Skye Sonnega | Mar 16, 2022

8 Festive Irish Cocktail Recipes

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You know what they say… “don’t worry, beer happy!” This statement is especially true when it comes to St. Patty’s day. If you’re feeling particularly lucky this March, you won’t want to miss out on these delicious Irish cocktail recipes. Enjoy these beverages as a pregame for your St. Patty’s pub crawl, or for a night in with your besties. 


Traditional Irish Cocktails

Two words: Guinness and Jameson. These two traditional Irish beverages will be your staples when it comes to making Irish cocktails. Below are the most popular to try: 


1. Irish Coffee

Looking for a drink that tastes like a warm hug? Look no further. A traditional Irish coffee checks all the boxes. With a light caffeine boost from your favorite coffee brew, a dash of brown sugar, and a kick with some Jameson, this drink is sweet, rich and irresistibly tasty. 

Sip on your Irish coffee concoction in the BrüMate Toddy XL. The Toddy XL is a 32 oz coffee tumbler, featuring a 100% leak proof lid for when you’re on the move. Made with triple-insulated stainless steel, this versatile tumbler will keep your spiked coffee warm at any St. Patty’s shindig. 


man holding tumbler mug while outdoors.


2. Jameson Manhattan

It's a Manhattan, but Irish! Jameson pairs well with the traditional Manhattan ingredients like sweet vermouth, bitters, and tart garnishes like orange peels or cherries. 

Sip slowly on your Manhattan using the BrüMate Nos’r tumbler. The Nos’r is the first insulated nosing glass on the market. It’s structure is designed to enhance the aeration and aroma of fine whiskey, while keeping your beverage cooler for 20x the duration of a normal glass. 


3. Black Velvet

The Black Velvet is a famous Irish mixed cocktail consisting of two ingredients: Guinness Extra Stout and champagne. Of course, you can sub these ingredients for anything similar. Any stout and sparkling wine make the perfect combination, don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it! 

Mix your stout and bubbly in the BrüMate Imperial Pint tumbler. This 20 oz tumbler is leakproof, cup holder friendly, and features a non-slip base to minimize spillage. When you aren’t using it to sip on craft cocktails, it makes the perfect coffee tumbler for the morning commute. The sky's the limit with this incredible tumbler!


4. Black & Tan

The Black and Tan is a traditional layered beer drink, and takes some finesse to accomplish. This drink is made with half stout and half pale ale. When executed properly, the dense stout will float atop the ale, creating a “black and tan” appearance. The trick is to pour the stout slowly over the back of a spoon to create the layered look. 


5. Irish Tonic

Refreshing and Irish, what more could you ask for? Stir your favorite whiskey (preferably Irish) with tonic water. Garnish with a lemon or lime for some extra zest for the perfect Irish Tonic. For an extra kick, you can also add ginger ale or triple sec!


man holding tumbler mug while laughing.


BrüMate’s Irish Cocktail Ideas

 The BrüMate team created some Irish cocktails to share with the world! Check them out below. 


1. Shamrock Shake

Once a year McDonalds launches their famous Shamrock Shake during the month of March. If you’re looking to make this yummy shake at home, we’ve got a copy-cat recipe that’s guaranteed to sham-ROCK your world. And the best part? You only need 4 simple ingredients!

See our IG recipe here


2. Lucky Charms Latte

lucky charms latte in a mug.

Still feeling the effects of losing that hour of sleep from Daylight Savings Time? We’ve got the lucky charm to perk you right up! 

See our IG recipe here.  


3. Leprechaun Mimosa

There's nothing better than a mimosa, especially to get the day of festivities started on St. Patty's day! Use orange juice, Blue Curacao, and champagne to create the ultimate green leprechaun mimosa. Perfect to sip on at your St. Patty's brunch!

Find the full recipe here