Wade Cothran | Oct 28, 2021

7 Spooky Halloween Cocktail Recipes

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Grab your sheets and fake blood, that bad tinder date isn’t the only thing that will be ghosted this month! It’s spooky season, which means nights of haunting festivities are right around the corner. If you’re like us, you’re most excited for enjoying quality time with friends and showing off your epic costumes. Need some ideas for what to serve at your halloween bash? We’ve got you covered with a list of our favorite halloween cocktail recipes.

Bloody Punch 

A spooky Halloween punch is a perfect addition to any October gathering. Mix together your favorite red juices with a carbonated beverage of your choice. You can either spike the punch with rum, or have people spike on their own if others choose to go alcohol-free. Level up the punch with dry ice and watch as the punch bowl boils and steams. 

Throwing a backyard Halloween get-together? Use the BrüMate Backtap to serve your punch to the crew. This backpack cooler has a built-in tap, perfect for filling glasses on the go. Plus, this can hold up to 3 gallons of any beverage! All you need to do is mix up your punch and serve.

Poison Apple Cocktail

Channel your inner Snow White with a poison apple cocktail. Combine some of your favorite local in-season cider with fireball, rum or another liquor of your choice. This recipe even incorporates edible glitter into the mix! This drink can either be served warm or chilled, whatever you prefer. 

Enjoy your spooky cocktail in the Rocks–a 12 oz tumbler designed to be a fresh take on the average cocktail glass. This versatile cocktail tumbler regulates your drink’s temperature and freshness with it’s special anti-dilution technology and leak-proof lid.

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Bloody Mary Syringes 

You can get crafty with your cocktails by creating some “bloody” syringes. Purchase food syringes to use as mini shooters, and fill with either your favorite bloody mary mix, or another red mixed drink of your choice. Serve the shooters over a bed of ice for the full spooky effect!

Vampire’s Kiss Martini

The Vampire’s Kiss is sweet, simple, and extra spooky. Use vodka, sparkling wine, and your choice of red berry liqueur. This recipe even uses red crushed sugar for the rim! You can also garnish using fake vampire teeth, raspberries, googly eyes the sides of the glasses. 

Keep your vampire cocktail fresh with the Margtini tumbler. The Margtini holds up to 10 oz of your favorite ‘tini cocktail, and has a special slim-rim design for easy sipping. Say goodbye to lukewarm cocktails, because this tumbler has BrüMate’s BevGuard Technology designed to keep your drink fresh until the last sip!

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Ginger Cooler 

This recipe combines Calvados brandy with maple syrup, lemon juice, and candied ginger for topping. This delicious combination stands alone as a cocktail, or goes great with fall party appetizers! Make it spooky with some tiny ghost garnishes or fake eyeballs.

Haunted Bourbon Graveyard

Bourbon and maple are the perfect combination to warm your soul during this spooky month. A Haunted Graveyard includes bourbon, maple syrup, orange, bitters, and rosemary stems. Garnish with rosemary stems, or DIY mini marshmallow or cookie grave stones! 

Need a shaker and cocktail glass set to mix your concoction? We’ve got something better. Use the Shaker Pint to first mix your cocktail, then sip on once complete! This is the only cocktail shaker that doubles as a pint glass. It’s also completely shatter resistant, and has a leak proof design.

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Jack O Lantern Cocktail 

It’s not Halloween without a Jack O Lantern! Jack O Lantern cocktail, that is. Mix a rum of your choice with orange liqueur, lemonade, and orange juice. This recipe uses glasses with small jack o lantern faces printed on them for the best effect!

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Get Your Spook On With BrüMate

October is in full swing, which means Halloween is right around the corner! We hope you found a recipe that you and your friends will enjoy. Need some tumblers to share? BrüMate offers a wide variety of cocktail tumblers, perfect for enjoying and creating spooky cocktails with the crew. Visit our bestsellers for more ideas!