Alyssa Broussard | Oct 26, 2023

How to Store Liquor at Home: 4 Options

Whether you’re an emerging mixologist or just a lover of cocktails, knowing how to store your liquor is a must. Gone are the days of thoughtless liquor storage – we have standards now!

Here, we’re going to share 4 ways to store your liquor at home and some of our favorite barware to help you along the way.

The Rules of Liquor Storage

There are three rules to liquor storage: cool, dark, and upright.

Cool: Contrary to what most of us believed in college, the best way to store liquor is at room temperature. The exact temperature will depend on your liquor of choice. Now that’s not to say that using the freezer before serving is out - just be careful not to leave it in the freezer too long as it can alter the flavor.

Dark: While dark might be an overstatement, we want to keep liquor out of direct sunlight. It won’t hurt you to drink alcohol that’s been sitting in sunlight, however, it will negatively impact the quality of your liquor.

Upright: Please do not try to store your liquor lying flat like your wine! Liquor bottles should always be stored upright to keep the cork out of the liquor. Why? Alcohol disintegrates cork. Do you really want to find cork bits in your liquor? We know we don’t.

4 Ways to Store Liquor at Home

Storing liquor sounds boring but it can actually be creative and unique! Check out some inspiration below.

Bar Cart

Bar carts may not be anything new, but their popularity has been rekindled! Bar carts meet all of the requirements of liquor storage (as long as you don’t set them up in heavy sunlit areas) and can be an aesthetic centerpiece in any room. You can opt for a stationary cart that holds a forever spot or one on wheels that can be tucked away when not in use. To add some personal flare to your cart, try adding plants, candles, or drink accessories!

Check out our recommendations for stocking your cart!

Bar Trays

Perfect for the tops of buffets, console tables, or even extra counter space, a bar tray can accent any room. When decorating a bar tray, you’ll want to keep usefulness at the forefront. Try to accent the tray itself with accompaniments to your drink (think citrus, olives, the works).

And then, there’s the tray. When choosing a tray, you can opt for a subtle, clear acrylic tray or take the opportunity to make a bold statement. The choice is yours!


Oddly enough, this option seems to be up for debate. Time would tell you that decanting liquor can have an impact on the flavor. However, modern society will tell you there is no difference. Either way you see it, a decanter is an easy way to enhance the visual appeal of your liquor collection and adds a touch of sophistication to your home bar or liquor display.

BrüMate Liquor Canteen

Now, you may have pets, kids, or both at home. If so, you are probably thinking, “these all sound great… but not in my world”. Don’t sweat it, there are still ways to store your liquor at home without worrying about your (fur) baby getting into it. If you are worried that someone or something may knock over your liquor, the BrüMate Liquor Canteen has your back.

The non-slip drop proof cover and 100% leak proof lid are designed with portability and durability in mind. With an 8oz capacity, the BrüMate Liquor Canteen provides you with the ability to store your liquor discreetly, deflecting curious eyes (and hands). The best part? No gross metallic taste – confidently sip right out of the flask!

Our Favorite Barware Recs

We’ve talked about how to store liquor, now let’s talk about some of our favorite barware products to enhance some of the options listed above. The best part? They are all non breakable! Say goodbye glass and hello BrüMate!.


Instead of tossing your liquor bottles in the freezer for a chill, try the Togosa Wine Chiller and Leakproof pitcher. Made to securely fit most liquor, wine, and champagne bottles, the Togosa is your tool for hosting and toasting!

All you have to do is place the securing lid on and pop in your favorite bottle. Our BevGuard™ triple- insulation does the rest.

Doesn’t that sound like a perfect hostess gift?


The Highball is designed to hold 12oz of your favorite cocktails. Crafted with triple-insulation, it is designed to prevent your drink from diluting.

Savor every sip of your drink knowing that the BevLock™ lid has you covered with 100% leak proof protection.

Rocks Tumbler

The Rocks Tumbler is designed to maintain that “perfectly chilled” temp for all of your spirit favorites. Our BevGuard™ insulation technology ensures you have a comfortable sipping experience, free from condensation and lukewarm sips.

Of course, it is 100% leakproof, locking in not only the flavor of your favorite beverages, but the liquid itself!


For an elevated experience, the MargTini is coming in hot! Made to serve as a margarita and martini glass (yes, there’s a rim for salt or sugar), this tumbler offers you 10oz of unbreakable fun.

No need to worry about your drink watering down as your drink will stay the perfect temp from the first sip to the last.

Keep Your Spirits Up With BrüMate

At BrüMate, our drinkware is made to fit your lifestyle and elevate any occasion. So, what are you waiting for? Start lifting your spirits by mixing up your new round of cocktails in a new Brü! Get started by shopping our best-selling spirits + barware items today.

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