Sierra Myers | Feb 20, 2023

9 Tasty & Simple Non Alcoholic Party Drinks

Non-alcoholic party drinks are a great way to enjoy a refreshing and tasty beverage without the worry of over-consumption. Whether you're mixing up your own recipes or using pre-made mocktails, these drinks are perfect for any gathering or celebration. We have put together some of our favorite non-alcoholic party drinks. Check out these delicious options and the BrüMate tumblers that were made for them.

Non-Alcoholic Party Punches 

Sharing a large batch of non-alcoholic punch is a great addition to any party. For your next gathering, mix together one of these bright and colorful BrüMate favorites.

Want to serve your punch in style? The BrüMate BackTap is stylish with several colors and patterns to choose from. The best part is, it’s also convenient. This 3 gallon cooler will keep your punch party ready for hours and it’s easy-to-use built-in tap makes for mess free serving.

With its built-in handle and backpack straps, it can easily be transported with its in case your party changes locations!

drink dispenser cooler

1. Blood Orange Punch 

For this recipe just combine cranberry juice, lemon juice and Italian orange soda. To make it even more sweet you could dissolve sugar into the juices before adding the italian soda. Finish by stirring in the ice, and garnish with fresh orange slices.

Tip: You could even have extra orange slices nearby so your guests can garnish their glasses as well.

2. Citrus Pink Cooler 

Looking for something a little more sour? This citrus pink cooler is perfect. Just mix lemon juice, lime juice, peach nectar and lemonade before topping it off with sparkling water. To finish, add ice and sliced citrus like lemon and lemons. For some added color you could even mix in strawberries and mint sprigs. This would be perfect mixed into the punch or displayed on the side for your guests to choose which garnishes they’d prefer.

The BrüMate Togosa was made to mix this one. This two-in-one bottle cooler and pitcher is perfect for mixing up and serving large batch punches. Plus the built-in strainer will keep all the fruit out of your drink, and the 100% leakproof lid makes it easy to bring your favorite drink on the go! Learn everything you need to know about the Togosa here.

pouring drink for small batch drink pitcher

3. Orange Sherbert Punch 

This orange sherbert punch is a little something extra. Mix ginger ale, cranberry juice, pineapple juice, and 2 cups orange and lime sherbet and until the sherbet melts completely. Then finish it off with some frozen scoops of sherbet, lime slices, and orange slices and mint. This will make for a delicious sweet treat for entire group to enjoy,

Non-Alcoholic Party Cocktails

Check out these delicious party drinks and the BrüMate tumblers that were made for them:

4. Peach Blueberry Sangria 

For this peach blueberry sangria all you need is blueberries,mint, peaches, white grape juice, seltzer water, and apple cider vinegar. Start by muddling the blueberries and mint then add everything except the seltzer water. Shake and serve then top with seltzer water and the garnish of your choice.

5. Coconut, Cucumber, Lime, and Mint Cooler

Looking for something delicious and refreshing? This coconut, cucumber, lime, and mint cooler is a hydrating option. Just mix coconut water, sliced cucumber, lemon juice and mint leaves. If you want it a bit more sweet you could even add a bit of sugar.

The BrüMate MultiShaker is perfect for mixing it all up! It’s built-in agitator and infuser makes shaking and straining this delicious take on infused water easy - by keeping all the fruit and herbs out, but pouring all the flavor in. Also, this tumbler will keep any drink cold for hours and is cup holder friendly, so no matter where your party’s happening you can take your delicious drink along. Learn all about how to use the fan favorite MultiShaker here, and for more delicious infusion inspiration, check out some of our team’s favorite recipes!

6. Sparkling Grapefruit Mocktail 

This sparkling grapefruit mocktail recipe only needs soda water, grapefruit juice, sugar, mint leaves, and lime slices! Mix this all together and just add ice for a refreshing champagne like mocktail everyone will love.

Want to keep your mocktail sparkling for hours? The BrüMate Champagne Flute was made to keep your drink carbonated up to 5x longer! This 12oz flute will keep your sparkling grapefruit cold for hours, making it easy to keep the party going. Plus, the non-slip base and leakproof design makes it perfect for sipping anywhere.

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Non Alcoholic Drinks to Buy

Don't feel like getting all the ingredients and mixing mocktails yourself? We understand! Here are some of BrüMate’s favorite non-alcoholic drinks that are perfect for any party.

7. Premade Cocktail 

There are tons of premade cocktails on the market now and Lyre's Non-Alcoholic Amalfi Spritz

Is just one of our favorites. Enjoy the cocktail vibes without the hangover headache or the headache of mixing for everyone at your party.

Be a stand out host by having BrüMate Hopsulator Slim insulated can coolers for your party guests to use. These slim can coolers were made for seltzers, mocktails and any other drink you can get in the tall 12oz can. With over 65K 5-star ratings, the Hopsulator Slim is guaranteed to keep your can cold, and its pushlock gasket makes grabbing another mocktail easy. No need to unscrew the top, just push the can in until it locks into place!

8. Non-Alcoholic Beer 

Wanna keep it classic with an amber beer instead? Check out Brooklyn Special Effects Hoppy Amber Non-Alcoholic Brew. This delicious option is sure to cure any craving for a cold one. Prefer an IPA? Check out Wellbeing Non-Alcoholic Intentional IPA instead!

No matter which beer you choose, keep it cold with the BrüMate Hopsulator Trio. This versatile can cooler keeps both 12oz and 16oz cans cold so no matter whichever beer you’re feeling, you can count on only need one can cooler. As a bonus, it also includes a 100% leakrpoof locking lid that converts the can cooler into a tumbler for additional use cases.

9. Non-Alcoholic Wine 

Craving vino instead? This Eins Zwei Zero Riesling Non-Alcoholic White Wine from Leitz is a tasty option. Avoid the hangover and try something new with any of the options from Leitz’s collection.

Want to travel with your bottle and keep it cold? The BrüMate Winsesulator + 2 Uncork'd Bundle is the perfect choice for bringing wine to a party and sharing with a friend. This set comes with two Uncork’d wine tumblers, and one 25oz Winesulator wine canteen and is available in over 10 on-trend colors and prints to choose from. Bundling is a great option to get everything you need, while saving a few dollars.

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Made for Your Non Alcoholic Drinks & More - Choose BrüMate

No matter what you pick for your non-alcoholic party drink of choice, be sure to pair it with a trusty and on-trend BrüMate tumbler. Wth a variety of tumbler options for every occasion, check out our best sellers to see what’s currently trending and choose the one made for you.

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