oz wine canteen. Have a loved one that likes everything to match? We also offer pre-built wine gift sets in a wide variety of colors to fit any taste. 

Our wine tumblers hold over ½ a bottle of wine, include a leak-proof lid and keep your drink at the temperature of your choosing. If you’re sipping on the go, the Winesulator serves as a great accompaniment for storing larger quantities. This wine canteen is glass-free zone friendly and also features a leak-proof cap to prevent spills.


Gift Set for Beer Lovers

Cold weather shouldn’t have to stop you from enjoying a cold beer. BrüMate’s customizable Growl’r gift set has options for every beer lover. Choose two 20oz Imperial Pints from a selection of seven different colors, along with one 64oz Growl’r

Our Growl’rs come in nine stylish colors and are the ideal container for your favorite beer or cocktail. They are great for filling up at your local brewery and will keep drinks cool and carbonated for up to 48 hours. 

Imperial pints can control a wide range of temperatures, keeping drinks hot for 4 hours and cool for 12 - all without condensation! Whether you like your drinks hot or cold, Imperial Pints and Growl’rs will keep them that way.


Gift Set for Martini Lovers 

cocktail tumbler gift set.

Love martinis? Love margaritas? Look no further than the BrüMate customizable Margtini gift set! Select two Margtini tumblers from a selection of eight colors, and then pick your shaker pint to finish off the perfect set. The Margtini tumbler keeps your drink ice-cold with no metallic taste and features a slim rim, designed for salt and garnishes. Like many other BrüMate products, this tumbler prevents condensation and comes with a splash-proof lid. 

But what’s a delectable martini without a good shaker? BrüMate shakers are both spill and shatter proof, and function as both a shaker and a tumbler! Made with our unique design, it’s the ideal tool to fashion a drink suitable for family and friends. Plus, the shaker pint comes with a lid for our Imperial Pint! Mix up your cocktail and sip straight from the shaker with this versatile tumbler. 

Gift Set for Cocktail Lovers 

You haven’t had eggnog until you’ve tried it in a BrüMate Rocks tumbler. The Rocks Tumbler gift set is great for holiday cocktails, but this gift goes great with every season. Whoever you choose to receive this Christmas gift set can enjoy mojitos in the summer or an old-fashioned in the fall, all in a Rocks tumbler fit to their taste. 

Choose two 12oz Rocks MÜV tumblers and finish off the set with a Fifth 25oz liquor canteen. This stainless steel liquor canteen uses our signature BevGuard™ technology to keep your drink cool for 24 hours without altering the taste. The cap also functions as a shot glass, perfect for measuring out your beverages. Don’t need a Fifth? Build your own gift set by adding two Rocks tumblers and a Shaker Pint instead! 


Find the Perfect Gift With BrüMate 

wine tumbler set.

If you’re looking for a customized gift set for family or friends, you’ve come to the right place. The BrüMate tumbler gift sets will make your holiday a special one and offer a singular drinking experience - wherever you are, whatever your drink. If you still need gift ideas or want to look at some of our other great products, check out our best sellers to learn more!