Skye Sonnega | Dec 17, 2021

6 Lively Outdoor Winter Drinking Games

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Winter brings cooler weather, but that doesn’t mean you have to stay inside! Fresh air is good for the mind, body, and soul, and that doesn’t stop during a snowstorm. Looking for some fun winter activities to do with friends? We’ve got you covered. 

Grab your layers, favorite adult drinks, and best pals. In this blog we cover our top six favorite outdoor winter drinking games to help you have a blast during the cold months. 


1. Gelande Quaffing

Whether your home hill is a rocky mountain or a midwest hill, gelande quaffing is a famous apres ski event, perfect for getting rowdy after a fun day on the slopes! 

This event involves two players who stand on either end of a long bar table. One player slides a beer across the surface, and the other player must catch it once it leaves the table and chug as fast as they can. 

You can hold a tournament with your friends, and have a bonfire going for those not playing. This game was started in the 1980’s by a group of skiers in Jackson Hole. Today, it’s known as a go-to winter drinking game, and builds on the anticipation and excitement of a looming powder day. 


2. Slip Sip

Warning: you may need a helmet for this one. If you live near a frozen lake or a large sheet of ice, “slip sip” is a simple game to get outdoors with your pals. When one person slips or tumbles, that person must take a sip of their drink. 

While this game is not for the clumsy, it's a good excuse to go for a walk while sipping on some brews. To stay toasty, bring along a warm cocktail to hold. You can use the BrüMate Toddy tumbler to keep your drink at the perfect temperature. Plus, these 16 oz tumblers are 100% leak-proof, so if you fall, none of your drink will be lost! 

tumbler mug sitting on a blanket.


3. Drink When You Hear “____”

When there’s a winter weather advisory, the phone, radio, and TV alerts come pouring in. Turn a snow warning into a fun game with your friends where you sip every time you hear a newscast person mention the snow. 

You can choose to play this indoors, or if you have some warm layers, bundle up around a campfire! Use the Imperial Pint to sip on 20 oz of your favorite warm or chilled cocktail. This tumbler is perfect for when you want a little extra somethin’, especially while spending the evening snowed in. Being isolated in a blizzard is always better with good friends and drinks. Cheers to that!


4. Bonfire Games 

There’s nothing like gathering around the bonfire on a cold and clear winter night! You can spice up the regular bonfire banter by playing some games like “Never Have I Ever.” Stand in a circle and let everyone say something they have never done before. Those that have done it, drink! When it comes to bonfire drinking games, the opportunities are endless. If you’re up for it, get creative and make your own! 

For all of your outdoor winter parties, use the BrüMate Backtap cooler to store up to 3 gallons of your adult beverage, equivalent to 14 slim cans. The best part? This insulated cooler comes with backpack straps, so you can trek it anywhere you go. Fill it with your friend’s favorite drinks and have a blast all night long. Plus, this cooler features a tap for quick refills for the friend who has done it all. 

person drinking out of backpack cooler.


5. Snow-Pong

A hefty dumping of snow doesn’t always mean you’re locked inside. Besides snow man building, try making your own snow-pong table! Yep, you heard that right. Beer pong doesn’t always have to happen on your standard foldable table. 

Invite your friends over, whip the shovel out, and get building. Create a surface for your solo cups and you’ve got yourself a great place for some snow-pong! 

person filling cup with a cooler.

6. Holiday Cheers

‘Tis the holiday season, which means we’re all enjoying some relaxing (sometimes) family time. To make your family winter gatherings a bit more interesting, play the “holiday cheers” game with a handful of your relatives. The key is for not all of your relatives to be in on the game. 

If your grandpa is a frequent bathroom visitor, you may drink every time he leaves the table. Or, take a drink every time your Aunt brings up her passion for knitting. Remember that every family is different, so your rules will vary. 

And Most Importantly, Stay Safe! 

It’s chilly out there! Our advice? Drink responsibly, and don’t get frostbite (for those of you living in chilly climates). For more leak-proof tumblers that keep your drink at the perfect temperature for those fun-filled nights, visit our best sellers to learn more.