Wade Cothran | Oct 09, 2020

Five Whiskeys Perfect for Autumn Drinking

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It really comes as no surprise that, for so many people all over the globe, Autumn really is a truly special season and a favorite time of year. Sure, there’s a bit of a biting chill to the air that has been absent throughout the summer months… but nature more than compensates for the drop in temperature with the beautiful and sumptuous colors of the fall palette, the aroma of spices and woodsmoke in the air, and the warmer, richer, and thoroughly comforting scents and flavors that begin to take over our kitchens and home bars. 



Keeping this in mind, we have scoured the ever-widening world of whiskey and the current marketplace to seek out the bottles of whiskey which are just ideal for autumn drinking and new taste sensations. Delicately spicy, deeply warming, and unbelievably satisfying, each and every one of these whiskeys - with their honeyed tones and dark fruit flavors - is going to be utterly perfect for when we begin keeping ourselves indoors a little more than usual and bracing ourselves for winter. 


Of course, all of these bottles are ideal for drinking with your beautiful BrüMate whiskey glasses, which are designed to be both stylish and practical, while keeping your precious spirits at the perfect temperature. Give them a try this autumn, and open yourself to a whole new world of flavor, aroma, and relaxation!


Autumn Whiskey #1: The Classy Bourbon, King of Kentucky


It’s all too easy to think of bourbon as an essential summertime drink, not least because when we conjure up images of Kentucky, it’s all dusty, dry prairies and sun-baked streets. However, bourbon has all the right flavor profiles and aromas to make it just wonderful for the autumnal months - it’s warming, deliciously sweet, and often displays a delightful level of spice and treacle on the palate. 


This superb US whiskey has spent no less than fifteen years aging in the barrel, resulting in a spirit that is gorgeously balanced. Within each sip, you’ll uncover worlds of subtlety and layers of secondary tasting notes… which isn’t something you can say about many mainstream bourbons on the market today. It’s not the cheapest bottle out there, and that’s mainly because the Brown-Forman owned distillery, King of Kentucky, keeps their production on the smaller side, in order to maintain exemplary quality and distinction. The key tasting notes feature mountains of caramel and spice, and there’s no doubt about the fact that, if you’re looking for fall flavors and lasting distinction, this bourbon delivers it by the bucketful. 


Autumn Whiskey #2: The Trendy One, Michter’s 10 YO Single Barrel Rye


Fans of American whiskey expressions who have kept their finger on the pulse in recent years will know that rye is back and in a big way. This is especially true for Michter’s, who, in 2019 appointed their latest master distiller, Dan McKee - a man who has what it takes to bring this proud operation kicking and screaming into a new decade full of hope and promise. 


This 10-year-old single barrel rye is the perfect starting whiskey for anyone on the lookout for a deliciously warming, spicy rye to drink this autumn. It’s made from a unique mash of corn and barley, which balances the pepperiness of the rye and lends a smoothness and sweetness that is the epitome of harmonized flavors, textures, and aromas. With its flourishes of orchard fruits, dark treacles, and characteristic dryness, it really is a dream of an autumn whiskey, right on trend, and perfect for sipping on a chilly evening!


Autumn Whiskey #3: The Premium Treat, The Glendronach Grandeur Batch 10


Looking to really treat yourself and splash out on a treasured whiskey from the very top of the range this autumn? We don’t blame you! We all deserve a bit of indulgence. There are many, many whiskeys that would fit into this category to choose from, but for our money, the best when it comes to fall flavors would have to be the Glendronach Grandeur Batch 10. At around $700 per bottle, it’s definitely not suitable for all budgets, but if your treat money can stretch that far, you’ll uncover unbeatable aromas and flavors, and a level of finesse and distinction that is unlikely to be beaten this autumn… or many other autumns, for that matter. Because it has been aged in PX and Sherry casks, this quality whiskey bursts with deeply tempting flavors of blackberries, gingerbread, and dried fruits - a perfect list of autumn tasting notes, and one to really savory on those cold October nights!


Autumn Whiskey #4: The Big Blend, Compass Box No Name, No. 2


For years - if not for decades and centuries - blended whiskeys have struggled with a less-than-ideal reputation. The past couple of years, however, have seen this reputation begin to change, with blended whiskeys garnering plenty of positive press on the back of certain distilleries and producers really going the extra mile when it comes to flavor and distinction. Compass Box has been doing a lot of this heavy lifting and has consistently released blends that are designed to surprise and fascinate, making use of rare and unusual whiskeys to bring about impressive results.


No Name No. 2 is the ideal example: it’s made from just two separate whiskeys, both heavily peated for extra smokiness and depth, and both of which come together to produce a whiskey which is more than the sum of its parts. The first of the single malts in the blend is an Islay aged in Sherry casks, while the second single malt is a beauty from Skye, aged in heavily charred hogshead barrels. Together, that deep fruitiness and smokiness works wonders on the palate and conjures up images of November bonfires, toffee apples, and all the joys of the season. Spectacular!


Autumn Whiskey #5: The Timeless Favorite, Speyburn 18


When the weather starts getting colder, and our evenings are spent indoors relaxing in front of a fire, we often get a craving for the classics. This is especially true when it comes to whiskey - after all, fine Scotch Single Malt was designed to keep the body warm and relaxed on even the chilliest Scottish day, and it does the job very well indeed. Speyburn 18 is a classy Single Malt, made to celebrate 18 years of mastery under Bobby Anderson, and it packs in layer upon layer of oak and spice, chocolate and toffee, and a deeply satisfying and earth aftertaste. It’s a wonderful example of what Speyside does best, and it’s one that’s guaranteed to bring plenty of pleasure this autumn!


There you go - five beautifully quality whiskeys, all unique, all individual, yet all ideal for sipping as autumn falls. Brimming with fruit, spice, and smoke, these whiskeys are wonderfully seasonal and are sure to make the autumn a truly pleasant and memorable time of year. The only thing that could make them better? Being served in a classy BrüMate glass, or straight from a flask!