Wade Cothran | Jul 30, 2021

10 Hottest Summer 2021 Poolside Accessories

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Queue the music, sunny days, and ice cold drinks! Summer is here, and it’s time to sit by the pool and soak up some rays. All you need are some poolside accessories to get the relaxation started. Whether you’re having an epic pool party with friends or just enjoying some quality me-time, keep reading to find your essential summer poolside accessories. 

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1. The BackTap 




Prepare for a long day of sunshine and fun with a durable drink cooler. The BrüMate BackTap is perfect for poolside chillin’, and it’s great for on the go! This versatile backpack drink cooler can hold up to three gallons of your favorite adult beverage, which is equivalent to 14 slim cans or 5 bottles of wine. Not only will this cooler keep your drinks cold, you can use the built-in tap to serve you and your friends all day long. 

2. The Winesulator




Glass by the pool is a no-go, but don’t worry, you can still enjoy your favorite bottle of wine! The BrüMate Winesulator is designed to hold a full 25oz bottle of wine, and features a leak-proof cap with 24 hr temperature maintenance. 


Need a poolside-approved glass to enjoy your favorite wine? Use the Brümate Uncork’d to sip on your beverage while dipping your toes in the pool. This fashionable wine tumblr features a leak-proof lid and magnetic closure to ensure there are no spills in your near future. 

3. The Hopsulator Trio




Cans turn your drink luke-warm easily, and when you’re sitting by the pool that is less than ideal. A can cooler can go a long way when it comes to keeping your drink frosty. 

Try the Hopsulator Trio for the perfect versatile poolside drinkware. This Hopsulator features a 3 in 1 function, fitting your favorite 16 oz cans with a freezable adapter for 12 oz cans. With one quick switch, the Hopsulator can turn into a 16 oz pint glass. Whether you’re sipping on a beer or your favorite sparkling water, the Hopsulator will keep your drink icy cold. 

4. A Glitter Flask for Poolside Sippin’




Need a little kick during a pool day? Bring along a leak-proof flask to keep your spirits fresh and cool. Keep your drink cold and stylish with the Brumate Glitter Flasks! Featuring a colorful, sparkly casing and studded cap, this versatile flask can be flashy or discrete for any occasion. 

5. A ReHydration Bottle




A long day spent in the sun and water is a recipe for dehydration. Take care of yourself during your pool day with the ultimate poolside essential: a water bottle! 

Maintain your hydration with the Brümate ReHydration Bottle. This is not your average water bottle. In fact, this 25 oz bottle has two functions: Hydration Mode, and Party Mode! Use the screw-on straw lid during the day to stay refreshed. When night rolls around, the twist lid doubles as a shot glass. Kick back or turn it up a notch with this killer bottle! 

6. A Rocks Tumblr for Your Cocktail




Book in hand, sunscreen on, all you need now is a refreshing summer cocktail! There is simply nothing better than sipping on something sweet by the pool, the only problem is when it becomes diluted. 

Have no fear, the BrüMate Rocks Tumblr has special anti-dilution technology, and is made for glass-free zones. That’s right, this tumblr was made for your summer pool day. Mix up your favorite cocktail in your Rocks Tumblr and never worry about warm or diluted drinks again!


7. Reusable Ice Spheres




Yep, nobody likes a diluted drink. Wishing there was a way to make your ice cubes last longer? The BrüMate Ice Spheres might be the answer. These molds create ice spheres that sit perfectly in the drink cooler of your choice. With a simple filling mechanism and no leak structure, your days of watery ice and drinks will be gone for good! 


8. An Inflatable Pong Pool Table




Need we say more? Pong is already a fun party game, now imagine playing with some friends on a hot day while simultaneously standing in a pool! Find an inflatable pong table that features drink holders for the pool to minimize spilling. If you’re planning on hosting some pool parties this summer, this is an accessory you won’t want to miss! 

9. A Waterproof Speaker




It’s not a pool day without some tunes! A waterproof speaker is an essential poolside accessory, and always worth the investment. Whether you’re playing a chill playlist for yourself or pumping up the jams with family and friends, a speaker can go a long way to improve any pool day. 

10. A Floating Bar Table 




You don’t have to leave your drink at the table to take a dip in the pool! Bring the bar to the water with a floating bar table. An inflatable table is the ultimate pool drink holder. With this poolside accessory you can drink and swim for as long as you like. Cross your fingers that nobody does a cannonball while you’re chilling with your drink! 

Cheers to Poolside Lounging!




The season for warm-weather relaxation is in full swing, and we can’t get enough of these poolside accessories! Need more inspiration? Shop the Brümate Best Sellers to find your ideal poolside drinkware. We have everything you need to stay stylish and refreshed all summer long.