Wade Cothran | Aug 18, 2021

8 Things To Do With Your Dog on a Hot Summer Day

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8 Things To Do With Your Dog on a Hot Summer Day

Ahhh summer! The perfect time to kick back, relax, and bask in the warm sunshine. There’s nothing quite like those long July nights and hot August afternoons… At least until you remember just how hot the dog days of summer can actually be. 

If you’re finding yourself stuck on what to do with your pup on these hot summer days, never fear, because BrüMate is an expert in all things chill. Chill activities, chill hangs, and certainly, chilled drinks. So kick back and relax. We have 8 great ideas for what to do with your dog on a hot day. 

Use this list to navigate the guide: 

  • Take a Hike
  • Hang Out at the Pool
  • Hit up a Dog-Friendly Winery
  • Go to a Drive-In Movie
  • Try a Local Brewery 
  • Get Some Ice Cream! 
  • Go on a Picnic

1. Take a Hike

If there’s something a pup likes more than a walk, well, it’s news to us! Break up your normal walk routine, and get out in nature. Hiking is a great way to explore new parts of your city and challenge both yourself and your dog. Just make sure you bring plenty of water for the pair of you. Try BrüMate’s Rehydration bottle to keep 25oz of water chilled at the perfect temperature for hours. Since 25 oz is enough to share for two, pack along your portable dog bowl to keep your pup hydrated too!

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woman with dog on a mountain.


2. Hang Out at the Pool or Lake

Next time you go to the lake or hang at a pal’s pool, consider bringing your pup along. You both can cool off in the refreshing water. Some dogs enjoy fetching ropes, frisbees, or balls thrown into the pool, and others will just like paddling around. Either way, Fido stays cool, and you have the chance to kick back and enjoy an icy beverage and pretend you’re on a beach vacation. 

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woman with dog on a boat.


3. Hit up a Dog-Friendly Winery

We’re not suggesting you head out to Napa and go wine tasting with your dog in tow. Chateau Montelena probably doesn’t want your pup traipsing through their vines. But a lot of smaller local wineries are starting to welcome dogs. What better way to enjoy summer than sitting out on a patio, sipping a selection of fine wines, while your dog sneaks a few ankle kisses under the table. 

If you want to take a nice, chilled white or rose home with you, consider packing it in your own Winesulator, and keep it cold the entire ride home. 

4. Try Paddle Boarding or Kayaking

Nothing is cuter than seeing a human and their puppo paddling across a lake or down the river together. Paddleboarding, kayaking, and canoeing are all pretty dog-friendly sports and give the dog a chance to cool off in the water. Just make sure both you and your dog are wearing life jackets, and then set off for your summer adventure on the high seas. 

5. Go to a Drive-In Movie

Sure, your dog can’t go into the movie theater. But drive-in? No problem! Summer is the perfect time to go for a drive with your dog and end the night by catching the latest flick together. Puppy cuddles, a movie outing, vintage summer Grease vibes, and AC. Could it get any better? Popcorn. Popcorn would make it even better. 

6. Try a Local Brewery 

Okay, so the winery idea wasn’t your thing. But breweries are a dog lover’s dream! These days craft breweries are basically bars with outdoor areas, where you can bring your kids and dog. Most of them have dog dishes set out so your pup can stay hydrated. And you can easily bring your favorite brew home in your BrüMate Growl’r, so you can keep the party going strong, well after the last call. 


woman with dogs and drinks.


7. Get Some Ice Cream! 

Nothing is more summer than ice cream! Ice cream is a favorite human treat, but a lot of scoop shops have started offering doggie ice cream treats too. Purina’s Frosty Paws’ is a favorite for at-home snacking. Ben and Jerry’s also has two new dog ice creams: Pontch's Mix, peanut butter and pretzel flavored, and Rose’s Batch, pumpkin-flavored. Or if you’re feeling really adventurous, try making your own dog ice cream


8. Go on a Picnic 

Picnicking is a summer staple, and having a well-behaved pup in tow makes it all the better. Grab a basket (or let’s be honest, in this day and age, a cooler), a blanket, a bottle of wine, a few Uncork’d wine tumblers, some cheese, a baguette… Maybe we’re just describing being French... Regardless. Bring your dog along, and spend the afternoon dining, cloud gazing, and playing a healthy game of fetch. 


dog licking a beer can in a truck.


Don’t Let the Dog-Days of Summer Get You Down!

So don’t let the heat get to you! There are so many fun activities and outings to try with your dog yet this summer. And make sure you keep all your activities hydrated (or dehydrated!) with BrüMate’s full line of stylish tumblers. Try one of our favorite poolside cocktails, and shop for your next summer “treat-yourself” today.