Wade Cothran | Jul 16, 2021

How to Host the Ultimate Beer Olympics Party

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That’s right, it’s Beer Olympics season baby. Time to drink copious amounts of beer and get insanely competitive over fun drinking games with friends! Whether you’re well-seasoned in the Beer Olympics department, or wanting to host your own Beer Olympics for the first time, we’ve got you covered. 


Need some inspiration? Keep reading to learn all of the insider tips and tricks you need to host the ultimate Beer Olympics party this summer. 


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Beer Olympics Team Ideas


In order to host a successful Beer Olympics party that friends will be talking about for ages, it all boils down to creating team themes that stand out. Use some of our Beer Olympic team ideas, or create your own funky theme to get the party rolling!


Beer Olympic Teams by Country 


russia beer olympics


In honor of the Summer Olympics just around the corner, using countries as Beer Olympics team themes is a perfect festive option! Teams can each wear the colors of their country, or create their own jerseys using fabric paint and markers. 


Whatever country you choose for your team theme, make sure you go all out!


Beer Olympic Teams by Color




Color coordination is a super simple way to distinguish different teams. Dress up by color with your Beer Olympic teams and get ready to compete! Any color on the rainbow counts as a team color, just make sure you and your team are matching. 




Level up by matching your BruMates with your team color. We’ve got a whole rainbow of colors and tumblers, so there’s something for every team member. 


Beer Olympics Scoring


So you must be wondering, how do you score in a Beer Olympics game? Your team needs to win after all, right? Scoring in the Beer Olympics depends on how many teams show up. The common rule is that last place gets one point, second to last gets two, and this pattern continues until the team that’s first gets the most points. 


The winning team at the end of the Beer Olympics is the team that earned the most points in every event. The more teams that are competing, the more valuable those points become. We hope you’ve been practicing your beer-drinking tactics!


Beer Olympics Games




The opportunities are endless when it comes to Beer Olympic games, new rules and strategies are developed each year! Keep reading for the most common and well-loved Beer Olympic games that are an integral part of any party. 


Beer Pong


Beer Pong is a Beer Olympics classic. Set up 6 cups in a pyramid formation on either side of a long rectangular table. Fill the cups halfway with your choice of beer and let the games begin. 




Competitors should take turns throwing two ping pong balls into the cups across the table. If a ball lands in a cup, the opposing team must finish the beer in that cup. The team that drains all of their opponents' cups wins. 


Because there are usually multiple teams in a Beer Olympics party, Beer Pong can be played as a bracket. Teams can have individuals take turns taking shots each round. 


Looking for something other than a plastic cup to set up your Beer Pong match? If you’re a true BrüMate fan, you’ve maybe got enough Imperial Pints to set up a whole table. Or have your whole BruCrew bring theirs. 

Though if you’d rather keep yours from getting dirty (or if you just don’t want to share!) you could always opt for the classic red solo cup. 


Flip Cup


Flip cup is fast-paced and it’s essential that the whole team participates. Have opposing teams stand on either side of a large table. Each player should have a drink ready in front of them. Have someone give a countdown to start, then every player should chug their drink and place the cup upside down on the edge of the table. 

Each player must use one finger to flip the cup so that it lands right side up. Like a relay race, as soon as one team member flips their cup it’s up to the person next to them to keep the game going. The game is finished once all team members have successfully flipped their cups. The winning team finishes before their opponent. 



brumate winesulator infinity


Inspired by the infamous song “Thunderstruck” by ACDC, this Beer Olympics game is one for the books. Have teams sit in a circle with one person designated as the start. The game kicks off once the song starts blasting. When the first “THUNDER” is said the first person starts drinking and doesn’t stop until the next “THUNDER.” After this, the next person begins to drink. 


Make sure everyone has a beer or drink (and some water!) for this game, and when the long guitar solos start playing… good luck. Use the Brumate Infinity collection for your drink, because you can keep going if you’re drinking straight from infinity!


Slap Cup


If you thought Flip Cup was fast, get ready for Slap Cup! People play individually in this game, but the losing team is determined by the losing player. 


In this game, participants stand in a circle around a table and try to rapidly bounce a ping pong ball into a cup. 


To set up the game, arrange 20-30 cups in the middle of a table filled about halfway with beer. Traditionally one cup is a “mystery,” and is filled with an undetermined shot of liquor or other mixed drink (this cup is saved for the loser). 


Grab two empty cups and give them to two players standing opposite each other. The two cups are passed around the circle once the ping pong ball is bounced into the cup. If the ball lands in the cup on the first try, the player can pass the ball to any player of their choosing. 


If you and another player are shooting the ball next to each other and they make it in before you, they can slap your cup and you have to chug one of the beers in the middle. The losing player is the one that has to drink the last mystery drink. 




kings cup


Kings is an extremely popular card game, and drinking game! In this game, players’ actions (and drinks) are correlated with what card they randomly select after each turn. Play until all the cards have been chosen. Have some drinks ready at hand! 

Drunk Relay Race


Now that teams have had a substantial amount of beer, it’s time to do some relays. A drunk relay race can have any rules, but there are popular drinking relays to get everyone on the team involved!

Stand in a line with your team. Each person should have a ball and a full cup of beer in front of them. One person should start by bouncing their ball into their cup. Once their ball lands in the cup they must chug their beer, then the next player goes! The winning team finishes before the other teams. 

Case Race


The case race is typically the final event of a Beer Olympics tournament and involves each team finishing a whole case of beer. 




The key to this game is making sure that each team has relatively equal drinking capacities. In other words, try to not put all the hardcore beer drinkers on one team! This is also a good general rule of thumb for any Beer Olympics event. 

Other Ideas


The options for Beer Olympics do not stop there! Another popular beer-drinking event is the Big Bucket, where teams try to rapidly finish a large bucket of beer before the other teams. There is also the world-renowned Chug Race, where a nominated chugger from each team chugs a drink.

Whatever events you choose to do for your Beer Olympics, remember to have a great time, but most importantly, drink responsibly! 


Beer Olympics Decorations


It’s not a Beer Olympics party without some festive decorations! Here are some of our favorite ideas: 


Solo Cup Olympic Rings


Get everyone in the Olympic beer-drinkin’ spirit with some Olympic Rings made out of red-solo cups. If you’re feeling extra fancy, make an Olympic Rings wall made out of only solo cups. Now that would be impressive!

Flag Banners


If your teams are playing as countries, use some international flag banners to represent your team! These can be hung all over to give your party a true Olympic feel. 

An Olympic Torch


Every Olympic event needs a torch. Hold your opening ceremonies with a makeshift torch and have your teams march into the playing area. Now is your chance to feel like a true Olympian! 

A Big Cooler to Keep That Beer Cold




Nobody likes warm beer, and that’s a fact. Keep your beer ice-cold all day long with the BrüMate BackTap. Did we mention you can wear it everywhere you go? 

Gold Medals


Hey Alexa, play “We are the Champions” by Queen. It’s awards ceremony time, and champions are not the same without some gold medal-shaped bottle openers. The winners will reign victorious and everyone else… well, they will have just had a lot of beer. 

Prizes for the Winning Team, or Most Awarded Player




Another way to incentivize a win is rewarding the winning team or MVP with a high-quality can-cooler for future drinking. No matter what the winner’s favorite drink is, they will cherish this Beer Olympics prize forever! 


Beer Olympics Costumes


The Beer Olympics are a great time to get creative and goofy with fun costumes! When it comes to dressing your team, think BIG! Don’t know how to start? We’ve got the best ideas for Beer Olympic costumes this year: 


Country Sport Jerseys 


Jerseys. On. Jerseys. Think any sport, any country! If your team is repping a country, get some fun jerseys for everyone to sport. Add some fun hats and face paint and you’ll have a costume to remember. 


Color-Blocked Outfits




Nothing says groovy like some fun color-blocked outfits! Mix and match complementary colors for a spunky look. If you want your team to be noticeably different, this is the way to go. 


Flag Capes 




There’s nothing like tying something around your shoulders to feel like a superhero, and the Beer Olympics is the perfect time to do just that! Find your team country’s flag and wear it proudly. May the best flag cape win! 


Game Day Face Paint


Did you really compete in the Beer Olympics if you didn’t have face paint? Paint your team’s colors across your face, or do something crazy to go all out!


Let the Games Begin!


Now that you have everything you need to throw the best Beer Olympics party ever, it’s time to start planning! Call your friends, partners, family, dogs, and whoever you love to drink with to participate in the fun and games. 




Make sure your team is prepared for a day of fun and drinking with BruMate’s wide collection of coolers, mugs, tumblers, and so much more. We have everything you need to keep your beer cool and refreshing all day long. 


If you and your gang host a BruMate-filled Beer Olympics, tag us on Instagram @bru.mate, with the hashtag #BruOlympics. You could be featured on our social channels or on our website! Let the good time roll, and the games begin!