Skye Sonnega | May 03, 2022

19 Restful and Fun Staycation Ideas

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With the world in a constant state of back and forth travel restrictions, it's hard to know when or even how to plan your next vacation - or if you’ll even get to go. When you can’t travel the world, ditch the FOMO and plan out your very own at-home vacay, or better yet, staycay.


So why are vacations so important? All of us experience burnout one way or another, even the busiest of bees. Feeling physically, emotionally, or mentally fatigued, having a lack of motivation, or decreased satisfaction of accomplishments could be signs of burnout. 


Taking vacation time is so important for your well being and helps to improve mindfulness, heart health, reduce stress, boost brainpower, and improve sleep to name a few.


Studies have shown that regardless of where you go - whether it’s taking that fancy trip to Italy or staying within your own home - taking time off contributes to an overall better well being than those who never take it. Keep reading for ideas on how you can get your staycation plans started!


Indoor vacation at home ideas

When you can’t leave the house, don’t fret! Bring the vacation to your own doorstep by creating your own at-home experiences that are both covid friendly and cost effective. Here’s a few ideas to get you started on turning your home into a night to remember:


1. Create your own all-inclusive resort and spa

woman sitting on the edge of a pool

Break out the candles, diffusers, or incense sticks to create an aromatic atmosphere all around your house. Try setting up different sections in your house, patio, or yard to give it that resort-feel.


Turn on some calming music, follow a yoga tutorial, set up a pedi/mani station, or even lounge around the pool or crackling fireplace. If you’re with a partner, grab some warm towels and either a massage gun or your own muscles and give each other a much-needed body massage.


2. Movie night

Create a drive-in movie experience in your own backyard! Set up some comfortable seating such as a couch or patio furniture - even a blanket and pillows will do - and recreate a night at the movies. Use a projector for an elevated viewing party outside or use a blank wall indoors.


A great way to step up movie night is to give it a theme such as a multi-movie series marathon or creating a watch party complete with themed snacks and drinks.


Don’t forget to serve in your Winesulator that will keep your wine at the perfect temperature without having to get up! It’s glass free, fit for outside, and holds a full bottle of wine for your at home getaway.


Outdoor staycation ideas

Relaxing is great and all, but staycations are also a great time to get out and make some memories in the great outdoors - whether it’s hiking in the woods or soaking it up on the lake, your next adventure awaits. Here are some of our go-to outdoor activities:


3. Hiking at nearby state or national park

woman drinking from tumbler.

Calling all nature lovers! If you’re looking to fit in a bit of exercise on your staycation, opt for exploring the outdoors by hitting up a local state or national park.


Make sure you stay hydrated with a Rehydration Bottle or a vacuum insulated Growl’r - we know transporting liquid can be a nuisance so leave the glass at home and go for something light and portable that will keep your drinks cold for hours while on the trail! Need more ideas? Check out our favorite tumblers for hiking and camping.


4. Camping

As the ultimate wilderness get-away, camping is a great way to change up your scenery and get your nature-fix in - even if it’s just in your backyard! Elevate your experience with a Backtap cooler for the crew to take the party on-the-go. With a built-in tap and backpack strap, it's the perfect cooler to fill with your favorite beers, seltzers, camping cocktails, and more.


5. Outdoor picnics

woman walking through the woods with tumbler.

Find a shady area in the park, backyard, or set up an indoor picnic if you can’t go outside. Pack a collection of finger foods such as cheese and crackers, a charcuterie board, or sandwiches and sweets for a tasty meal to share over a glass of wine in the sun.


When the weather gets warm, make sure your drink stays cool by packing along some Ice-Spheres. These bad boys are crafted to fit perfectly into our NOS’R for the ideal drinking experience without the dilution. Don’t forget to bring a basket and blanket to create the ultimate picnic vibes!


Getting your rest

The most important thing you can do on your staycation is to get the rest you deserve. Whether that's catching up on sleep or just carving out some time to destress, you may be wondering what’s the best way to rest and relax on your staycation. Here’s our 411 rundown: 


6. Stay off the socials

Scrolling through social media is a great way to get a big dose of anxiety and FOMO. Skip the stress and put your phone aside for a while! 


7. Have a plan, beforehand

Good thing you’re starting to plan now! Planning your staycation ahead of time is a great way to mitigate stress and allows more time for you to relax and fit in everything you wanna do - remember, you’re on vacation time!


8. Relax at a poolside staycay

Grab the sunblock and a swimsuit to soak up the summer rays in your backyard pool or at the beach! Put the to-do list aside, sip back and relax with these 11 Poolside Drinks to Sip This Summer. Our 20oz insulated Shaker Pint is the perfect poolside glass, functioning as both a cocktail shaker and shatterproof pint glass for your enjoyment. 


Want to be productive?

Sometimes staying productive on our vacations can help us workaholics feel less guilty for taking some time off. If you think this is you, you may want to occupy your staycation time by getting a few things crossed off your list while you’re at it! Here’s how:


9. Read a book

Get ahead on your TBR list and get lost in a novel. What’s a more productive feeling than finishing your latest read?


10. Finish a house project

We know there’s at least one unfinished project you’ve neglected or something you’ve always said you’ll “get to one day”. Now’s your chance! You’ll feel a sense of accomplishment wash over you and be thankful once your back in the full swing of things!


11. Learn a new hobby

Take up something you’ve never done before such as sewing or crocheting, cooking new recipes, painting, playing an instrument, or even learning a new language! Hobbies are a great way to relax and learn something new.


12. Visit local coffee shops

Make a list of aesthetically pleasing coffee shops near you and stop in for a little coffee and study date. Staying caffeinated with a tasty drink is one of those simple pleasures - chat with a friend, bring a book along, or if you get some work done on the laptop, that’s always a plus!


Stay caffeinated wherever you go with the Toddy 16oz insulated coffee mug - it’s 100% leak proof and so easy to take with you wherever you go. The Toddy is your versatile, go-to mug, from toddies themselves to coffee and everything in between, whatever your liquid needs!


Staycation ideas for families

Staycations aren’t just for burnt out adults - kids need a break too! We’ve got a few extra special staycay ideas up our sleeve for the whole fam. 


13. Board game or puzzle night

Family game night is a great way to stimulate teambuilding and family bonds while having boatloads of fun. Sharing laughs and competitive sides can get rowdy, so grab the snacks and get ready for the games to begin! 


14. Be a tourist in your own city

See the city through fresh eyes! Imagine you’re a tourist - what would you want to see? Stay in a hotel overnight, visit science or art museums, go out and about shopping, spend a day at the waterpark or zoo, and more. As a local, we don’t always get to experience all our city has to offer - any tourist attraction will do!


Staycation ideas for couples

Staycations are great and all, but are they really romantic? 


Duh! Staying in and spending time with your significant other can arguably be even more romantic than any planned excursion. Planning an at-home date night is a great way to show your SO you care. Plus, with a small and intimate setting, there’s more room to get to know each other - or for sparks to fly! 


15. Date-night in

Cook a meal together, put on a jazzy record, light some candles, and break open a good bottle of wine. You can even create your very own custom wine gift set, which makes a perfect gift for you and your partner to enjoy.


16. Get a couples massage

If you’re looking to step out of the house a little, book a couples massage, plan a hotel getaway or a nearby Airbnb, visit a drive-in theater, or even go stargazing!


Solo Staycations

Staycation for one? Yes please! 


Whether you’re a nomad, an introvert, or just have some time for yourself, planning a solo staycation may be just what you need. Let’s be real - we all need a break from society and other human beings from time to time. Use your “me” time to do the things you love without anyone’s judgment or input. Check out these ideas to get your self-care staycation started:


17. Spa day

Grab your bath bombs, face masks, candles, and something to sip on while you soak it up in your very own at-home luxury spa. Or turn on some meditation music and take it to the couch to relax your mind and muscles. You’re sure to feel soul-cleansed and rejuvenated after a soothing spa sesh. 


18. Takeout + a good show

What can be better than dining in with your favorite take out and curling up to binge a few episodes of today’s it show (or opt for your comfort show!) Good food paired with good entertainment equals a solid night in our books!


19. Solo date night

Who said you can’t take yourself on a date? Listen and get to know yourself a little better by spending some time dedicated to you. Book a table for one at that restaurant you always said you’d try or cook yourself a gourmet meal for fun - try flipping through a recipe book or checking your social feed for a little inspo!   Pour a glass of wine or your favorite cocktail and you’re set!


Stay-In With BrüMate

Don’t forget about that well-deserved vacation time! Take some time for yourself, your family, or loved ones and use up those PTO hours and personal days. Trust us, you won’t regret planning an at-home vacay.


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