Skye Sonnega | Sep 02, 2022

Gifts for Beer Lovers: 7 Fun Ideas | BrüMate

We all have a special someone in our life who appreciates a delicious craft brew a little bit more than the average beer-drinker. Really, there is often nothing better than sipping a crisp beer with friends on a sunny patio. Want to set your beer-drinking friend up with some epic gear? You’ve come to the right place. Here, our favorite gifts for beer lovers.

1. Multi-Use Insulated Can Cooler 

Can holders are great for beer lovers who are always on the move. Whether it’s a boat day with friends or a tailgate bash, can holders will keep beverages cool and refreshing no matter what.

The BrüMate Hopsulator Trio is the perfect versatile can cooler to gift to friends and family. These coolers feature a 3-in-1 patented design. This means you can fit not only 16 oz cans, but also 12 oz cans. With one quick switch, the holder turns into a pint glass. The Trio even comes with a fully leak proof locking lid to ensure nothing gets spilled. If your beer-finatic friend doesn’t already have a Trio, they’ll need one ASAP!

woman holding hopsulator trio.

2. Beer Shower Holder 

Yep, a beer shower holder. For some, the classic shower beer is a necessary part of the weekend. It’s a pre-game for what the night has in store. If your pal is enjoying a shower beer before brewery hopping with friends, or a backyard BBQ, they are most definitely a hardcore beer lover.

Help enhance their shower beer experience with a happy hour shower holder. These are designed to easily stick to the shower wall, and will keep a can of beer stable while your pal gets sudsy.

3. Slim Can Cooler 

As slim can sipping becomes more popular, your friend may need a slim can cooler to keep their drink fresh. Whether it’s a Michelob Ultra or a Corona Light, the BrüMate Hopsulator Slim will have their back. The Slim is the world’s first triple-insulated stainless steel can cooler designed exclusively for slim cans. The special BevGuard™ technology ensures that the last sip is just as fresh as the first with zero condensation. Every beer-lover will need a Slim in their life!

4. Custom Growler Gift Set 

Growlers are great for tailgates, beach days, picnics, and even camping. They’re a great way to transport beer from one place to another while keeping it fresh. For beer fans that are on-the-go, the BrüMate Growl’r Gift Set is a perfect customizable gift. These sets come with one 64 oz insulated beer Growl’rs, and two 20 oz Imperial Pint tumblers. This gift is great for couples who love to enjoy beer together!

5. Insulated Beer Caddy 

When it comes to picnicking and outdoor adventures, your friend will want to make sure their bottles stay refreshing and travel well. For those that enjoy sipping from glass bottles, an insulated beer caddy is the perfect gift! They can use the caddy to tote their six packs without having to worry about them getting warm.

6. Rolling Cooler 

For those that love to enjoy their beer with friends, a durable rolling cooler is an essential. The BrüMate BrüTank is the only insulated rolling cooler with a built-in 2.8 gallon drink tank, so you can keep beverages ice-cold and dispense them from the tap while leaving room for 48 cans. Whether someone enjoys beer or not, this is a great gift for anyone who enjoys a kickback!

7. Bottle Cooler 

Along with can coolers, bottle coolers are an essential part of any beer lovers sipping experience. The BrüMate Hopsulator Bott’l is an insulated cooler designed to keep 12 oz bottles fresh and stable. This durable cooler will keep all bottles up to 20x cooler than regular can coolers, and is an essential addition to your beer-lovers gear collection!

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We hope our ideas sparked some inspiration for your next gift to give to a beer lover, we all have one! Need more ideas? Check out some 10 Best Gifts for Outdoorsmen or gift guides for related ideas.

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