Wade Cothran | May 06, 2021

10 Mother’s Day Drinks to Toast Your Mom

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As spring winds into summer, outdoor get-togethers are the perfect way to celebrate Mother’s Day! A fresh and summery cocktail is the perfect way to toast to your mother and thank her for her love and dedication. We’ve come up with our top 10 favorite Mother’s Day drinks, so you don’t have to.

BrüMate’s selection of outdoor drinkware is the perfect compliment to these Mother’s Day drink ideas. So grab your ice, liquor, and your favorite BrüMate tumbler and celebrate the day with your mom! Without further ado, here are our favorite Mother’s Day cocktails. 

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1. A Classic Mimosa




There are few drinks that capture the spirit of Mother’s Day quite like the mimosa. A staple at events such as weddings, brunches, and even during flights the mimosa is a bright and sparkling beverage. The mimosa is notoriously easy to make, with just champagne and orange juice. A garnish like a cherry or an orange slice finishes off the perfect drink. Be sure to keep your mimosas chilled in your BrüMate Champagne Flute

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2. Peach Margarita




If you prefer your drinks over ice, this springtime twist on a margarita may be the perfect choice for you! The margarita, named after the Spanish word for “daisy”, is a tequila based cocktail that can be infused with a number of fruity flavors. This peach margarita features a blend of tequila, peach purée, and notes of fresh citrus flavors - a delightful compliment to your Mother’s Day! BrüMate’s MargTini tumbler makes your beverage all the sweeter, holding ten ounces of deliciousness in every container. 

Get the whole recipe here.

3. Gin Gimlet




Citrus flavors are a spring classic, and incorporating them into your Mother’s Day drinks is a no-brainer. The gin gimlet is an old-fashioned classic for the sophisticated mom, and has only lime juice, simple syrup, and gin. (Just make sure you get mom the good stuff! No New Amsterdam and Roses! Hendricks, fresh limes, and real simple syrup please!) Shake it up in our Shaker Pint, then serve either neat or on the rocks in BrüMate’s Rocks lowball tumbler

Get the full recipe here

4. Mint Julep




The mint julep was made popular by the Kentucky Derby, and this refreshing drink can add the perfect touch of springtime Southern charm any Mother’s Day. Muddled mint, whiskey or bourbon, and a bit of sugar come together deliciously. This drink is best enjoyed with BrüMate’s Highball glass, equipped with anti-dilution technology. Don’t forget the Stainless Steel Reusable Imperial Pint Straw to enjoy this drink as it was intended: sipped through a straw. 

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5. Cherry Moscow Mule




This one is for the sweet, fun loving mom, and pairs amazingly with curries, coconut rice, or seafood. Fizzy and fresh with cherry-forward flavor and hints of ginger, the cherry moscow mule is an excellent variation on the classic mule. A mule should always be served in a mug, and luckily BrüMate’s Toddy has you covered with a double threaded rim and a spill-proof lid. Mother’s Day dinner has never been more delicious!

Get the full recipe here.


6. Coco Chanel




Celebrating Mother’s Day is an excellent occasion to try out this drink, inspired by one of the most influential women of the twentieth century! Though Coco Chanel was never a mother herself, this floral-infused drink brings the bright and fun spirit of Mother’s Day. There are several variations of the Coco Chanel, but coconut vodka and St. Germain are two of the most classic ingredients. BrüMate’s MargTini Tumbler is the perfect way to keep your sweet drink ice cold and enjoyable throughout your Mother’s Day festivities. 

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7. French 75




We’ve said it before, and we’ll say again: Citrus is amazing in the springtime! A touch of lemon is the perfect way to infuse the flavor of Mother’s Day into your drink menu. The French 75, a blend of gin, champagne, and lemon juice, is the perfect touch of citrus for your mother’s special day. As the name suggests, the cocktail originated in Paris, France around World War I and has been a staple for gatherings ever since. The champagne adds a new layer of bubbly lightness to the drink, highlighting the bright flavors of the lemon and gin components. Keep your French 75 nice and bubbly with BrüMate’s Champagne Flute, guaranteed to keep 5x the bubbles every time. 

Get the full recipe here

8. Frosé




On an especially warm Mother’s Day, a blended icy beverage is the perfect antidote to a hot day. Look no further than the frosé: the perfect blend of wine, fruity flavor, and an ice cold finish. The frosé is a take on the popular slushy with a bit more of an adult twist. Frozen rosé is the base of the drink (no surprises there!), mixed with sugar, lemon juice, and fresh fruit. Of course, every frosé needs the perfect beverage container, and BrüMate’s Uncork’d XL insulated wine tumbler will keep your drink frozen all day long. 

Get the full recipe here.

9. Gin Daisy




When it comes to drinks for Mother’s Day, few drinks are as classic as the gin daisy. The gin daisy has been a bartender’s best friend since at least the 1930s, giving the drink a bit of classic flair. The gin daisy has many of the common attributes we look for in the perfect Mother’s Day drink: it’s fresh, it’s fruity, and perfectly suited for some family time in the spring. The drink has a gin base and features any number of fresh ingredients from grenadine to lemon juice to a spring of fresh mint. BrüMate’s 12 oz Highball is the perfect compliment, keeping your fruit flavors fresh and cool. 

Get the full recipe here


10. Chocolate Irish Coffee




At the end of a long day celebrating your mother, a sweet coffee treat to end off the day is certainly in order. If a rich, velvety, chocolate beverage is up your alley, a chocolate Irish coffee is the way to go. Since the drink is most commonly served warm, BrüMate’s Toddy is the best choice. For a chocolate Irish coffee, you’ll need a simple combination of Irish whisky, hot coffee, cocoa powder and, if your mom prefers, a touch of whipped cream at the top can be the perfect finishing touch. 

Get the full recipe here

Give Mom the Mother’s Day She Deserves

Now that you’re armed with some great cocktails to add to your arsenal, you need a perfect gift for your mom to keep the fun flowing all year round. BrüMate’s custom gift sets can make mother’s day all the most special. A MargTini gift set makes the perfect mix for two while the Fifth and 2 Rocks set is perfect for her next cocktail hour. 

Coming together to celebrate your mother has never been easier and more delicious. As Mother’s Day approaches, it’s important to spend quality time to love and appreciate your mother. Lift your arm, make a toast, and take a sip to celebrate your mother with your perfect BrüMate set.